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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Za \Za\, n. (Min.) An old solfeggio name for B flat; the seventh harmonic, as heard in the or [ae]olian string; -- so called by Tartini. It was long considered a false, but is the true note of the chord of the flat seventh.
--H. W. Poole.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

U.S. student slang shortening of pizza, attested from 1968.


Etymology 1 alt. (context US Canada slang 1970s, 1980s English) pizza. n. (context US Canada slang 1970s, 1980s English) pizza. Etymology 2

article (eye dialect of the English)


ZA or Za may refer to:

  • South Africa ( ISO 3166 country code, from Dutch Zuid-Afrika)
    • South Africa's top level domain, .za
  • Zambia (FIPS 10-4 and obsolete NATO country code)
  • Interavia Airlines (IATA airline code), an airline based in Moscow, Russia
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Zinc aluminium
  • Zettayear or zettaannum, a unit of time equal to 10 (one sextillion) years
  • Za (guilds), which were Japanese feudal trade guilds; also a Japanese term (座), usually meaning "seat" or "platform"
  • Za (poetry), the site of a renga session; also, the sense of dialogue and community present in such a session
  • Ẓāʼ, a letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • "Za", a song by Supergrass from their 2002 album Life on Other Planets
  • Zhuang languages (ISO 639 alpha-2 language code)
  • Zeptoampere and zettampere (also written zetta-ampere), multiples of the SI unit of electric current Ampere, equal to 10 (one sextillionth) amperes and 10 amperes, respectively
Za (guilds)

The were one of the primary types of trade guilds in feudal Japan.

Usage examples of "za".

Za, more than twice as long as it would take a single mounted man, but so it is with caravans of any sort.