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n. (plural of architect English)

Architects (American band)

The Architects are an American rock band from Kansas City, Missouri. They are a reincarnation of the punk and ska band The Gadjits.

Architects (British band)

Architects are a British metalcore band from Brighton, England. The band currently consists of vocalist Sam Carter, guitarist and keyboardist Tom Searle and his twin brother, drummer Dan Searle, as well as bassist Alex Dean and guitarist Adam Christianson. The band's first name was Inharmonic, which was swiftly changed to Counting the Days, and finally to Architects after a couple of years. They have released seven studio albums and one split EP with Dead Swans to date.

They released their debut album Nightmares in 2006 through In at the Deep End records. After the departure of their original vocalist, Matt Johnson, Sam Carter joined the band and made his first appearance on Architects' second album Ruin released in 2007 through United by Fate records. In 2009 the band released Hollow Crown through Century Media records. They then released their fourth album The Here And Now in 2011, which showed the band's take a step in a more melodic "clean-cut post-hardcore" direction. Upon its release the album was well received by critics, but was panned by their fanbase. The next year Architects returned to their original style with their fifth album Daybreaker, which featured more politicised lyrics as opposed to the violent and comedic lyrics prominent throughout their older work. Their sixth album Lost Forever // Lost Together was released in 2014 through Epitaph Records. Their seventh album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was released on 27 May 2016, also through Epitaph.

All members of the band are vegan, having turned to veganism after watching several documentaries on the subject. The band is also a promoter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, with Carter being one of its British ambassadors.

Usage examples of "architects".

He was skilful, as nearly all architects are, in playing upon that simple instrument Man.

Any sons born after him would be members of a new species, children of the MegaMall and the Architects of Emortality.

History would give primary credit to the planners who had pronounced a sentence of death on the old city and the architects who had designed the new.

None of the Forsytes happened to be architects, but one of them knew two architects who would never have worn such a hat upon a call of ceremony in the London season.

Menes the Egyptians had long been architects, sculptors, painters, mythologists, and theologians.

Silky daimones clustered along a series of arches that formed not so much a wall as a porous, inviting border, an elaboration of detail so sensuously formed that she wondered if earthly architects saw this place in fevered dreams.