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Mygdon may refer to:

  • Mygdon of Phrygia, in Greek mythology, king who was an ally of King Priam of Troy
  • Mygdon of Bebryces, in Greek mythology, killed by Heracles, son of Poseidon
  • Mygdon (son of Ares), in Greek mythology, and muse Calliope, eponymous of Mygdones
Mygdon (son of Ares)

In Greek mythology, Mygdon was the son of Ares and muse Calliope. He had three brothers named Edonus, Odomantus and Biston and was the father of Crousis and Grastus. He is considered the eponymous hero of the Thracian tribe Mygdones and founder of the Mygdonia region in ancient Macedon.