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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Employees have suffered for management's myopic concentration on short-term goals.
▪ But, as we know from extensive research, experience can saddle individuals with a myopic view of their current circumstances.
▪ I am not here, I said, limiting my involvement in the world to the range of my myopic eyes.
▪ I mean the man woke from a myopic, car-phone-induced haze.
▪ Most myopic children can be fitted with glasses with concave lenses which will bring their vision to normal.
▪ Note that the average payment following the optimal strategy is around three times greater than the average payment following the myopic strategy.
▪ Now the whole country is run by a myopic bourgeoisie with a mentality that does not care for the people.
▪ Thick lenses restrict a myopic patient's field of view.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Myopic \My*op"ic\, a. Pertaining to, or affected with, or characterized by, myopia; nearsighted.

Myopic astigmatism, a condition in which the eye is affected with myopia in one meridian only.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"short-sighted," 1800, from myopia + -ic. Figurative use from 1891. Related: Myopical (1748); myopically.


a. 1 nearsighted; unable to see distant objects unaided 2 shortsighted; improvident 3 narrow minded n. A short-sighted individual.

  1. adj. unable to see distant objects clearly [syn: nearsighted] [ant: farsighted]

  2. lacking foresight or scope; "a short view of the problem"; "shortsighted policies"; "shortsighted critics derided the plan"; "myopic thinking" [syn: short, shortsighted, unforesightful]

Usage examples of "myopic".

If such myopic truantry is in you, there is much to be said for going afoot.

After all, storks were notoriously myopic, and sometimes misdelivered babies.

Tavern, because Sinkfield reduced his guests to myopic drunkenness one evening, induced them to bring forward their maps and charts, lop off a little here, add a bit there, and adjust the center of the county to meet his requirements.

Sometimes I think we are all like that myopic coiner at his press, taking the blind slugs one by one from the tray, all of us bent so jealously at our work, determined that not even chaos be outside of our own making.

He was in his mid-twenties, with the myopic eyes and prematurely receding hairline that Cavanaugh associated with a certain kind of student: intense, dedicated, nerdy, and smart as hell.

He'd actually seemed to believe she enjoyed the way the newsies hung about her like vultures, and he'd looked astounded when she'd expressed her opinion (with rather more precision and vigor than diplomacy) of him, his "analyses," and the batch of intellectually myopic, ideologically blinkered, and ethically crippled mental defectives for whom he produced his carefully tailored version of the war's events rather than taking the opportunity to play the "woman in the know" game.

Her hands butterflied up to her cheeks, and her myopic eyes shone with distress behind the thick lenses of her glasses.

The dromon was only ten yards away—close enough for the artificer's myopic eyes.

In vain our less myopic faculty preaches general education: they have not only the mass of their colleagues to contend with, but the very nature of great institutions.

He pulled the spectacles down his nose and peered at me over the thick horn-rims, eyes wide in myopic astonishment.

Jose Ramirez was a stocky Mexican-American with myopic eyes and with the sweet dreamy smile of a koala bear.

The watch changed at four, the sky began to lighten from the eastwards, illuminating a sea as grey and flat and worthless as a washed-out water-colour: it showed also the two ships, five miles apart, seemingly intent but scarcely convincing - in fact, plodding to and fro like a couple of myopic old women making the rounds of the dust-bins, not knowing that these had been emptied hours before.

Byrd twirled his hat and talked, andyes, look how stupid of me, I have left out the main characteristic of the famous Lolita smile, namely: while the tender, nectared, dimpled brightness played, it was never directed at the stranger in the room but hung in its own remote flowered void, so to speak, or wandered with myopic softness over chance objectsand this is what was happening now: while fat Avis sidled up to her papa, Lolita gently beamed at a fruit knife that she fingered on the edge of the table, whereon she leaned, many miles away from me.

An overweight Flink with the wine-purple carapace of mature age tilted myopic oculars at him.

The name arises out of the fact that in an effort to reduce the fuzziness of distant objects, the myopic individual brings his eyelids together, converting his eyes into a sort of pinhole camera that requires no focusing.