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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a cover design
▪ the cover design of the Christmas issue
a design feature (=a detail of the way something has been designed)
▪ The building incorporates many interesting design features.
a language/art/design etc course
▪ The school runs ten-week language courses three times a year.
a move is aimed at doing sth/is designed to do sth
▪ The move is aimed at strengthening its business in the region.
all-time/modern/design etc classic
▪ The play has become an American classic.
classic designs
▪ The Coca-Cola bottle is one of the classic designs of the last century.
computer-aided design
design a website (=make and structure a website so that it works well)
▪ Students learn how to design their own websites.
design flaw (=a mistake or weakness in the way something was made)
▪ A design flaw caused the engine to explode.
fashion design
▪ He went to St Martin’s School of Art to study fashion design.
graphic design
intelligent design
plan/develop/design a curriculum
▪ Fifty academics have been involved in developing the new school curriculum.
specially designed/built/made etc
▪ The boats are specially built for the disabled.
textile industry/design/manufacture etc
▪ textile design and technology
▪ a textile mill
the finance/marketing/design etc department (=in a company)
▪ He worked in the sales department of a small software company.
write/design/develop software
▪ He designs software for an Atlanta-based company.
▪ Most basic designs have two rows which are the same, followed by another pair of rows.
▪ The basic design of the nodes is borrowed from commercial file servers.
▪ My friend Eric Barnes built the punt we use and the basic design is hard to beat.
▪ You start by choosing a basic design among several options.
▪ The range of designs which can be knitted from basic designs using this method is amazing.
▪ The interior, although fairly basic in its design, is roomy and much better screwed together than a few years ago.
▪ In the April issue, I explored the use of basic slip stitch designs for knitting fabrics.
▪ This need not apply to basic research and design.
▪ You can use the many different shapes and designs shown in this book for miniature work, as well as larger pictures.
▪ Three days later, a second nuclear weapon, of different design, was dropped on Nagasaki.
▪ The teacher in Example 3 provided a box of dolls' clothes of different sizes and designs.
▪ You can choose from several different railing designs.
▪ The aims were similar to Andreasen's, but the investigators used a different research design.
▪ Some completed forms, of a slightly different design, are shown in Chapter 14.
▪ Second, for those studies that compare few countries, is the most different systems design or most similar systems design used?
▪ Knossos had seven or eight entrances, all different in design, all more or less inconspicuous.
▪ We had this debate all the time amongst us - who was the actual person behind the grand design?
▪ Such grand designs are usually ignored.
▪ It rejects pragmatic gradualism in favour of grand design: its ideas are described as a Vision of 2005.
▪ But grand designs did not necessarily produce great architecture.
▪ Indeed some of the grandest designs were based on the weakest economic need.
▪ The pace and enthusiasm flagged considerably when attention had to switch from abstract or grand designs to the nitty-gritty of practical details.
▪ For the direct benefit of pupils it will be individual partners who will matter more than a grand design of co-operation.
▪ At best, they put in a decent effort in executing the entrepreneurial hero's grand design.
▪ Professional advice on graphic design is valuable.
▪ A Bay Area native, he started out in graphic design, but soon branched out.
▪ Create impressive graphic designs on your walls; all it takes is courage and a little sleight of hand.
▪ Thirdly, the new style guides have clearly been influenced by some interesting graphic design work.
▪ Richie, the youngest at 15, was in the throes of GCSEs and hopeful of a career in graphic design.
▪ On the opposite wall, a print was mounted; an austere graphic design, white and grey to match.
▪ She read interior design magazines, browsed for hours in department stores comparing the textures and colours of fabrics.
▪ Large international collection of lamps, prints and objects. Interior design service available.
▪ Her background is interior design, and she works as a designer at a furniture store.
▪ Full interior design service or design advice by the hour.
▪ Each phase is the outcome of the one before, whilst bearing the chronic imprint of an interior design.
▪ Great Brampton House Antiques Interior design, furniture and furnishing for the period and traditional home.
▪ It was a smartly restored pub which lovingly recreated the interior design of its psychopathic creator a hundred years ago.
▪ At intervals, initially of roughly six or seven years, but more frequently after 1035, a new design was issued.
▪ So, although new designs and reorganizations play a role, they are never enough to shape a complete vision of how.
▪ Matrix has 8 new designs out of 10.
▪ It was then that he noticed the new paint design resembled the bat symbol.
▪ Bright images have become an accepted advantage of the existing system and the new design increases the brightness even further.
▪ The effects of e-commerce are already appearing in all areas of business, from customer service to new product design.
▪ However, his new design was arranged so that it could be retained.
▪ In order to see the nifty new designs, users downloaded copies of Netscape Navigator by the millions.
▪ But in a few places conditions remain unaltered and they suit the original design to perfection.
▪ Plans to rebuild the original double-entrance design flanking a central ticket kiosk are also in the works.
▪ The original design of six arches was rejected because of spate flow volumes in the river.
▪ The original design of the work-shops dated back to the mid-1980s.
▪ The house was seriously damaged by fire in 1879 but rebuilt largely to the original design.
▪ Rarely is such good humor combined with such original design in audio.
▪ Some of the most original and beautiful designs he had seen in thirty years.
▪ For that would show some imperfection in the original design.
▪ The design team made more than eighty-five films, each in some way conceived as an extension of the design process.
▪ No one considered until the design process was complete whether, or how, we could produce what we had designed.
▪ The quality message of the editorial contents was continued through all areas of the design process.
▪ The design process in many cases begins on a computer, which is used to plot out a three-dimensional design.
▪ Another aspect which should be considered is the input of clients' in-house departments in the design process.
▪ It is all part of the design process.
▪ The twin pressures of diversity and uniformity are tangible phenomena in the design process.
▪ The design process has been unnecessarily slow on many projects because the exchange of information between designers has been ineffective.
▪ It also seems likely that he-and the design team-were tempted by the clothes of the later period.
▪ A design team rejected the aerospike concept as too risky.
▪ The complete design team photographed before modification to give greater dihedral on the outriggers.
▪ The design team creates beaded extravaganzas that are truly chic.
▪ Each specialist design teams must work within the budgets which have been set.
▪ The Renault design team clearly succeeded in their intention to offer big car comfort in a competitively compact package.
▪ The design team has even included detailed information on conservation, opportunities for volunteers, and community and outreach initiatives.
▪ Those who built in the Viennese tradition based their designs on that of Stein.
▪ It was on this work that Josiah Wedgwood based his neoclassical pottery designs.
▪ Cracow Cathedral was based on a similar design but, being later, is of more advanced Gothic form.
▪ The Floral Book collection features delicate patterns based on romantic designs in old-fashioned tones of primrose, lavender and rose.
▪ Had he, I wondered, based his design for the Chalice Well cover on an earlier cover?
▪ Much of the current fleet is based on designs dating from the 1950s, which are still in production.
▪ My London-#based graphic design career was firmly on hold.
▪ Safety has been built into the design in the form of a clever three-way switching system.
▪ Another built his design around a coffin that carries the dates his brother was born and died.
▪ This part of the embankment was the first to be built to the designs of B. Grueber between 1841 and 1845.
▪ Half a dozen companies have built the design since production began in 1940; earlier examples were rag-winged, later ones metal.
▪ There can therefore be built into the design of this channel features that could not be built into a permanent method.
▪ So, start with a stem and gradually build up your design from that.
▪ Since the stonemasons were usually allowed to create their own designs, they were also given the freedom to crack good jokes.
▪ Neuroscience Network Projects: Scientists are increasingly turning to chemistry and biology to create new designs for neural network computer systems.
▪ Look out for simple badge-making kits for around £3 in most good toy shops and create your own designs.
▪ Or to create a rational design that goes against vested interests will likely not be implemented.
▪ Matthew and Marjorie have already worked together to create the initial design.
▪ What a sense of destiny he had, locked in the miniature room, creating a design, a network of connections.
▪ In addition to this, there is no reason why owners of the Duomatic can not use Creation 6 to create their own designs.
▪ You can buy plain canvas to create your own design and there's a choice of wool or mixed fibres.
▪ Physical match includes the design of the whole work place and working environment.
▪ The $ 550 million Zeckendorf mentioned was the cost of the entire project, including design, construction, and financial fees.
▪ It is to include design studios, exhibition facilities, a development and testing laboratory and administrative offices.
▪ Those recommendations follow those issued in December, including design changes to insulate the tanks from heat sources.
▪ Other features include the attachment design for the Yeti Attak Gaiter and Cambrelle inner lining.
▪ Those programs included the design and procurement of nationwide communications systems.
▪ Features include telescopic design to adjust height and ergonomic handle.
▪ Often, those initiatives must include new organization designs.
▪ In addition, it offers a number of style options, as well as being happy to produce special designs.
▪ Morris produced more than sixty designs for fabric and wallpaper, which influenced scores of other designers.
▪ Most of us produce a single design each year which we send both to calligraphers and non-calligraphers alike.
▪ Was the smith free to produce his own designs?
▪ An ex-scientific illustration student from the Blackpool College will help to produce the illustrations and design for the pack in September 1991.
▪ This type of software is widely used in industry, architecture, etc to produce design drawings.
▪ Fine sweaters are produced in imaginative designs by local women.
▪ To produce your average design miracle in fact.
▪ Remember to always use simplicity in design and plant boldly in groups of two or three for a strong impact.
▪ There also is concern that the same computer system that would help predict reliability through simulation could be used for design improvements.
▪ One study did not use a double-blind design and was therefore excluded from the analysis.
▪ They were pleased with his efforts and used his designs.
▪ Fig. 2 shows very simple woven stripes using design 1.
▪ Nonexperimental Designs Sometimes it is impossible to use even a quasi-experimental design.
▪ My friend Eric Barnes built the punt we use and the basic design is hard to beat.
▪ They unintentionally use design to defer the period of change instead of catalyzing it.
custom-made/custom-built/custom-designed etc
ethnic cooking/fashion/design etc
▪ brightly coloured curtains with an attractive floral design
▪ Conran's furniture was based on simple, modern designs.
▪ Dorn has done a great deal of design work on the new city hall.
▪ graphic design
▪ the design of consumer products
▪ The arched ceiling is bordered with a hand-painted, floral design.
▪ The basic design of the vehicle has been improved.
▪ The new hockey rink is similar in design to the one in San Jose.
▪ The success of the product was largely due to good design.
▪ This design is very common on Turkish carpets.
▪ Tom has several tattoos, and they're all Native American designs.
▪ A range of books has been launched which reflects his design philosophy and style.
▪ Designers' Saturday has traditionally been used as a launching pad for designs and this year is no exception.
▪ Organization designs should concentrate on work.
▪ Such similarities are more likely to reflect prevailing ideas of design - the sentiments of the client perhaps.
▪ With soft leather upholstery and the careful design that typifies Toyotas, the interior is a comfortable place to be.
▪ Built around the turn of the century, it had been designed originally as a soldiers' barracks.
▪ Conventional wisdom did not favor retrofitting to coal use boilers originally designed for oil or natural gas.
▪ The cell was originally designed to held around twenty inmates.
▪ Furthermore it can permit coal use in boilers originally designed to burn oil without substantial derating.
▪ Most health information systems were originally designed to support decision-making at national level.
▪ The Boots range also includes specially designed briefs, some of which are ideal for use with Staydry pads.
▪ Receptors come in dozens of varieties, each specially designed to accommodate one of the dozens of neurotransmitters used by the brain.
▪ The storage buildings are specially designed and are equipped with sophisticated temperature and humidity controls to keep the potatoes in perfect condition.
▪ There are also chapters on promotional picks, and plectrums customized and specially designed for thumb and finger.
▪ Beneath them the underside of the command module comprised a specially designed shield that protected them from the heat of re-entry.
▪ There were also observers in the air, in helicopters or specially designed aircraft.
▪ Where discovery methods were applied in schools which had been designed specifically for child-centred learning, the change was even more apparent.
▪ If we are exposed to a measles virus, the immune system will develop antibodies specifically designed to attack measles viruses.
▪ Some news clients are designed specifically to search for images in newsgroups and download them-AutoPix, for example.
▪ It is specifically designed to monitor employee use of the Internet.
▪ The course is specifically designed to hone their skills to a professional level.
▪ The review would provide the understanding required to determine the features needed in an architectural model designed specifically for electronic commerce.
▪ This reverberation unit is based on a c.c.d. delay line that has been designed specifically for operation in reverberation circuits.
▪ One of the most interesting applications designed specifically for the PowerBook involved... reading.
▪ In order to create as varied development as possible, each of the five building phases will be designed by a different architect.
▪ Palaces are designed by architects to be looked at rather than lived in.
▪ To make Scott design a building in the classical style was the worst possible course.
▪ People design buildings, bridges, and furniture.
▪ He was greatly cheered to find so many young architects designing the new classical buildings of which he so much approved.
▪ Now the goal is to design buildings that also remain functional after a quake.
▪ The practising architect may design better buildings after working with the old ones.
▪ Architecture An architect is some one who is trained to design buildings.
▪ The same could be true of software used to design buildings and vehicles.
▪ This waybill is designed for computer use.
▪ He approached it as if he were designing a new computer.
▪ Teams are in hot competition to design computers that not only assist the study of nature, but are natural themselves.
▪ In contrast, the Mac team was off in the ozone, designing a computer that fit their own woolly sensibilities.
▪ Hoylake and District Council for Voluntary Service has designed summer activity courses for children and teenagers aged from five to 18.
▪ Students in these programs have fewer required courses and receive more career guidance to help them design a course sequence.
▪ When Bobby Jones and Alistair Mackenzie designed the course, they could have scarcely envisaged what a shrine it would eventually become.
▪ In fact, the group was heavily involved in designing the course and raising funds for it.
▪ In designing a course of study where a choice has to be made between two items, how available are they?
▪ More amenable land had become available and J.H. Taylor was commissioned to design the course still largely extant.
▪ Information about modules might be used at another time when designing another course.
▪ It is very hard to design a house if you don't know the shape of the bricks.
▪ See how an economy designed around building more houses for new people benefits existing residents?
▪ It's not the sort of creativity involved in painting a picture or designing a house.
▪ What he did know was how to design houses that look and feel as if they belong right where they are.
▪ The canceled habitation module was designed to house four astronauts.
▪ Before investigating the design of the autonomous house it is worth asking why the authors elected to design a house.
▪ The houses give teachers a natural avenue for working together to design lessons.
▪ The highest quality food results can be achieved and the oven has been designed to give optimum performance in this function.
▪ The index is designed to measure the performance of the local economy.
▪ It is usually sought in addition to an order of certiorari and is designed to ensure the performance of a public duty.
▪ Dorothy set such a goal at a workshop designed to introduce both performance and change.
▪ This style of lens is designed to give optimum performance at the widest aperture.
▪ The Ventrola tennis shoe is designed for comfort and performance.
▪ Planners design the optimum plans for optimum conditions.
▪ But the Senate bill designed to implement the plan contains some consumer-friendly changes that could kill it instead.
▪ Many wards have specially designed teaching plans or objectives for students or your tutor may suggest objectives.
▪ Children who think mathematically design boats and plan holidays differently, they shop for birthday presents and cook cakes differently.
▪ Mr Brown's statement on Wednesday was designed to counteract Tory plans to reduce income tax.
▪ The mayor's speech at the restored historic Lincoln Theater was designed to highlight his plans to revitalize neighborhoods.
▪ A plan may be designed as a five-year plan and may need changing after one year.
▪ To make the city safe and invulnerable to attack, his architects designed a circular plan.
▪ Salespeople must also have a complete understanding of the enterprise's capacity to design and deliver specialized products.
▪ Now, as they design new technology products, Hewlett-Packard engineers can morph within minutes into five or six nimble teams.
▪ It begins by being designed into the product itself.
▪ Another unsettling trend in this area is the erosion in our ability to design and manufacture products.
▪ In network economics the major expense of new product development stems from designing the manufacturing process and not designing the product.
▪ First, they were able to design products much closer to what the customer wanted.
▪ Each program is designed so that most students complete it in 45 to 50 mins, ie. the average tutorial hour.
▪ The program was designed to be self-supporting through premiums.
▪ Unlike Dole, Clinton would preserve the thrust of programs designed to assure that women and minorities are not left out.
▪ Example: Our food stamp program is designed to improve the diets of low-income families.
▪ An unscrupulous programmer could write an ActiveX program designed to erase a hard drive or deposit a virus.
▪ Q: Congress recently passed a federal health-care program designed to cover poor children without health insurance.
▪ Q: What exercise program did you design for yourself?
▪ Your education programs should be designed to accommodate different needs within your workforce.
▪ They design wonderful housing schemes for us to live in.
▪ Foreign governments and industries are highly unlikely to be involved in designing and implementing such schemes.
▪ The programs are designed to enable students to work in their own time and at their own pace.
▪ Each program is designed so that most students complete it in 45 to 50 mins, ie. the average tutorial hour.
▪ The premises have been designed with the disabled student in mind.
▪ College was never designed exclusively for younger students - though they generally constitute the largest single group.
▪ The system is designed to see that student decision-making is well informed.
▪ Approximately 70 percent of the course is devoted to design and technology studies and 30 percent to related studies.
▪ Shaw said he hopes to design a study next year to test the effects of music on infants' brains.
▪ The study is designed to be pilot study of this important issue.
▪ William Evans designed pharmacological studies and was a principal investigator on the primary leukaemia protocol.
▪ In designing a course of study where a choice has to be made between two items, how available are they?
▪ The Bellcrest File is designed for independent study.
▪ It is all made possible by smart phones, the next generation mobile phones equipped with a Psion-designed operating system.
▪ As we shall see, the lesson they teach is that we are designed for a system of monogamy plagued by adultery.
▪ It should be remembered in designing a control system that the earthworm transport hosts present a continuous reservoir of infection.
▪ This school argues that employees should be included in designing the work system that affects them.
▪ And anyway they could probably design a system based on the photo-electric cell.
▪ In fact, the information-processing mechanisms are designed for implementing the systems of differential equations associated with neural networks.
▪ However, recruitment systems are more difficult to design than personnel record systems, and there are complex design considerations.
▪ Related Occupations Accountants and auditors design internal control systems and analyze financial data.
▪ Conclusions: The radiometer was designed for use on clear sunny days out of doors.
▪ This began the race to find the perfect pump designed for heavy-duty use in rural communities of developing countries.
▪ They were designed for ritual use and some of them were coated in gold leaf.
▪ It is specifically designed to monitor employee use of the Internet.
▪ It is designed for use only in Force 3+ and usually has a small daggerboard.
▪ It must be designed for use by everyone and be available at a low enough price for rural villagers.
▪ Another range of measures based upon circulation data are designed to predict future use from past use.
▪ Some Internetfiltering software is designed for use with the major on-line services.
▪ Airbags are currently designed to protect average-sized adult males.
▪ Sally designs and makes all her own clothes.
▪ The car was designed and built in Korea.
▪ The office complex was designed by Mitchell Benjamin.
▪ The offices weren't very well designed - the rooms are too small and it's much too hot in summer.
▪ Combined with virtual reality capabilities, the team can design its own ideal collaborative work space without the constraints of physical reality.
▪ Hong Kong architects designed the restaurants.
▪ Leyland designed the microcomputer which controls the ratios.
▪ Now, as they design new technology products, Hewlett-Packard engineers can morph within minutes into five or six nimble teams.
▪ The Ego was designed as a mere postal service which delivers messages to our conscious mind.
▪ The plates are designed to foil police speed traps.
▪ The sparkling white pullover and newly pressed black corduroys were designed to project an image of calm sophistication.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Design \De*sign"\ (?; 277), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Designed; p. pr. & vb. n. Designing.] [F. d['e]signer to designate, cf. F. dessiner to draw, dessin drawing, dessein a plan or scheme; all, ultimately, from L. designare to designate; de- + signare to mark, mark out, signum mark, sign. See Sign, and cf. Design, n., Designate.]

  1. To draw preliminary outline or main features of; to sketch for a pattern or model; to delineate; to trace out; to draw.

  2. To mark out and exhibit; to designate; to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint.

    We shall see Justice design the victor's chivalry.

    Meet me to-morrow where the master And this fraternity shall design.
    --Beau. & Fl.

  3. To create or produce, as a work of art; to form a plan or scheme of; to form in idea; to invent; to project; to lay out in the mind; as, a man designs an essay, a poem, a statue, or a cathedral.

  4. To intend or purpose; -- usually with for before the remote object, but sometimes with to.

    Ask of politicians the end for which laws were originally designed.

    He was designed to the study of the law.

    Syn: To sketch; plan; purpose; intend; propose; project; mean.


Design \De*sign"\, v. i. To form a design or designs; to plan.

Design for, to intend to go to. [Obs.] ``From this city she designed for Collin [Cologne].''


Design \De*sign"\, n. [Cf. dessein, dessin.]

  1. A preliminary sketch; an outline or pattern of the main features of something to be executed, as of a picture, a building, or a decoration; a delineation; a plan.

  2. A plan or scheme formed in the mind of something to be done; preliminary conception; idea intended to be expressed in a visible form or carried into action; intention; purpose; -- often used in a bad sense for evil intention or purpose; scheme; plot.

    The vast design and purpos? of the King.

    The leaders of that assembly who withstood the designs of a besotted woman.

    A . . . settled design upon another man's life.

    How little he could guess the secret designs of the court!

  3. Specifically, intention or purpose as revealed or inferred from the adaptation of means to an end; as, the argument from design.

  4. The realization of an inventive or decorative plan; esp., a work of decorative art considered as a new creation; conception or plan shown in completed work; as, this carved panel is a fine design, or of a fine design.

  5. (Mus.) The invention and conduct of the subject; the disposition of every part, and the general order of the whole.

    Arts of design, those into which the designing of artistic forms and figures enters as a principal part, as architecture, painting, engraving, sculpture.

    School of design, one in which are taught the invention and delineation of artistic or decorative figures, patterns, and the like.

    Syn: Intention; purpose; scheme; project; plan; idea.

    Usage: Design, Intention, Purpose. Design has reference to something definitely aimed at. Intention points to the feelings or desires with which a thing is sought. Purpose has reference to a settled choice or determination for its attainment. ``I had no design to injure you,'' means it was no part of my aim or object. ``I had no intention to injure you,'' means, I had no wish or desire of that kind. ``My purpose was directly the reverse,'' makes the case still stronger.

    Is he a prudent man . . . that lays designs only for a day, without any prospect to the remaining part of his life?

    I wish others the same intention, and greater successes.
    --Sir W. Temple.

    It is the purpose that makes strong the vow.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Latin designare "mark out, devise, choose, designate, appoint," from de- "out" (see de-) + signare "to mark," from signum "a mark, sign" (see sign (n.)). Originally in English with the meaning now attached to designate; many modern uses of design are metaphoric extensions. Related: Designed; designing.


1580s, from Middle French desseign "purpose, project, design," from Italian disegno, from disegnare "to mark out," from Latin designare "to mark out" (see design (v.)).


n. 1 A plan (with more or less detail) for the structure and functions of an artifact, building or system. 2 A pattern, as an element of a work of art or architecture. 3 The composition of a work of art. 4 intention or plot. 5 The shape or appearance given to an object, especially one that is intended to make it more attractive. 6 The art of designing vb. 1 (context obsolete English) To assign, appoint (something (term to English) someone); to designate. (16th-19th c.) 2 To plan and carry out (a picture, work of art, construction etc.). (from 17th c.)

  1. n. the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan); "he contributed to the design of a new instrument" [syn: designing]

  2. an arrangement scheme; "the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult"; "it was an excellent design for living"; "a plan for seating guests" [syn: plan]

  3. something intended as a guide for making something else; "a blueprint for a house"; "a pattern for a skirt" [syn: blueprint, pattern]

  4. a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors" [syn: pattern, figure]

  5. an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions; "his intent was to provide a new translation"; "good intentions are not enough"; "it was created with the conscious aim of answering immediate needs"; "he made no secret of his designs" [syn: purpose, intent, intention, aim]

  6. a preliminary sketch indicating the plan for something; "the design of a building"

  7. the creation of something in the mind [syn: invention, innovation, excogitation, conception]

  8. v. make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack" [syn: plan, project, contrive]

  9. design something for a specific role or purpose or effect; "This room is not designed for work"

  10. create the design for; create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner; "Chanel designed the famous suit"

  11. make a design of; plan out in systematic, often graphic form; "design a better mousetrap"; "plan the new wing of the museum" [syn: plan]

  12. create designs; "Dupont designs for the house of Chanel"

  13. conceive or fashion in the mind; invent; "She designed a good excuse for not attending classes that day"

  14. intend or have as a purpose; "She designed to go far in the world of business"


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns). Design has different connotations in different fields (see design disciplines below). In some cases, the direct construction of an object (as in pottery, engineering, management, coding, and graphic design) is also considered to be design.

Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions of both the design object and design process. It may involve considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. Meanwhile, diverse kinds of objects may be designed, including clothing, graphical user interfaces, skyscrapers, corporate identities, business processes, and even methods of designing.

Thus "design" may be a substantive referring to a categorical abstraction of a created thing or things (the design of something), or a verb for the process of creation, as is made clear by grammatical context.

Design (UK band)

Design was a British vocal group of the early 1970s and its members were Barry Alexander, Gabrielle Field, Kathy Manuell, Jeff Matthews, John Mulcahy-Morgan and Geoff Ramseyer. Their musical style has been described as folk rock 'with intricate and appealing harmonies and an interesting psychedelic twist' and 'sunshine harmony pop with a light hippy vibe' and is now called sunshine pop. Design released 13 singles and 5 albums in the UK and appeared on more than 50 television shows before they split up in 1976.

Barry Alexander, Jeff Matthews and Geoff Ramseyer all played guitar in addition to singing, while Barry also played keyboards. Gabrielle Field occasionally played tenor recorder.

Design (disambiguation)

Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system.

Derived meanings of this word include:

  • Block design and Combinatorial design in combinatorial mathematics
  • Block design test that measures visuospatial and motor skills
  • Communication design
  • Design of experiments
  • Engineering design process
  • Fashion design
  • Game design
  • Graphic design
  • Interior design
  • Randomized block design in statistics
  • Scenic design

As a proper name there exist:

  • Design in Nature, a 1947 Max Ernst painting
  • Design (UK band)
  • Interior Design (album) by Sparks

Usage examples of "design".

Congress passed the first of a series of acts to exclude from the mails publications designed to defraud the public or corrupt its morals.

An Adamesque white-and-silver plastered ceiling finished the chilly look in a foliated oval design.

Ildiran Adar crushed the enemy at Qronha 3, sir, and I know what our new rammers are designed to do.

And thanks to the aeroplankton, everyone now had to own, and wear during the aeroplankton storms, filter-masks conveniently designed to filter out the microorganism and forty-seven varieties of industrial pollutants.

Since the 1950s, the mallness of malls has involved a different set of characteristics: a shared parking lot, common ownership and management, uniform and aesthetically pleasing design, clear and consistent marketing goals, a carefully controlled commercial environment, a tenant mix designed to provide variety, and a wide range of consumer goods.

The old slow transports, not designed for such conditions, flew without aids to navigation or arms against Japanese pursuit.

Smokies shelters but are airier, cleaner, better designed, and without those horrible, depressing chain-link fences across their fronts.

One hamper, designed to be carried by a donkey, held a pair of choice hams from Farmer Pigget and his wife, plus a smoked turkey, taken off the bone, a bushel of potato salad sauced with akh, and a dozen country pasties.

Ad Lib club, 132-4, 139 Adams, John and Marina, 126, 254 Aitken, Jonathan, 228 Albufeira, Portugal, 204 album sleeve designs, 333-48, 500-506, albums, by the Beach Boys, 280-81 by the Beatles Abbey Road, 550-59, 565 Beatles: Love Songs, Beatles for Sale, 38, 173 Let It Be, 470, 534-9, 549-51, 575, 578 Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, 93, 95, 153, 583 Revolver, 190, 268, 281, 290-92 Rubber Soul, 268, 278, 290 Sgt.

Beatles, albums see albums by the Beatles Apple Group contract, 569, 580 avant-garde, 231, 234, 329, 372 Beatlemania, xii, 73, 95, 171, 186 biographies, xii break-up, 576-88 at the Cavern, 80-83 as celebrities, 128 changes in show business, 139 disbanded, 553 dislike of image, 303-4 dispute about Allen Klein, 547-9 and drugs, 184-92, 198-9, 347, 378, first record, 37 formed from the Quarry Men, 52 and Greek Island, 377-80 in Hamburg, clothes, 71, 76, 101 at the Indra, 57-8 at the Kaiserkeller, 59-63 deported, 73 houses, 167-70 and the Maharishi, 396-404 Mayfair flat, 102 modern music, 330-1 origin of name, 52 recordings rejected by Decca, 89 sleeve design for, Abbey Road, Sgt.

The old adobe hall was buttressed along its outer walls with piers not all of which had been a part of its design and there were no windows and the walls were swagged and cracked.

Afterwards Allel thought they could have walked in the opposite direction and lost little of the sense, for the story of humankind had a symmetrical design.

It contained matching nested picnic boxes lacquered in black with an allover design of golden cartwheels in a golden stream.

Anchors in the area are Anchors for your lake as well, that needs to be taken into consideration in their design.

Nom Anor reflected idly how well some of those intricately scarified designs would look on his own face.