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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ea \Ea\ prop. n.

  1. the Akkadian god of wisdom; son of Apsu and father of Marduk; counterpart of the Sumerian Enki.

  2. the Babylonian god of waters and one of the supreme triad including Anu and Bel.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

the usual Old English word for "river, running water" (still in use in Lancashire, according to OED); see aqua-. "The standard word in place-names for river denoting a watercourse of greater size than a broc or a burna" [Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names].


init. 1 (context computing English) a framework used to manage and align an organization's business processes, Information Technology (IT) data, software and hardware, with the organization's overall strategy. 2 (context organic chemistry English) ethyl acetate. 3 (context video games English) 4 (context religion English) Eid al-Adha


n. Name of Enki in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology.

EA (disambiguation)

EA is Electronic Arts, a video game company.

EA, E.A., Ea, or ea may also refer to:

Usage examples of "ea".

She noticed that the two EAs, distinctive in the gold aiguillettes draped over their left shoulders, stood apart from the others and indulged in a subdued conversation.

Nec minus quam est pollicitus Vercingetorix animo laborabat ut reliquas civitates adiungeret, atque eas donis pollicitationibusque alliciebat.

Ida begat Eadric, who begat Ecgulf, who begat Leodwald, who begat Eata, the same is Glinmaur, who begat Eadbert and Egbert, who was the first bishop of their nation.

They spent many weary days tacking back and forth, steering clear of the treacherous shoals that guarded Agulhas and clawing their way into their eas tings At last they were able to double the Cape and turn northwards along that rugged and inhospitable coast.

When Dan returned to the office after escorting Vann out of the building, Grace was on the phone, having an animated discussion with someone, and there was a message on his desk directing him to go see the 06 EA, Captain Manning.

But maybe we ought to just butt out, like the EAs, this NIS, and even Vann says.

He wondered if this Captain Vann was an EA, some new player in the Navy system.

Caesar, quod hostes equitatu superiores esse intellegebat et interclusis omnibus itineribus nulla re ex provincia atque Italia sublevari poterat, trans Rhenum in Germaniam mittit ad eas civitates quas superioribus annis pacaverat, equitesque ab his arcessit et levis armaturae pedites, qui inter eos proeliari consuerant.

Eata pushed the boat away from the warf and heaved the boom about to catch what wind there was.

Eata a clava I recalled having seen displayed at our Masking Day festivities.

Nec minus quam est pollicitus Vercingetorix animo laborabat ut reliquas civitates adiungeret, atque eas donis pollicitationibusque alliciebat.

During the sikes of peace, Eas had transformed itself from a frontier village to a wealthy town.

Captain Mccarty, his EA, to confirm that I can count on your help marshaling NIS assets-to find an ex-enlisted guy who might have something to do with Sherman.

It was a game that principals and EAs all understood well and used often.

Platonis et Aristotelis et reliquorum, et reliquam observationem circa eas similiter ut gentes faciunt.