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Mylife (computer worm)

MyLife, discovered by MessageLabs in 2002, is a computer worm that spreads itself by sending email to the addresses found in Microsoft Outlook's contacts list. Written in Visual Basic, it displays an image of a girl holding a flower while it attempts to delete files with certain filename extensions. It is named for a phrase appearing in the subject lines of the emails it sends. A variant, MyLife.B, also called the Bill Clinton worm, instead uses a subject line "bill caricature" and displays a cartoon image of Bill Clinton playing a saxophone. Many additional variants have been reported. When the infected file is run, and the picture is closed, the worm runs its payload. MyLife checks the current date. If the minute value is higher or at 45 (For example: 11:45 to 11:59), the worm searches the C:\ directory and deletes .SYS files, .COM files and the same in D:\ Drives.


MyLife (or is an American Internet company founded by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002. It provides services allowing people to see and control information that's publicly exposed about themselves or anyone. It previously conducted business under the names and, providing people search services to find old friends and classmates under

Mylife gathers information through public records and sources to generate a "MyLife Public Page," described by Mylife to be a "complete Wikipedia-like biography on every American." A Mylife Public Page can list an individual's information including age, past and current home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, jobs, education, photographs, relatives, a mini biography and a personal review section which encourages other Mylife members to rate each other. Mylife claims to have "over 225 million Public Pages with information about almost everyone in America, 18 years old and over." According to MyLife, a "Public Page cannot be deleted" and "only premium members can hide content on their Public Page and remove the info from the original source."