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Ra \Ra\ (r[aum]), n. A roe; a deer. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"hawk-headed sovereign sun god of Egyptian mythology," from Egyptian R' "sun, day."


init. 1 rear admiral, a rank in the Royal Navy. 2, the '''Royal Academy of Arts''' is an art institution based in London, England. 3 Royal Academician, a member of the Royal Academy. 4, a regiment in the British Army. 5, a trained student leader, within a college or university, who is given the responsibility of supervising students living in a 6 Republic of Armenia 7 Rahmatullah Alaih (God's blessing be upon him); a suffix used by Muslims in reference to honored individuals.


Etymology 1 n. (context Egyptian mythology English) The Egyptian god of the sun. Etymology 2

n. (context geology English) Any of a series of moraines, in parts of Norway, that are long ridges covered with stones.

Ra (disambiguation)

Ra is the Sun-god of Ancient Egypt.

RA may also refer to:

Ra (Stargate)
  1. redirect Goa'uld characters in Stargate#Ra
Ra (Norwegian band)

Ra are Christer Borge-Lunde, Lars W. Lind, a goa trance project.

Ra was first founded in 1994 by Christer Borge-Lunde and Lars W.Lind. Imlmlris and Lars went their separate ways and Christer Borge-Lunde continued Ra primarily as a solo project. In 1998 Ra was signed with Blue Moon Productions UK and the first single Azure Child was released. In 1999 and 2000 Christer Borge-Lunde was working with Blue Moon Thailand and collaborated with Charlie Clarke which contributed on the album "To Sirius". The album was first released in Thailand in 2000 and later re-released world wide in 2001 by the German label Velvet/GTN. Ra remained primarily a solo project by Christer Borge-Lunde until late 2006 when Lars W. Lind and Christer Borge-Lunde decided to continue working with RA together. RA is now working primarily with Suntrip Records, but also release tracks on compilations for other labels. Their album 9th was released on Suntrip Records late May 2008.

Ra (American band)

Ra are an American alternative metal/ post-grunge band from Los Angeles, California, taking their name from the Egyptian sun god, Ra. The band was formed in 1996, and took off around 2002, when their song "Do You Call My Name" from their album " From One" was released. Their music was described as "exotic not familiar, heavy not funky, direct not sophisticated, sensual not soulful, unrelenting not cathartic."

The band is known for their hit songs "Do You Call My Name", "Fallen Angels", "Don't Turn Away", and " Broken Hearted Soul". To date, Ra has sold 400,000+ albums in North America alone.


Ra (; , ) or Re (; , ) is the ancient Egyptian sun god. By the Fifth Dynasty in the 25th and 24th centuries , he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the noon sun.

In later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra was merged with the god Horus, as Ra-Horakhty ("Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons"). He was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the earth, and the underworld. He was associated with the falcon or hawk. When in the New Kingdom the god Amun rose to prominence he was fused with Ra as Amun-Ra. During the Amarna Period, Akhenaten suppressed the cult of Ra in favor of another solar deity, the Aten, the deified solar disc, but after the death of Akhenaten the cult of Ra was restored.

The cult of the Mnevis bull, an embodiment of Ra, had its center in Heliopolis and there was a formal burial ground for the sacrificed bulls north of the city.

All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra, who called each of them into existence by speaking their secret names. Alternatively man was created from Ra's tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle of Ra." In the myth of the Celestial Cow it is recounted how mankind plotted against Ra and how he sent his eye as the goddess Sekhmet to punish them. When she became bloodthirsty she was pacified by drinking beer mixed with red dye.

Ra (Eloy album)

Ra is the fourteenth album by the German progressive rock band Eloy. Released in 1988, it was the first album to be released after a four-year absence.

In Scandinavian folklore, a , is a keeper or warden of a particular location or landform. The different species of rå are sometimes distinguished according to the different spheres of nature with which they were connected, such as skogsrå or huldra (forest), sjörå (freshwater) or havsrå (saltwater), and bergsrå (mountains).

Ra (1972 film)

Ra (also known as The Ra Expeditions) is a 1972 documentary film directed by Lennart Ehrenborg and Thor Heyerdahl about the expeditions organised by Thor Heyerdahl in 1969 and 1970 in attempt to cross the Atlantic on papyrus boats. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Ra (island)

Ra (sometimes incorrectly spelled Rah) is a small coral islet of , located in the Banks group of northern Vanuatu. The same name also refers to the single village which is situated within this islet.

The islet of Ra is situated off the larger island of Mota Lava. Access to Ra is done in two ways: at low tide, by wading across the narrow strait from the mainland; at high tide, by outrigger canoe.

RA (album)

RA (stylized as R∆) is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter and record producer Simon Curtis. It was released independently on June 7, 2011. The album peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Ra (board game)

Ra is a board game for two to five players designed by Reiner Knizia and themed around Ra, the sun-god of Heliopolis in ancient Egyptian culture.

Originally published in Germany, it was republished in an English language translation by Rio Grande Games. Subsequent English language editions have been published by Überplay and again by Rio Grande Games. The last of these increased the number of players from the original 3-5 to 2-5, but otherwise all editions have used the same rules. Ra won the 2000 International Gamers Award and placed 2nd in the 1999 Deutscher Spiele Preis.

Ra (Open Constituency, Fiji)

Ra Open is a former electoral division of Fiji, one of 25 open constituencies that were elected by universal suffrage (the remaining 46 seats, called communal constituencies, were allocated by ethnicity). Established by the 1997 Constitution, it came into being in 1999 and was used for the parliamentary elections of 1999, 2001, and 2006. It is located in the northern part of the main island of Vanua Levu.

The 2013 Constitution promulgated by the Military-backed interim government abolished all constituencies and established a form of proportional representation, with the entire country voting as a single electorate.

Ra (Fijian Communal Constituency, Fiji)

Ra Fijian Provincial Communal is an electoral division of Fiji, one of 23 communal constituencies reserved for indigenous Fijians. (Of the remaining 48 seats, 23 are reserved fis a former electoral division of Fiji, one of 23 communal constituencies reserved for indigenous Fijians. Established by the 1997 Constitution, it came into being in 1999 and was used for the parliamentary elections of 1999, 2001, and 2006. (Of the remaining 48 seats, 23 were reserved for other ethnic communities and 25, called Open Constituencies, were elected by universal suffrage). The electorate was coextensive with Ra Province.

The 2013 Constitution promulgated by the Military-backed interim government abolished all constituencies and established a form of proportional representation, with the entire country voting as a single electorate.

Ra (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. Both versions are written with two strokes and have origins in the character 良; both characters represent the sound . The Ainu language uses a small katakana ㇻ to represent a final r sound after an a sound (アㇻ ar).





Normal r-
(ら行 ra-gyō)

Ra, La

Rā, Lā

らあ, らぁ
らー, ら~

ラア, ラァ
ラー, ラ~

Ra (Utopia album)

Ra is the second studio album and third release by Utopia on Bearsville Records in 1977. Replete with an elaborate $250,000 stage show featuring a pyramid and golden sphinx which took 18 months of prep, Ra was Rundgren's most ambitious live undertaking.

The cornerstone of the album and show is Singring and the Glass Guitar, which comprises solos by each band member battling the elements: water (drums), wind (bass), fire (keyboards), and earth (guitar). At the pinnacle of the live show, Rundgren played the final guitar solo while repeatedly climbing and flipping off the pyramid.

The album was modestly successful, peaking the Billboard Top 200 at #79.

Ra (Javanese)

is one of syllable in Javanese script that represent the sound /ɾɔ/, /ɾa/. It is transliterated to Latin as "ra", and sometimes in Indonesian orthography as "ro". It has another form (pasangan), which is , but represented by a single Unicode code point, U+A9AB.

Ra (2014 film)

Ra is a 2014 Indian Tamil fantasy horror-film written by Ashraf and Prabu Yuvaraj and directed by debutant Prabu Yuvaraj. The movie features Ashraf and Aditi Chengappa in lead roles. Produced by Ameen and Akbar and featuring music by Raj Aryan, it has cinematography by Saravanan Ramasamy. With Lot of Lively Music coming in the air these days, Kollywood has spotted Raj Aryan to relish the essence of the movie. The film was launched at Chennai in July 2013.The movie would sound to have been highly inspired by the hollywood movie insidious

Usage examples of "ra".

Ras, Mirach, and Arcturus, being very nearly simultaneous in their heliacal rising.

With relief they deposited the heavy chest before the Ras, amid a hubbub of voices from the dark mass of watchers.

Mek Kem, who personified the problem of the Great Ones, came back onto the screen in front of Pawasar Pawasar Ras.

Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Aissur Aissur Rus spoke for the Foitani from Odern, Solut Mek Kem and a colleague named Nogal Ryn Nyr for the Great Ones, and Voskop W Wurd and his chief aide Yulvot L Reat for the Foitani from Rof Golan.

A ras del suelo, una larga ventana con barrotes corta el muro central.

Seventy-five per cent of the buildings in Morbus are devoted to the culture and growth of these horrid creatures which Ras Thavas turns out in enormous numbers.

Because of these things I appoint you a dwar, and when we enter Morbus in victory you may select the body of any red man there and I will command Ras Thavas to transfer your brain to it.

The cosmogonies of the Delta: Sibu and Nait, Osiris and Isis, SU and Nephthys--Heliopolis and its theological schools: Ra, his identification with Horus, his dual nature, and the conception of Atumu--The Heliopolitan Enneads: formation of the Great Ennead--Thot and the Hermopolitan Ennead: creation by articulate words and by voice alone--Diffusion of the Enneads: their connection with the local triads, the god One and the god Eight--The one and only gods.

As the gods left, she caught sight of Hu and Sia looking back at them with open curiosity--in particular toward Ra, their new father--before the door could swing shut behind them, leaving Neith and her son in silence.

Finally, in the shape of a cow, Neith invented childbirth by bringing forth Ra, who grew to be the mightiest of the gods.

Ras el Fada might be the ruler of Nid and at least ten surrounding territories.

Foitan from another, but thought she recognized Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Thegun Thegun Nug among the Foitani from Odern in the group that had come out of the base.

Aissur Aissur Rus could answer, Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Thegun Thegun Nug limped into the chamber.

Aissur Rus, Pawasar Pawasar Ras, and Thegun Thegun Nug all bared their teeth at him.

We did not know that this Ras Mahad was one of the crew of the proa until after his disappearance.