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Word usage examples

Za, more than twice as long as it would take a single mounted man, but so it is with caravans of any sort.

Iffen you give mesome of that-there chaw, I might git to talking and I might not try to bite ya.

However, what has already turned up is evidence for another system, and since this system yields less ambiguous forms, it is certainly the system I would recommend to writers anyhow: Independent possessive pronouns can be derived by adding the adjectival ending -ya to the corresponding dative forms!

abstract nouns formed by means of the ending -ië from adjectives in -ya are seen to surrender the latter ending, e.

as discussed above, a-stems where the final -a is only part of a longer derivational ending (most often -ya or -ta) are much more common.

He got you free and, if you want to slope off now and do your own thing, we'll never mention we ever met ya.

Lage bomen, scheefgegroeid door de constante zeewind, waren bedekt met een goudgroen waas en op de akkers waren boeren aan het ploegen, ondanks het grauwe en koude voorjaar waarvan iedereen de Vesuvius de schuld gaf.

Form zu Form, bis nach unnennbaren Zeiten sie bereit waren, auf der Erde als Menschen geboren zu werden.

Die Zunge hing ihm aus dem Maul, seine augen waren toll vor angst, und die fremden Hunde rannten dicht hinter ihm drein!

Sie sah zu ihm auf, und ihre augen waren wie Teiche, in die die Sonne scheint.