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Word usage examples

Al hez was talking to Rasna, the head of the guards, outside the suite.

Al hez, who was privy to the innermost secrets of the palace, was one of them.

Through darkening vision he could see al hez bending over him, smiling.

His body had been found by his security chief, General al Hez, and his longtime personal physician, Dr.

In his stateroom four decks down, Maja bin Sayyid was on the phone to General al hez, who had returned to Ahman with the body.

General al hez will be welcomed by the world as a fearless warrior who avenged the deaths by finding and punishing the kidnapers and deposing the sultan, who will of course die attempting to escape.

The sultan, General al hez at his side, would of course deplore the violence and beg that the lives of the other hostages be spared.

The next morning when those four bodies were found, al hez would declare a revolution against the corrupt regime that had rejected his demands for permission to wipe out the wandering tribes of murdering Bedouins and in the name of the people execute the sultan and his family as they try to escape.

he had almost cleared the lobby when an elevator door opened and Winston Andrews, accompanied by General al hez, emerged.

I have been heartened by the support of General al hez, who has been candid about the problems of roving criminals in this country.