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The Collaborative International Dictionary

AA \AA\ n.

  1. acronym for Associate in Arts, a college degree granted for successful completion of a two-year course of study in arts or general topics.

    Syn: Associate in Arts

  2. Alcoholics Anonymous. [Acronym.] [WordNet 1.5] ||


abbr. ana, of each, equal parts. a. (initialism of arctic-alpine English) init. Always afloat n. 1 (context volcanology English) A form of lava flow associated with Hawaiian-type volcanoes, consisting of basaltic rock, usually dark-colored with a jagged and loose, clinkery surface. Compare (term: pahoehoe). (First attested in the mid 19th century.) 2 (initialism of acetic acid English) 3 (initialism of acting age lang= en) 4 (abbreviation of adjectives English) 5 (context medical English) (initialism of alveolar-arterial English) 6 (initialism of aminoacetone English) 7 (initialism of amino acid English) 8 (initialism of approximate absolute English) 9 (initialism of arachidonic acid English) 10 (initialism of armature accelerator English) 11 (abbreviation of arteries English) 12 (initialism of ascending aorta English) 13 (initialism of atomic absorption English) 14 (initialism of author's alteration English) 15 (initialism of average audience English)

  1. n: a dry form of lava resembling clinkers

  2. an international organization that provides a support group for persons trying to overcome alcoholism [syn: Alcoholics Anonymous]

  3. an associate degree in arts [syn: Associate in Arts]


AA may refer to:

Aa (plant)

Aa Rchb.f. 1854, is a genus of plants belonging to the family Orchidaceae.

Species in this genus can be found growing terrestrially in cold habitats near the snowline in the Andes and also in Costa Rica; they are usually found close to small streams. The elongated inflorescence grows from a basal rosette of leaves, terminating in a small white non-resupinate flower. This lip is fringed and hood-shaped. The flower gives off a pungent smell that attracts flies. This genus has often been included in the orchid genus Altensteinia.

The first scientific description of a species of this genus was made in 1815 by Karl Sigismund Kunth, naming it first Ophrys paleacea Kunth (1806)., and later Altensteinia paleacea. In 1854 Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach separated Aa from Altensteinia, to include two species Aa argyrolepis and Aa paleacea. The genus name apparently was rendered by the author to always appear first in alphabetical listings. Another - disputed - explanation, is that Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach named this genus after Pieter van der Aa; the printer of the Dutch botanist Paul Herman's "Paradisus Batavus". A few years later, Reichenbach reviewed the name of the genus and named it again Altensteinia. Finally in 1912 Rudolf Schlechter switched the name again to Aa, as more species were being discovered making the new name more significant.

Aa (river, France)

The Aa is an long river in northern France. Its source is near the village of Bourthes. The name Aa is Old Dutch. It means water, and can be traced back to its original Indo-European form as such.

The Aa flows through the following departments and cities:

  • Pas-de-Calais: Saint-Omer.
  • Nord: Gravelines.

The Aa flows into the North Sea near Gravelines, very close to the north-eastern limit of the English Channel.

Aa (Meuse)

The Aa is a small river in the Netherlands. It rises near Nederweert in the southeastern province of Limburg, in the Peel region. It flows northwest through the province of North Brabant towards 's-Hertogenbosch, roughly along the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal. In 's-Hertogenbosch, at the confluence of the Aa and the Dommel, the river Dieze is formed, which flows into the Meuse a few km further. The main cities and towns along the Aa's course are Asten, Helmond, Veghel and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Category:Rivers of Limburg (Netherlands) Category:Rivers of North Brabant 2Aa Category:Rivers of the Netherlands Category:Nederweert

Aa (Möhne)

'''Aa ''' is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is long and is a left tributary of the Möhne in Brilon. The river has a watershed of .

The source of Aa in the village of Altenbüren. From here it flows in an easterly direction. At above sea level its course meanders to the north. Nearby the Hillbringse flows in from the south. Half a kilometer farther are five former mills in Aatal, called Aamühlen. The Fülsenbecke flows in near here from the north. The Aa overcomes an elevation difference of , which corresponds to an average bed slope of 9.7 percent.

Aa (Nethe)

Aa (Nethe) is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Aa (Werre)

Aa (Werre) is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

AA (band)

AA (; acronym for Double A) is a South Korean boy band formed by Wellmade Yedang formerly known as Well Made STAR M in 2011. The group consists of two members: Woosang and Hoik. Since 2015, Blue Star was acquired by Wellmade Yedang, the group while managed by Blue Star.

Aa (surname)

Aa is a Scandinavian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brynjar Aa (born 1960), Norwegian dramatist
  • Terje Aa (born 1961), Norwegian bridge player
Aa (album)

Aa is the debut studio album of New York-based producer Baauer, released in 2016.



<! -is the 2nd vowel in Bengali Alphabet

Aa (architect)

Aa, possibly AaAa, was an ancient Egyptian architect and construction supervisor. His title was "Overseer of construction workers" or "Great Overseer of construction workers". He lived in the time of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (between 2080 BCE and 1640 BCE).

Aa is one of several names on a funerary stele from the northern necropolis of Abydos. The connection between Aa and the depicted Sahepu is unclear. The reading of the name is problematic; it is not clear whether the first element "Aa" (ancient Egyptian for "great") forms part of the name or whether it's an adjective as part of the title.

Usage examples of "aa".

AAs and how they all seem like limp smug moronic self-satisfied shit-eating pricks with their lobotomized smiles and goopy sentiment and how he wishes them all violent technicolor harm in the worst way, new Gately sitting there spraying vitriol, wet-lipped and red-eared, trying to get kicked out, purposely trying to outrage the AAs into giving him the boot so he could quick-march back to Ennet House and tell crippled Pat Montesian and his counselor Gene M.

This is why, to the cynical newcomer or fresh Ennet House resident, serious AAs look like these weird combinations of Gandhi and Mr.

These people could pay no thousands of dollars for Class AA, A, BB and B houses, even if Penche had them to sell.

Davis Square where AAs and NAs mostly new and young get heartbreakingly dolled up and dance stiffly and tremble with sober sexual anxiety and they stand around with Cokes and M.

The fluttering bulbs are why Pat Montesian and all the other photic-seizure-prone area AAs never go to White Flag, opting for the Freeway Group over in Brookline or the candyass Lake Street meeting up in West Newton on Sunday nights, which Pat M.

A depressing new Sober Club in Somerville's Davis Square where AAs and NAs mostly new and young get heartbreakingly dolled up and dance stiffly and tremble with sober sexual anxiety and they stand around with Cokes and M.

Peppy didn't have anything like that kind of money, and considering he's been off the load for two months, is no longer in production, and rated a weak seventeenth in the AAS last time the show was offered, there were no banks or bankrollers willing to take a flyer on his future prospects.

He had a bad-conduct discharge from the army, had been locked up in a mental asylum in Galveston, had failed totally at AA, and as a farmer couldn't grow thorns in a briar patch.