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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Myrcia \Myr"ci*a\, n. [NL.] (Bot.) A large genus of tropical American trees and shrubs, nearly related to the true myrtles ( Myrtus), from which they differ in having very few seeds in each berry.


Myrcia is a genus of the flowering plant family Myrtaceae described as a genus with this name in 1827. As of 2015 it contains about 770 species. They are distributed in Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies.

Usage examples of "myrcia".

Lukan from his brother Vearus, who returns from exile with the secret of healing and transformation of the flesh that allows him to become Healer to the despotic ruler of Myrcia, Sanctor Grouin.

Brigands moved out of their fastnesses in the Crumples to intercept all but the most heavily guarded caravans travelling between Myrcia and the seacoast cities of Gebroan.

Whatever stories would be told of the war between Myrcia and Skarria, the Timberlimbs would have their own about this great fire and the suffering it caused.

There was the Sanctor Vanu holding a jewelled spade to mark the completion of the Long Road that traversed Myrcia from sea to sea.

The fate of Myrcia lies in your hands, not his, if you understand what I mean.

They are mercenaries and have no place in Myrcia, for all their loyalty to the Sanctor.

The Erseiyr either as a source of influence in Myrcia or as a source of revenue.