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sym. (alternative spelling of µA English)


UA, U-A, Ua, uA, or ua may refer to:

Ua (singer)

(born March 11, 1972 in Suita, Osaka, Japan), simply known by the stage name UA , is a Japanese singer-songwriter. She debuted under Speedstar Records in 1995 with the single " Horizon".

Usage examples of "ua".

Qatar, Oman, and the UAE were among the first Arab governments to publicly call for an easing of the sanctions, starting in March 1995.

That October, Shaykh Zayid an-Nahyan, president of the UAE and the grand old man of the Arab world, called for a lifting of the sanctions and reconciliation with Saddam.

The text of that cable has since been declassified and it recounts their conversation, with Saddam essentially telling Ambassador Glaspie that Iraq was being strangled by Kuwait and the UAE with U.

Yet you did not think it necessary to notify me or your field commanders of information of an impending attack on the aircraft carrier battle group or on Chah Bahar Naval Base--an attack that was conducted by an attack aircraft owned by the Emir of Dubai himself, flown by UAE commandos in the employ of the Emir of Dubai?

Both Kuwait and the UAE did get somewhat nervous, and the UAE requested a joint American military exercise for reassurance.

Since most of the excess oil production capacity in the world is located in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, we would need our friends in the Gulf region to be willing to increase production to compensate for the loss of Iraqi oil for the duration of the campaign and however long afterward it would take to bring Iraq's oil back online.