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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a controversial plan/proposal/policy
▪ the controversial plan to build a new airport
a development programme/plan/project
▪ the United Nations Development Programme
a family planning clinic (=giving advice about how to prevent pregnancy)
▪ There are family planning clinics all over the country.
a flight plan (=the planned route of an aircraft)
▪ For some reason the pilot diverged from the flight plan.
a peace plan
▪ The leadership rejected the peace plan.
a plan of action
▪ The General outlined his plan of action for the campaign.
▪ Environmental groups have put forward an action plan.
a planning application (=an official request for permission to build something)
▪ We have lodged a planning application for a housing development on the site.
a planning committeeBritish English (= one that considers requests to build new buildings)
▪ Several concerns were raised at the planning committee.
a reduction plan/programme/scheme
▪ The terms of the treaty call for a three-phase troop reduction programme.
a rescue plan/package (=plan to save a company, economy etc that is in trouble)
▪ They drew up a rescue plan that involved restructuring the firm.
agree a price/plan/strategy etc
▪ We agreed a new four-year contract.
an escape plan
▪ You should have an escape plan in the event of a fire.
an expansion plan
▪ The city’s ambitious expansion plans will require major investment.
announce a decision/intention/plan
▪ The government has announced plans to create 10,000 new jobs.
austerity programme/plan/package
▪ a tough new austerity programme
business plan
carefully planned/chosen/controlled etc
▪ carefully chosen words
city planning
contingency plan
▪ a contingency plan
corporate planning/strategy (=the activity of planning what a big company needs to do to succeed)
▪ Roche is the man in charge of corporate planning.
devise a plan/scheme
▪ Together they devised a clever plan to escape.
discuss a plan/idea
▪ It’s a good idea to discuss your plans with your parents.
draw up a plan/scheme
▪ Local authorities have drawn up new plans for waste disposal.
drop a plan
▪ The company has dropped its plan to build a hotel on the site.
family planning
▪ a family planning clinic
floor plan
formulate a policy/plan/strategy etc
▪ He formulated Labour Party education policy in 1922.
game plan
▪ He has his game plan all worked out.
grandiose scheme/plan/idea etc
▪ grandiose schemes of urban renewal
ground plan
▪ documents which formed the ground plan for the welfare state
implement a policy/plan/decision etc
▪ We have decided to implement the committee’s recommendations in full.
installment plan
long-range planning/plan/forecast etc
▪ a long-range weather forecast
▪ the long-range goal of the project
long-range planning/plan/forecast etc
▪ a long-range weather forecast
▪ the long-range goal of the project
long-term plan/strategy/solution
master plan
▪ The job losses were part of a master plan aimed at transforming the structure of the company.
moves/plans/changes afoot
▪ There were plans afoot for a second attack.
pension plan
plan a menu (=decide what foods will be served)
▪ Erika began planning a menu for the dinner party.
plan ahead (=plan for the future)
▪ Unless we plan ahead we are going to be in a mess.
plan an escape
▪ We planned our escape carefully and waited for just the right moment.
plan for the future (also make plans for the future) (= think carefully about the future and decide what you are going to do )
▪ As soon as she knew she was pregnant, she started to plan for the future.
plan your route
▪ We studied the map and planned our route.
plan/develop/design a curriculum
▪ Fifty academics have been involved in developing the new school curriculum.
planned obsolescence
planned/timed/arranged to coincide
▪ The show is timed to coincide with the launch of a new book.
planning approval (=official approval needed before building something)
▪ The construction work will be subject to planning approval.
planning consentBritish English (= consent to build a new building or change an old one)
▪ You will need to apply for planning consent.
planning permission (=official permission to build a new building or change an existing one )
▪ The bank has applied for planning permission to redevelop a 1¼-acre site.
planning permission
planning regulations (=relating to what buildings can be built in an area)
▪ The house must be demolished because it does not conform to planning regulations.
planning restrictions (=legal restrictions on what buildings can be built somewhere)
▪ There are government proposals to relax planning restrictions on green belt areas around cities.
plan/plot a coup
▪ They were arrested and accused of plotting a coup against the government.
Plans to reopen the school have been shelved.
plan/work sth out in detail
▪ I haven't worked our trip out in detail yet.
proceeding according to plan
▪ Work is proceeding according to plan.
put forward a plan/scheme
▪ Both parties have put forward plans for political reform.
retirement plan
sb’s hopes/fears/plans for the future
▪ What are your hopes for the future?
seating plan/arrangements
▪ the seating plan for the wedding dinner
strategic planning
strategic planning meetings
the best-laid plans (=plans that have been made carefully)
▪ Bad weather can upset even the best-laid travel plans.
town planning
vacation plans (=an idea about what you want to do on your vacation)
▪ Do you have any vacation plans this summer?
went according to plan
▪ Everything went according to plan, and we arrived on time.
▪ The privatization of up to 40 state-owned companies was at the centre of the governments economic recovery plan.
▪ Dole is expected to emphasize his economic plan, which calls for sweeping tax cuts as well as balancing the budget.
▪ No details had yet been published of an economic recovery plan which the government had announced in January.
▪ Speculation about Kemp has been growing, particularly since Dole announced an economic plan that embraced tax cuts long advocated by Kemp.
▪ To work, any Soviet economic plan must do two things.
▪ And what economic plan would be without its executive summary?
▪ He was in the Oval Office, on the second day of trying to sell his economic plan.
▪ Money to help pay for ambitious future plans was at least one motive for seeking publication.
▪ I can then produce a programme that provides a framework to meet your future financial plans using Allied Dunbar products.
▪ If he had future plans, they were shattered by a stroke.
▪ This is a time of tension when the stakes may be high and a future plan hangs by a thread.
▪ The money will be used to top up its land bank crucial to future house building plans from 15,000 plots to 20,000.
▪ In the interview they asked me about my future plans.
▪ Mr Lekszton's future plans include a private television station and an airline.
▪ Decision-making is often about future plans and events, yet nobody knows with certainty what will happen in the future.
▪ When he needed to vary his game plan Hamed was unable to.
▪ That took them out of the game plan, too.
▪ The previous commissioner spent months with us, analysing our game plans and marketing strategy.
▪ Member companies spent most of the first year trying to hammer out a mission and a game plan.
▪ Whether he can establish a solid relationship with him, likes his attitude-and if that player fits his game plan.
▪ The Raiders' game plan revealed astonishing flexibility.
▪ As the staff looks toward the future, its game plan is to provide quality care.
▪ Rison was conspicuously absent from much of the Jaguars' game plan.
▪ The local plan will replace the existing local plans for Midlothian District.
▪ As a result, controversial local plans tend to attract numerous objections which are then tested at a local inquiry.
▪ When determining planning applications planning authorities are required to have regard to structure and local plans.
▪ These will include: Does the scheme comply with the policies contained in its local plan?
▪ The new plan limits programme management costs to 20 percent.
▪ A new plan was taking shape.
▪ Many people launch themselves into their new plans with no preparation at all.
▪ But the medical profession is not the only group targeted by the new seven-page plan.
▪ Clare wondered suspiciously why this sensationally good-looking man seemed not to have any New Year's plans.
▪ Buyouts are less attractive to workers under the new plan.
▪ A new plan is being considered.
▪ The NOCs also test new technologies and plan for their deployment.
▪ In insisting that no changes had been made to the original plan, his team was being economical with the truth.
▪ In addition, the original plan called for the demolition of structures found beyond repair and the relocation of displaced homeowners.
▪ Its original plan was to unload the problem on to the electricity generators.
▪ Hence, with some misgivings, the original plan was adhered to. 3.
▪ Better to abide by the original plan.
▪ This would be expensive and had not been allowed for in the original plans and bids.
▪ In the original battle plans, which were to be strictly adhered to, ten minutes were allocated for the raid.
▪ After two years, the Gypsy Moth Commission decided to go back to a version of their original plan.
▪ When this happens, strategic plans not only waste enormous time and money, they can become actual barriers to innovation.
▪ Environmental audit General property audit - collates information on a building or property portfolio in order to establish a long-term strategic plan.
▪ About three weeks ago, Teran released a four-year strategic plan to improve public safety throughout Baja California.
▪ But every governing body is expected to produce a strategic plan, delineating how it will succeed.
▪ These councils would assess local needs, contribute to local service plans within the overall strategic plan and monitor local service provision.
▪ But the commanders had their orders and a strategic plan to carry out, and they stood firm.
▪ A timescale indicator and action plan for achievement should also be agreed.
▪ Note from the action plan that both the nurse and the nutritionist perform height, weight, and skinfold measurements.
▪ The report should constitute an action plan.
▪ I proceeded to come up with an affirmative action plan for the company that would work.
▪ Definition of priorities empowers the next stage - an action plan.
▪ Students will work towards fixed targets regarding the above, but will also negotiate individual action plans.
▪ It produced a 13-point action plan to reduce the risk of marine pollution.
▪ The action plan will be linked to a study of the commuting habits of nearly 15,000 council employees.
▪ Highly confidential and sensitive matters - such as business plans, projections or formulae - which must not be used.
▪ Within eighteen months, they had firmed up a business plan, and Liz said good-bye to her migraines.
▪ Information systems should be integrated with the business plan at all three layers of the management hierarchy.
▪ What will a business plan for the Metro section look like?
▪ Likewise a business plan should be developed in order to chart the proposed progress.
▪ Never forget that profit is the goal of a good business plan.
▪ How many business plans down the road will it be before his good intentions are eroded or outmaneuvered?
▪ As part of the care plan.
▪ Investor-owned managed care plans routinely take 20 percent to 30 percent of premium dollars off the top for profit and administration.
▪ This is particularly important when discussing personal matters, such as some one's care plan.
▪ The hospital continues to struggle to correctly bill insurance providers and state and federal indigent health care plans.
▪ Communication within the caring team, and the formation of nursing care plans, ensures continuity of patient care.
▪ The products and the care plans they produce are more in-depth.
▪ They must also show their HIV/AIDS services are fully integrated into their community care plans.
▪ Her health care plan drew fire.
▪ The three A's must be making some contingency plans.
▪ Anticipating the possibility of such a crisis, G Group several months earlier had drawn up a contingency plan.
▪ Supt Peter Durham from Newcastle city centre will address staff on how contingency plans can be properly arranged for Newcastle.
▪ Next, specific action may be agreed upon that is realistic and measurable with perhaps a contingency plan lined up too.
▪ The agents are intelligent because they have contingency plans of action.
▪ If you perceive this could be a problem perhaps the two of you could discuss a contingency plan to deal with this.
▪ City officials have implemented what they call Phase I of a contingency plan aimed at bringing pollution levels down.
▪ Academic planning Contributions to a Polytechnic development plan.
▪ Since 1971 development plans have included specific population targets.
▪ The excavation of the Viking site at York was so important, though, that the development plans were changed.
▪ The development plan is only one of the material considerations, and its policies and assumptions may be out of date.
▪ The vote means that the project will be included in the current 10-year development plan.
▪ Individuals will be responsible for their own personal development plans which will be measured against agreed standards of business performance.
▪ He was appointed by Touche Ross to reorganise the hotel, conference and leisure complex and implement a structured business development plan.
▪ These are not targets to be met and should not be the basis or a starting point for development plan policies.
▪ Not a secret master plan on the part of the Emperor - but a dagger aimed at his heart?
▪ The tentative concepts of the five finalists in a master plan design competition will go on view for the first time.
▪ And so they moved, with no master plan in mind, first to their small flat in Brussels.
▪ The master plan will determine what kind of fees users will be charged for such amenities.
▪ One final comment before you start writing out your master plan for reaching running goals: Use a pencil.
▪ The challenge Chapter 4 will provide you with an opportunity to create a master plan from what you have learned.
▪ It held what was in essence a master plan for murder, said Mr Stuart-Moore.
▪ The master plan was scheduled to be implemented in 1975.
▪ No eighteenth-century peace plan had the slightest chance of being put into practice.
▪ The United States is not offering its own peace plan, an official said.
▪ While the government-in-exile headed by Sawyer proposed to send representatives to Monrovia to discuss its peace plan, the military conflict continued.
▪ In fact the only new development is that the implementation of the peace plan has been brought to a standstill.
▪ But to patch things up the friends need to agree on a peace plan.
▪ One of the attractions of executive pension plans is their potential flexibility.
▪ Today, the pension plan for the owner and ten office workers is in serious trouble.
▪ Our reader was invited to make his annual contribution to his Equitable Life pension plan.
▪ Once you have a pension plan, be sure to use a pension plan expert to help you keep your plan qualified.
▪ More than 4.6m people have contracted out of the state scheme into personal pension plans since their introduction in 1986.
▪ From some angles, it looks to be a pension plan offering monthly retirement benefits commensurate with contributions.
▪ The corner-stone of your strategy should be a pension plan - because of the tremendous financial advantages pension plans enjoy.
▪ So there are no pat answers, and usually you need a pension plan expert to recommend a plan for you.
▪ They are less interested in investment and retirement plans and are less well positioned to attract meaningful new clients than older lawyers.
▪ He has done so by manipulating contributions to certain government retirement plans.
▪ Do retirement plan administrators get crazy?
▪ Employers who establish retirement plans must be cautious about engaging in transactions with their plans.
▪ If neither you nor your spouse is covered by an employer retirement plan, you may deduct your entire contribution.
▪ Their restaurant is their retirement plan.
▪ They were among those who in 1981 took a $ 40, 000 cash buyout to switch to a less-generous retirement plan.
▪ Was the $ 1. 2 trillion in mutual fund retirement plans endangered by the market correction?
▪ Within two weeks the participants were able to agree upon a draft plan.
▪ They have kept the government shut to pressure the president to agree to a seven-year plan to balance the federal budget.
▪ She acquiesced, agreeing to his plan for a meeting with Joan in the palace rose-garden.
▪ However, Rodman said the state only agreed to the clean-up plan to avoid further delays.
▪ The Commander-in-Chief agreed to the plan and also authorized Stirling to recruit a further six officers and up to forty men.
▪ Morrison Knudsen and lenders agree on a plan to avoid a cash shortage.
▪ But to patch things up the friends need to agree on a peace plan.
▪ Talks aimed at agreeing on a plan to balance the budget within seven years are still taking place.
▪ Meanwhile, Barclays has announced plans to more than double its network of wipe-through machines.
▪ Westinghouse shares had remained stagnant even after the company announced its plans to sell the electronics business.
▪ They announced plans for its complete redevelopment and applied for a certificate of immunity of listing.
▪ It also announced plans to ease the regulatory burden on unions, and transfer their supervision to the Financial Services Authority.
▪ Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate aviation subcommittee who announced the plan at a news conference.
▪ Sedgefield District Council's development committee have approved the plan.
▪ The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors must approve the plan before a building permit is issued.
▪ Not that she approved of his plans.
▪ The bishops, whose annual spring meeting concluded Saturday, also approved a plan for ministering to young people.
▪ Best to have the buyer sign it, however, to ensure that he or she really does approve the plan.
▪ Now that supervisors also have approved it, the plan encompasses all land in the county.
▪ I hope Prince Charles approves the plans before a brick is laid!
▪ We approve his plan, and he starts up with your money.
▪ It means the loss of hopes and plans which have been building up in the parents during the months of pregnancy.
▪ Was it a plan to build a last secure bunker in the Lena Valley if Leningrad and Moscow fell to the blitzkrieg?
▪ The transport committee yesterday approved plans to build another boat.
▪ As for the partners in her practice, they had to agree to a more gradual plan for building the practice.
▪ A public announcement of the plan to build a Hinkley C power station was made a month later.
▪ Today, there are four, with plans to build an additional one in Chandler.
▪ The Irvine-based concern had approached Poway and Santee officials about selling the parcel after dropping plans to build 65 luxury homes there.
▪ They give care according to the plan specified by the primary nurse and will usually only change that plan in an emergency.
▪ Overnight, the fortunes of big companies changed and any plans for the future had to be reconsidered.
▪ That's why, every year, thousands of people have to change their plans.
▪ Response was so small, however, that she changed her plan.
▪ No logical reason, he wrote, but that will not make me change my plans once I have begun.
▪ But there are others who vehemently oppose changing the general plan designation in either area.
▪ Your welcome may change my plans.
▪ No one can change their retirement plans quickly.
▪ Identifying the Company Needs Before choosing an appropriate source of finance, the company should first develop an appropriate business plan.
▪ Three teams of contractors were selected to develop plans.
▪ To develop plans successfully agencies will need to work closely with local providers and community representatives.
▪ Dream your own dream! Develop a plan to accomplish that dream and work hard to complete it!
▪ Gradually, Power and his colleagues developed a plan to turn the 70 programs into a coherent Human Investment System.
▪ Then develop a plan to acquire those skills.
▪ But Knight developed a unique business plan to achieve his mission.
▪ As the infant develops, the parents gain much by assisting with the observations and helping the nurse develop the care plan.
▪ The group will discuss the plans on 5 November.
▪ Officials with the AFL-CIO were hesitant to discuss the administration plan because they said they had not seen details of the proposal.
▪ Volunteers will hold a meeting this weekend to discuss fund-raising plans for the Christmas period.
▪ He refuses to discuss any plans beyond that.
▪ As Joe and Biddy became a little more cheerful, discussing my possible plans for the future, I became more miserable.
▪ If this is the case do not discuss your plans with them.
▪ We discussed our plans for the living museum and theme park and told her about the oak tree.
▪ We must discuss the plan with the president.
▪ So the most helpful thing to do before you start shopping is to draw up a scale plan of the room.
▪ Anticipating the possibility of such a crisis, G Group several months earlier had drawn up a contingency plan.
▪ It will draw up these plans in the light of national policies and local priorities and resources.
▪ The draftsman no longer draws his plans.
▪ The district councils being usually responsible for drawing up detailed local plans in accordance with policies defined in the structure plans.
▪ He set about drawing up a rescue plan amid a political storm that resulted in the resignation of two cabinet ministers.
▪ Large corporations draw up ground plans for restaurants and reduce everything down to a level of mediocrity.
▪ Negotiations were started to purchase the site, and the London architects Spalding and Spalding were commissioned to draw up the plans.
▪ The results will be used to formulate development plans.
▪ All over Langley and Miami they were still formulating plans to hit Fidel.
▪ In November 1808 ten of her friends met in London to formulate a rescue plan.
▪ They formulate detailed plans for managing both the quantitative and the qualitative costs they are bound to incur.
▪ Accept that and formulate an organised plan of action and you're nearly there!
▪ When the tin price collapsed, the miners formulated a plan to keep the mines open under their control with reduced costs.
▪ Subsequent treatment After the initial period of assessment and support it should be possible to formulate a treatment plan.
▪ In bed, in the dark, she formulated her plans.
▪ Twenty-two others are being implemented, and plans are in hand for a further nine.
▪ These infectious disease problems demonstrate the urgency for expeditiously implementing this plan.
▪ Friction embraces resistance or resentment on the part of key people who have to implement the plan.
▪ Fortunately, I received a reprieve because my boss had a nervous breakdown before he could implement his plan.
▪ Step 11 Draw up and then implement your plan for bringing about change.
▪ But the Senate bill designed to implement the plan contains some consumer-friendly changes that could kill it instead.
▪ This new status may enable the museums to get themselves out of their present crisis situation and implement some plans.
▪ We therefore laid our plans and moved out in good order over a long period of time.
▪ We immediately began laying plans for subsequent operations to achieve what we had been unable to accomplish at Pearl Harbor.
▪ The two countries were laying plans for a jointly operated early-warning centre that might help this.
▪ We consult an architect, laying our current floor plan before her and describing our needs.
▪ Taking care to avoid certain members of his household ... So the rational mind lays its rational plans.
▪ Undaunted, Galvin laid out a ten-year plan to make Motorola the leader in the industry.
▪ Meanwhile, the moment there was a hint of spring in the air, she began to lay her plans.
▪ We then laid plans for the next voyage.
▪ Humanity is already making plans for its escape.
▪ No change, however, was made in the operational plan.
▪ The panic receded as she forced herself to make practical plans.
▪ He made plans to welcome religious varieties, whereas elsewhere authorities suppressed or discouraged them.
▪ He made so many plans for this wedding.
▪ Spitzer said he was interested, met with parents of the band members and began making some plans.
▪ They'd made their plans for escape.
▪ Commander Byrd had made their flight plan.
▪ He is currently preparing a plan to unlock more working capital by the New Year.
▪ And the agency hired by the state to prepare such a plan has refused Knapman as a client.
▪ Conveyancers are not trained or expected to prepare original plans: it is the duty of the client to supply these.
▪ Unfriendly takeovers represent a constant threat to underperforming companies with ill prepared strategic plans.
▪ Then they had a draughtsman prepare the plans and sub-contracted the building.
▪ Do not, for example, equate time spent preparing plans with impact.
▪ Competition for employees will increase and clearly many major industries are preparing their plans to ensure that they remain competitive.
▪ Carter ordered the Pentagon to prepare a contingency plan for military action to rescue the hostages.
advance planning/warning/booking etc
▪ For course details details and advance booking forms contact:.
▪ However, Redmond and Manschreck acknowledged that they had not billed for or received any money for the advance planning.
▪ If we could list those we'd have advance warning of shortage problems on the assembly lines two months before they occur.
▪ It will also repay advance bookings.
▪ Perhaps the most widely used online service is travel planning, both to research a destination and to do advance bookings.
▪ Significant moments in history do not happen without some kind of advance warning.
▪ The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.
bring forward legislation/plans/policies etc
▪ Following assessment of the responses to our discussion paper, we will bring forward legislation to achieve this.
▪ Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke wants to bring forward plans to change the law in the new year.
▪ It will bring forward legislation in the coming parliamentary session to introduce student loans, partially replacing grants, from autumn 1990.
buy off-plan
disappoint sb's hopes/expectations/plans
forward planning/thinking
▪ A bit of forward planning would have ensured a sum was put aside in the budget.
▪ A little bit of forward thinking years ago has put the Eagles in terrific position now.
▪ But he does want to stimulate constructive forward thinking.
▪ Findings relate to expenditure, degree of forward planning, objectives, workforce attitudes, management awareness and use of consultancies.
▪ His introduction to the art of place-kicking, however, was hardly a result of deep forward planning.
▪ In each of the schools, the library was clearly still high on the agenda for forward planning and review.
▪ It is at this point that proper forward planning and the use of the time log become of crucial importance.
▪ The message which emerges is clearly one of forward planning to avoid any undesirable over-involvement in management decisions.
hatch a plot/plan/deal etc
have big ideas/plans
▪ Waller has big plans for her retirement.
▪ I have big plans for Selina.
▪ They have big plans for their life together.
lay plans/a trap etc
▪ And the speaker may be totally unaware of laying a trap.
▪ Clare wouldn't put it past Sam to use a rat to lay a trap for her.
punch holes in sb's argument/idea/plans etc
short-range plan/goal/forecast etc
Plan A obviously wasn't going to work, so we had to resort to plan B.
▪ After weeks of planning, the big day finally arrived.
▪ By January, many people are already making plans for their summer holidays.
▪ Everything went according to plan, and we all crossed the river safely.
▪ Her plan is to finish her degree and then go and teach in Japan.
▪ I have to organize a seating plan for the dinner.
▪ Increasing traffic congestion is a major influence on town planning.
▪ NASA has announced plans for a new space mission to Mars.
▪ Originally, the plan was to meet at Dave's house, but he's still not home.
▪ The school has plans to build a computer centre.
▪ the state's highway improvement plan
▪ There was an airline strike in India, and all our plans fell through at the last minute.
▪ You can't get a loan to start a new company if you don't have a good business plan.
▪ But when new owners took it over, they dropped the plan.
▪ Each executive then presented plans and budgets for their respective departments.
▪ In the first year of the plan, the government will pay 30 percent of their monthly payments.
▪ Instead they looked at the physical models of the new plant or engineering drawings or plans.
▪ It is only within the parameters of such an overall plan that a valid science and technology policy can be articulated.
▪ No work plan is infallible and changes may be necessary.
▪ The bitter irony was that the whole plan had been her idea right from the start.
▪ There are thousands of victims of those home income equity plans.
▪ Order, order Always plan ahead to save time and unnecessary effort.
▪ Plan ahead and check everything you have planned.
▪ He knows how to handle situations and can plan ahead for things.
▪ Life was like wei chi in that respect; the master chose to play a waiting game, to plan ahead.
▪ For those willing to plan ahead however, this is nothing to lament.
▪ As with all questions affecting retirement, it is sensible if possible to plan ahead.
▪ Indeed, language is all about constructing unique sequences, and so is planning ahead for tomorrow.
▪ Richmond said McHale was already planning his side for the next campaign.
▪ Didja hear Judith is already planning a sequel?
▪ It already plans to build a $ 3 billion chip plant near Richmond, Virginia, to make PowerPC microprocessors.
▪ There are already plans to make the £26,000 jingle into a hit single and show the ad in cinemas.
▪ Dole may receive some help from the national Republican Party, which is already planning to run ads criticizing Clinton administration policies.
▪ The Sister Superior at Bartestree says the nuns were already planning to sell up.
▪ When news broke, he seemed to have already planned his response.
▪ There are also plans to log 57,500 hectares of ancient forest, containing trees of up to 600 years old.
▪ He also plans to offset Forbes' popular flat-tax plan with his own proposal: a 16 percent flat rate.
▪ Members are also planning to sell badges of its bee logo to boost funds.
▪ The company also plans to triple its office space next month in a move from Sunnyvale to Palo Alto.
▪ They are also planning to raise tax rates on higher incomes.
▪ He also planned to recommend not one, but three solid pastoral candidates of whom the cardinal could take his pick.
▪ There are also plans to take pupils on outings to Wimbledon and Ascot, and there will be nights at the opera.
▪ Amgen also plans to buy back between $ 350 million to $ 450 million of stock in 1996.
▪ The whole life span of a record, including its creation needs to be planned carefully.
▪ There simply is no replacement for a rigorous, carefully planned sequence of academic course work.
▪ He planned carefully so that there was always time and no panic.
▪ As we saw in Chapter 7, a growing firm must plan carefully to finance its growth.
▪ The work should be planned carefully, however, to ensure that the pupils are getting something out of it as well.
▪ He carefully planned his exit from corporate life.
▪ All reports should be carefully planned, so you should first examine source material.
▪ However, the second sowing must be carefully planned.
▪ The truth is that not a single one of the official groups organising protests is planning violent action.
▪ Neither understanding nor desire nor planning nor action come with-out effort.
▪ Teachers who for years had planned in terms of appropriate actions could not overnight apply their minds to appropriate meanings as well.
▪ Editing tables requires some planning and careful action.
▪ He is is now planning legal action to get compensation.
▪ He also was closely involved in planning the action.
▪ Earlier, Selby's brother Jon expressed fears that the authorities were planning military action.
▪ It aids the user in planning and conceptualizing an action oriented or planning activity.
▪ But it is also useful to plan formal dissemination in advance.
▪ Everything he did was planned in advance.
▪ When you want to move somewhere you plan it in advance, you prepare yourself for the change.
▪ Unlike child care considerations, which often can be planned months in advance, eldercare issues often occur without warning.
▪ It concluded that suspicion existed that the action had been planned in advance and was directed by two commands with different instructions.
▪ Special events can be planned well in advance, and the game itself becomes more of a spectacle.
▪ To avoid sitting in front of a blank piece of card and wondering what to do, you should plan your design in advance.
▪ I want you to plan that day in advance.
▪ This was considered to be the ideal layout and was followed where a new city was planned.
▪ Model cities stressed local planning flexibility and the coordination of federal grant programs.
▪ For years, annexation has been the primary means by which city officials planned for growth.
▪ The city is planning to talk with local commercial brokers about what can be done to improve the business environment.
▪ The city plans to build a new $ 60 million dispatch center, scheduled to open by 1999.
▪ The city plans a huge grand opening party, including free skating and soccer, food and professional demonstrations.
▪ But this year the city is again planning an assault on that unconscionable pattern with its tree recycling program.
▪ A series of meetings with the city planning authorities culminated in discussions during the spring and summer of 1986.
▪ Together, these companies plan to recruit well over 50, 000 workers during 1996&038;.
▪ The company also plans to triple its office space next month in a move from Sunnyvale to Palo Alto.
▪ The company also plans to improve its debt to capital ratio further, to 0.5.
▪ The company is also planning to expand the life of the existing Magnox reactors by another 10 years.
▪ In December, Mr Julian says, many companies were planning longer-than-normal down time during the holidays.
▪ But the company planning the takeover has said its determined to fight on, and has extended its deadline for shareholders.
▪ The company plans to introduce an electric pickup in 1998.
▪ The hospice is planning a major fund-raising event for June.
▪ The organisers have apologised to all those who had planned to attend the event.
▪ After the initial excitement of announcing the engagement and setting a date, planning the event begins.
▪ The social worker discussed with Enid the possibility of planning such events into her week.
▪ Further details will be sent out in due course but please lodge your interest early to help them plan the event.
▪ Daybook items are listings of planned daily events.
▪ They had even heard that Angel's family were planning for him to marry a neighbour's daughter.
▪ Audio family conferences are planned weekly.
▪ Let us suppose the Smith family have planned a picnic in the country in a few days time.
▪ Most researchers doubt that there has ever been a strong direct correlation between Church policy and individual family planning decisions.
▪ But a family planning a wedding reception would be able to claim exemption from import duty.
▪ These secular concerns influence age at marriage, equality within marriage, and the confidence to use family planning services.
▪ Now she has the ability to access family planning sources without her husband.
▪ The position, which still pertains, is as close as the Church has ever come to legitimizing family planning.
▪ The only satisfactory resolution is to plan future visits in order to complete a thorough sampling.
▪ If a social worker comes to see your family, you can ask what is being planned for your future.
▪ Attention is needed not only for the here and now but for planning the future.
▪ There is a meeting of shareholders being planned to discuss the future of the Bank of Edinburgh.
▪ It could also serve as a basis for planning a future meeting.
▪ How should they use it to plan the future of the car industry and those who depend on it?
▪ Together they plan for a future in New York City with more exotic women than one is apt to find in Indiana.
▪ The Government plans to increase renewables from 3 % at present to 10 % of electricity in 2010.
▪ The Government plans to sell 51 % initially, with 46 % staying in public ownership.
▪ They have all but declared war on three government initiatives planned in and around the town.
▪ The government has responded by planning offshore wind farms on the Ijsselmeer.
▪ Given modern technology, firms can be flexible vis-a-vis the market and vis-a-vis government plans.
▪ The government is planning lavish festivities to entertain all the friends that it claims to have.
▪ Reports earlier in the month suggested that the government had already planned to impose a period of martial law.
▪ I was not planning a trip to Alice Springs, I pointed out.
▪ The equity department was planning a boat trip to become further acquainted with the trainees on its short list.
▪ She'd thought a lot about this since they'd planned the trip.
▪ Got to plan my next trip.
▪ You can plan your own trip from there, or ask us to help.
▪ They are planning a trip together, arranging where to meet, discussing what to bring.
▪ By the time we were packing the chutes we were both hooked and planning another trip.
▪ It is strongly advised to check with the U. S. State Department for the latest security condition while planning this trip.
▪ Here are two rules which may help to plan a forced win.
▪ The network focuses on a single application: networking powerful computers to help doctors plan radiation therapy for cancer treatment.
▪ Who can help you to plan this and what services will this patient need?
▪ Moreover, those who have helped you plan your communication will give it their active support. 5.
▪ The aim of the coming inquiry was to help the Society plan its next moves regarding Rakhat.
▪ So they helped plan our wedding instead.
▪ Knowledge of social problems will help a nurse to plan for discharge.
▪ She also is helping friends plan other kinds of graduation celebrations.
advance planning/warning/booking etc
▪ For course details details and advance booking forms contact:.
▪ However, Redmond and Manschreck acknowledged that they had not billed for or received any money for the advance planning.
▪ If we could list those we'd have advance warning of shortage problems on the assembly lines two months before they occur.
▪ It will also repay advance bookings.
▪ Perhaps the most widely used online service is travel planning, both to research a destination and to do advance bookings.
▪ Significant moments in history do not happen without some kind of advance warning.
▪ The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.
forward planning/thinking
▪ A bit of forward planning would have ensured a sum was put aside in the budget.
▪ A little bit of forward thinking years ago has put the Eagles in terrific position now.
▪ But he does want to stimulate constructive forward thinking.
▪ Findings relate to expenditure, degree of forward planning, objectives, workforce attitudes, management awareness and use of consultancies.
▪ His introduction to the art of place-kicking, however, was hardly a result of deep forward planning.
▪ In each of the schools, the library was clearly still high on the agenda for forward planning and review.
▪ It is at this point that proper forward planning and the use of the time log become of crucial importance.
▪ The message which emerges is clearly one of forward planning to avoid any undesirable over-involvement in management decisions.
have big ideas/plans
▪ Waller has big plans for her retirement.
▪ I have big plans for Selina.
▪ They have big plans for their life together.
planned/built-in obsolescence
▪ So they followed their cousins in the car industry and made their buildings with built-in obsolescence.
short-range plan/goal/forecast etc
▪ Don't worry, I have the whole evening planned.
▪ Have you planned how you're going to spend your prize money?
▪ I think we should plan for about 50 guests.
▪ It took them years to plan and build the plaza downtown.
▪ She started planning her career change after taking an evening class in nutrition.
▪ Sue spent months planning her trip.
▪ The burglary had obviously been very carefully planned.
▪ The team is still planning the layout of the magazine cover.
▪ The town was originally planned in the 1950s, when there were fewer cars.
▪ We're planning for rain because the forecast isn't good.
▪ We planned the building very carefully with special facilities for the disabled.
▪ But the uncomfortable feeling remained, and to cheer herself up, Grace began to plan what she would wear tomorrow.
▪ It's essential to weigh up all the briefing details in order to plan your tactics and avoid getting blown up.
▪ Only 12 percent believed that roads through sites of natural beauty or historical interest should be built as planned.
▪ She really does plan to move to Los Angeles, become an actress and get married.
▪ That provision is 9.2 percent. higher than was planned for 1991-92, and the increase is twice as high as inflation.
▪ The original plan to raise $ 1. 4 million foundered.
▪ Then Guest and Byrd began planning the flight.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plan \Plan\, n. [F., fr. L. planus flat, level. See Plain, a.]

  1. A draught or form; properly, a representation drawn on a plane, as a map or a chart; especially, a top view, as of a machine, or the representation or delineation of a horizontal section of anything, as of a building; a graphic representation; a diagram.

  2. A scheme devised; a method of action or procedure expressed or described in language; a project; as, the plan of a constitution; the plan of an expedition.

    God's plans like lines pure and white unfold.
    --M. R. Smith.

  3. A method; a way of procedure; a custom.

    The simple plan, That they should take who have the power, And they should keep who can.

    Body plan, Floor plan, etc. See under Body, Floor, etc.

    Syn: Scheme; draught; delineation; plot; sketch; project; design; contrivance; device. See Scheme.


Plan \Plan\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Planned; p. pr. & vb. n. Planning.]

  1. To form a delineation of; to draught; to represent, as by a diagram.

  2. To scheme; to devise; to contrive; to form in design; as, to plan the conquest of a country.

    Even in penance, planning sins anew.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s as a technical term in perspective drawing; 1706 as "drawing, sketch, or diagram of any object," from French plan "ground plan, map," literally "plane surface" (mid-16c.), from Latin planum "level or flat surface," noun use of adjective planus "level, flat" (see plane (n.1)). The notion is of "a drawing on a flat surface." Meaning "scheme of action, design" is first recorded 1706, possibly influenced by French planter "to plant," from Italian planta "ground plan."


1728, "make a plan of," from plan (n.). Related: Planned; planning; plans. Planned economy is attested from 1931. Planned Parenthood (1942) formerly was Birth Control Federation of America.


n. 1 A drawing showing technical details of a building, machine, etc., with unwanted details omitted, and often using symbols rather than detailed drawing to represent doors, valves, etc. 2 A set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal. 3 A two-dimensional drawing of a building as seen from above with obscuring or irrelevant details such as roof removed, or of a floor of a building, revealing the internal layout; as distinct from the elevation. 4 A method; a way of procedure; a custom. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To design (a building, machine, etc.). 2 (context transitive English) To create a plan for. 3 (context intransitive English) To intend.

  1. n. a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; "they drew up a six-step plan"; "they discussed plans for a new bond issue" [syn: program, programme]

  2. an arrangement scheme; "the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult"; "it was an excellent design for living"; "a plan for seating guests" [syn: design]

  3. scale drawing of a structure; "the plans for City Hall were on file" [syn: architectural plan]

  4. [also: planning, planned]

  1. v. have the will and intention to carry out some action; "He plans to be in graduate school next year"; "The rebels had planned turmoil and confusion" [syn: be after]

  2. make plans for something; "He is planning a trip with his family"

  3. make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack" [syn: project, contrive, design]

  4. make a design of; plan out in systematic, often graphic form; "design a better mousetrap"; "plan the new wing of the museum" [syn: design]

  5. [also: planning, planned]

Plan (disambiguation)

A plan is a set of instructions for attaining a given objective.

Plan or PLAN may also refer to:

  • Planning, the organizational process of creating and maintaining a plan
  • Planning (cognitive), neurological processes involved in achieving a desired goal
Plan (archaeology)

In archaeological excavation, a plan is a drawn record of features and artifacts in the horizontal plane.

Plan (drawing)

Plans are a set of drawings or two-dimensional diagrams used to describe a place or object, or to communicate building or fabrication instructions. Usually plans are drawn or printed on paper, but they can take the form of a digital file.

These plans are used in a range of fields from architecture, urban planning, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering to systems engineering.

PLAN (test)

The PLAN is a preliminary ACT test that is generally administered in the sophomore year. ACT, Inc. claims that it predicts success on the ACT. It is viewed as the ACT's equivalent of the PSAT.

Plan (film)

Plan is a Bollywood mystery thriller film released in January 2004, starring Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Dino Morea and Sameera Reddy. It was produced by Sanjay Gupta and directed by Hriday Shetty, the film was a rage and did exceptionally well at the single screens of India whilst not performing too well at the multiplex cinemas overall the film was given the hit verdict and stands as the seventh highest grossing hindi film of 2004. This film is loosely based on the 1997 Hollywood comedy Suicide Kings.

Plan (calendar program)

plan is a calendar and day planner program for the X Window System based on the Motif widget set. plan is free software released under a custom permissive license.

Its main window shows a month (the current one by default); the user can insert appointments at given days and time. An accompanying program pland reminds the user of appointments by showing a warning window or running an arbitrary shell script. Other features of plan are:

  • configurability of warnings
  • week/month/year views
  • periodic appointments
  • appointment types
  • client/server multiuser mode
Plan (aid organisation)

Plan International is an international organisation or development which works in 51 countries across Africa, the Americas, and Asia to promote the safeguarding of children. It is a nonprofit organisation and is one of the world's largest organisations based on children, it works in 58,000 communities with 600,000 volunteers to improve how 56 million children live. The charity also has 21 national organisations who have been given the responsibility to oversee the raising of funds and awareness in their individual countries.

The organisation puts an emphasis on communities working together in order to address the needs of children around the world. The NGO focuses on child participation, education, economic security, emergencies, health, protection, sexual health (including HIV), and water and sanitation. It provides training in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and has worked on relief efforts in countries including Haiti, Colombia and Japan.

Plan also sponsors the Because I Am a Girl campaign, which has published many stories focusing on the struggle of young women in the developing world.

Plan (magazine)

Plan is a bi-monthly architecture and design publication based in Dublin, Ireland. It caters mainly for Irish and international architects and designers. Plan also documents alternative architectural culture such as interdisciplinary interplays between architecture and philosophy, art and new social movements. The magazine has featured contributions from, and interviews with, Daniel Libeskind, Peter Eisenman, Massimiliano Fuksas, Tadao Ando, Paul Andreu, Will Alsop, Wolf D Prix and Frank McDonald among others. The first Editor-In-Chief, and principal architect of the magazine, was Uinseann MacEoin. Acting as both editor and publisher, his magazine won much praise in 1970s Ireland. Plan has won several awards since this time, and received a major redesign in 2007.

Usage examples of "plan".

And because of the aberration of the Dutch and Belgians for neutrality there had been no staff consultations by which the defenders could pool their plans and resources to the best advantage.

He may have thought I was just as involved in the plan to evacuate our people to the Abesse as Mother was.

The plan to evacuate the Tenuans to the Abesse was no longer the best of options.

The conflict, grown beyond the scope of original plans, had become nothing less than a fratricidal war between the young king and the Count of Poitou for the succession to the Angevin empire, a ghastly struggle in which Henry was obliged to take a living share, abetting first one and then the other of his furious sons.

He went to the management of the station and told them I was planning to abort calls.

Although the masses will flock to the Plan of Abraxas, those wielding power and money will not easily give up their privileges for the good of society.

From their bases first at Turin, and then at Coblenz, they were accused of planning invasions of France on the heels of absolutist armies that would put good patriots and their women and children to the sword and raze their cities.

Their skilful guide, changing his plan of operations, then conducted the army by a longer circuit, but through a fertile territory, towards the head of the Euphrates, where the infant river is reduced to a shallow and accessible stream.

Of course he could fire Ace, he told himself, but he had other plans for the man.

He was planning to throw the Strike Force at Gorgrael immediately after Beltide in revenge for the Yuletide attack, while a contrary rumor had Axis planning to drive south and capture Achar for the Icarii first.

His plans would have to be drastically altered if Achar remained in the grip of ice.

There is also the resemblance of the plan of the city to the blade of such a knife, the curve of the defile corresponding to the curve of the blade, the River Acis to the central rib, Acies Castle to the point, and the Capulus to the line at which the steel vanishes into the haft.

He had instead been cultivating his acquaintanceship with Mercer, a game plan that would have come to an abrupt end if the Lorrimores had deserted the trip, which they would have done at once if the Canadian had ploughed into their home-from-home.

But it seems likely that such a plan of private ownership would not be tolerated under a Socialist government, for, first of all, a very large number of Socialists are opposed to such a plan, and, secondly, the political actionists who have favored it either have sacrificed thereby the principles of their party, or else by advocating the private ownership of small farms, have done so with the intention of deceiving farmers and small land owners in order to win their votes.

When a person is adaptable and satiable, capable of realistic planning and empathizing with his fellow beings, those problems that remain turn out to be mostly physiochemical or behavioral.