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abbr. 1 (abbreviation of general availability English) 2 (context aviation general English) (abbreviation of general aviation English) 3 (context linguistics English) (abbreviation of General American English) 4 (context netball English) (abbreviation of goal attack English) 5 (context chiefly US English) (abbreviation of Georgia English) 6 (context software English) (abbreviation of genetic algorithm English) 7 (context sports English) (abbreviation of goals against English) 8 (context TTY English) (abbreviation of go ahead English)


n. A Niger-Congo language spoken in Ghana and Togo.


GA, Ga, or ga may refer to:

Ga (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana , is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. Both represent [ɡa].

Ga (Javanese)
For a more general overview encompassing other Indic scripts, see Ga (Indic)

is one of syllable in Javanese script that represent the sound /ɡɔ/, /ɡa/. It is transliterated to Latin as "ga", and sometimes in Indonesian orthography as "go". It has another form (pasangan), which is , but represented by a single Unicode code point, U+A992.

Ga (Indic)

Ga is the third consonant of Indic abugidas. In modern Indic scripts, ga is derived from the Brahmi letter , which is probably derived from the Aramaic ( gimel, /g/) after having gone through the Gupta letter .

Usage examples of "ga".

High King at Gae - in fact, as a legal entity, the Realm stretches to the Western Ocean, for the Prince-Bishop of Dele takes - took - his laws from Gae.

Rudy, the final blow at Gae, Quo, Penambra - Dele, too, from what Kara said - all within a few days.

Nests at Gae, Penambra, and Dele - all the great centres of the wizardry of old - seemed to fit into a disquieting pattern.

High King at Gae-in fact, as a legal entity, the Realm stretches to the Western Ocean, for the Prince-Bishop of Dele takes-took-his laws from Gae.

I hae said, and whan he didna come, I took my hat--that was about a half-hoor efter the laird left me--and gaed oot to luik for him.

Miss Lizy, living a lonely maiden life by herself, with only a bit lassie to run her errands, and no being naturally of an active or eydent turn, aften wearied, and to keep up her spirits gaed may be, now and then, oftener to the gardevin than was just necessar, by which, as we thought, she had a tavert look.

One gaed off in a cawr after lunch, and your freend and the other are down in Portaway.

Toly Gaber came around a corner as Bain reached the end of the north building.

No one is allowed to talk to Toly Gaber or play with him or help him study.

Terilla, Cleiti and Gaber were unceremoniously herded into the shuttle, the cartographer babbling something about how this was not the way matters should proceed and how dared they treat him with such disrespect.

His neck smashed into pulp, Gaber hit the deck with a terrible thud and gasped out his dying breaths as Terilla was dropped in a heap on top of Cleiti.

Paskutti kicked Triv and Portegin to their feet, gesturing curtly for them to pick up the unconscious Gaber and Trizein, for Aulia and Margit to lift the girls.

Bongo-Shaftsbury kept silent until the train had passed Sidi Gaber and swung toward the southeast.

Jibrin Gaber, found an ancient well when his team was laying out stakes to preserve the dig site boundaries.

Ingold crossed the Void between worlds to save the infant Prince Tir from the destruction of Gae, Gil Patterson and Rudy Solis tried to help him.