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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a management committee
▪ The scheme will be overseen by a management committee.
a management consultant (=one who advises a company how to improve its management)
▪ The company employed management consultants to help with their strategy for the future.
a management/research/sales etc team
▪ The design team has come up with a few ideas.
crisis management (=dealing with a crisis)
▪ Most of my job consists of crisis management.
forest management (=controlling the way a forest grows and is used)
▪ The main aim of forest management is timber production.
line management
management buyout
management consultant
management skills
▪ She needs to develop her management skills.
management structure (=the way managers of a business are organized)
▪ Reform of the management structure was needed.
management techniques
▪ He praised their management techniques.
managerial/management expertise (=skill at managing people at work)
▪ Does he have the management expertise required to make the department more productive?
middle management
risk management
senior management
▪ Within the week senior management approved her proposal.
stress management
▪ Some patients may benefit from being taught stress management skills.
▪ Lack of training? Bad management?
▪ But once again, our attempt to prevent bad management made good management impossible.
▪ I think the root cause was bad management ... I would have had the same problem had I been black.
▪ This is simply the result of bad management, past and/or present.
▪ What I and my friends put down to evil witchcraft, my enemies are likely to attribute to incompetence or bad management.
▪ And to come in and turn it upside down would make no sense, that would be bad management.
▪ This is almost always caused by bad wound management.
▪ They are likely always to complain less about bad financial management than about pupil assessments.
▪ It all adds up to a better deal, for your managers, your training budget and for effective corporate management development.
▪ The overall result will be more effective management of medical costs.
▪ The need to incorporate non-teaching staff into all aspects of effective institutional management. 8.
▪ Term Structure of Interest Rates Effective management of financing sources requires an understanding of the relationship between short-term and long-term interest rates.
▪ The following points were made: There was recognition of the need for effective management of campaigns.
▪ More importantly, we can supply patients with their results so that they can see how effective their personal management has been.
▪ Gold salts are highly effective in the management of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, most adverse reactions being mild and reversible.
▪ The financial management of community care funds to be transferred from both social security and health authorities. 3.
▪ In Los Angeles, a doctor was terminated from a health care plan based solely on a business and financial management analysis.
▪ It is also important to note, at the outset, the distinction between financial accounting and management accounting.
▪ Alsop entrusted the financial management of the family assets to a cousin, who disappeared with most of them.
▪ The new financial management software is more powerful and flexible and is capable of providing a wide range of management information.
▪ Effective control of this circulating capital is one of the most important functions of financial management.
▪ Strategic and personnel management, and many aspects of financial management are obvious exceptions.
▪ The firms have taken over many of the financial and information management jobs that companies used to do in-house.
▪ Most felt that patient services had, if anything, declined under general management - although not necessarily because of general management.
▪ Second, the profile and responsibilities of management had been raised through the introduction of general management throughout the service.
▪ A glance around the London hotel scene shows examples of plenty of exceptional women who have made it to general management.
▪ There are very different interpretations and models of general management and different approaches to studying the field.
▪ On Tuesdays it is mainly jobs in accountancy and general management.
▪ He is now responsible for the general management of the restaurant with 47 employees.
▪ For that reason it was probably in those districts where consensus management had worked well that general management succeeded most.
▪ It goes hand in hand with good management and is essential for any job!
▪ There is an important lesson to be learned here-a lesson in good program management.
▪ However, you do need to select a good fund management house, and to find suitable high-quality funds for your money.
▪ How did a plant in trouble be-come a high-performing plant with good management / employee relations in just three years?
▪ Lessons from the past Since the 1960s the impact of good management at school level has been increasingly clear.
▪ All these results could have been achieved simply with good management.
▪ Conclusions - An increased use of diagnostic imaging for pyloric stenosis did not lead to earlier diagnosis or better management.
▪ Yeah, this makes good management sense.
▪ Quality assurance must be integrated into local health care management functions. 3.
▪ It is for the local management of the service to determine the most effective deployment of resources to meet performance targets.
▪ But in central government, Next Steps Agencies and local government, management is increasingly buying-in from the private sector.
▪ The delegation of responsibility for local management is being introduced alongside National Curriculum and testing.
▪ Why is that superior simply to having better efficiency through greater local management?
▪ Nevertheless, even the opposition recognises the qualitative change in local management and planning, and its potential.
▪ Information is now provided for various Government departments and senior and middle management throughout the organisation.
▪ At the other extreme, you might distinguish only among top management, middle management, and the front lines.
▪ Again, it was the middle management ranks that suffered the severest cuts.
▪ Gordon is in customer support for a large computer company so heavy in middle management that he hardly ever works.
▪ This aggression may be projected on to others, e.g., middle management, or turned back upon himself.
▪ The post-independence generation is already in middle management positions.
▪ Perhaps the greatest deficiencies in the relationship between education and industry occurred in the training and recruitment of middle management.
▪ Basic middle management functions still have to be done.
▪ Glenn Hoddle. New to management, but wise to the footballing game.
▪ I have structured the book to give you a similar experience, particularly with respect to the ten new management principles.
▪ Under new management, and with widespread team changes, they have certainly improved.
▪ The reality of reengineering has begun to gnaw away at those who had earnestly embraced this newest form of management self-improvement.
▪ Such lands would certainly have been subject to reorganization under new management.
▪ The new management group was scared.
▪ The new financial management software is more powerful and flexible and is capable of providing a wide range of management information.
▪ Success requires you to adopt the ten new management principles.
▪ Two-thirds had attended a school visit which would have required organisation by senior school management.
▪ By this time we had grown weary of heart-to-heart chats with senior management.
▪ For example, in one senior management group the chairman could not abide conflict.
▪ As chapter 11 is so bad for senior creditors, management and shareholders have a big advantage.
▪ For instance, we could press for an integration of social work values in senior management and social work teaching.
▪ The final step is to submit the proposal to senior management for a decision on its acceptability.
▪ The various possible structures have been discussed with senior management in the Exchequer Division.
▪ The emergence of curriculum teams in primary schools and senior management teams in secondary schools indicates the potency of the concept.
▪ During this time you will have developed the personal credibility to communicate persuasively at top management level.
▪ To replace this expertise, top managements have turned to outside management consultants.
▪ This includes the top management of the organisation as well as departmental staff.
▪ How do you see top management here-do they work fairly well together as a group?
▪ Large companies still seem to be finding it increasingly difficult to retain top management.
▪ People saw themselves as being totally dependent on top management.
▪ Difficulties may arise if your company has recently undergone a change in top management, perhaps following a take-over of the business.
▪ This presented Sir Adrian and his top management team with a dilemma.
▪ Chairman Nicholas Hood described the regulated business as performing well, with its waste management company boosting profits to £3.2m.
▪ Once upon a time waste management was purely a matter of public health.
▪ It is clear that Third World countries share many needs and problems of hazardous waste management with developed countries.
▪ But waste management, I predict, will become an important issue in the next general election.
▪ They must be able to plan adequately for sufficient waste management capacity to serve their industrial base.
▪ Local communities are often unwilling to reflect rising costs of waste management in higher local taxation.
▪ If this aspect of space flight was not the most convenient then the solid waste management was even worse.
▪ Read in studio Workers at a piano factory threatened with closure have been demonstrating in support of a management buyout.
▪ During the 1980s, the phrases leveraged buyout and management buyout echoed all over Wall Street.
▪ Mr Ethrington had no association with the management buyout team when he was advising the Government.
▪ Funds are used for start-ups, for expansion and second stage growth, and often for management buyouts of an existing company.
▪ Caradon was floated in July 1987 with a market value of £134m following a £61m management buyout from Reed in 1985.
▪ Read in studio One of the oldest parts of Robert Maxwell's collapsed empire has been revived by a management buyout.
▪ Evans was a product of another classic 1980s business - the management buyout.
▪ In 1987, he organised a £57 million management buyout of Pontins, then owned by Bass.
Care management Legal problems have also dogged some innovative experiments within the care management pilots the city is running.
▪ This overview sets out the origins of case management, its transformation into care management, and the principles guiding its practice.
▪ This potentially invaluable component of case management has become translated or obscured in the care management reforms.
▪ This will probably be one of the flash points as the new joint arrangements for assessment and care management become established.
▪ Representatives from out-patient teams played a more active part in stressful daily decisions about child care management.
▪ Like her boss, Boyle doesn't see why assessment and care management should be separated.
▪ It also examines the relation between care management and care programming and raises some questions about future developments in the light of community care reforms.
▪ Will local authority employees on community mental health teams operate care management while their colleagues operate care programming?
▪ There had to be very clear indications of joint working. Case management was one of the requirements.
▪ For work that is referred there is ongoing case management control, demanding a three- or six-monthly update on progress.
▪ This overview sets out the origins of case management, its transformation into care management, and the principles guiding its practice.
▪ This potentially invaluable component of case management has become translated or obscured in the care management reforms.
▪ The roots of case management lie in social case work.
▪ There are remarkable similarities between the strengths model of case management, and early casework models.
▪ The fee which is payable in all defended cases for case management directions is fixed at £80.
▪ The paper examines different models of case management in terms of organizational structure, content, and outcome assessment.
▪ If they make a loss, management committees could be held liable personally under insolvency regulations for any such losses.
▪ We started by examining each pair of envelopes I had prepared for the various members of the management committee.
▪ However, that view is not shared by the House or, I believe, by the hon. Lady's management committee.
▪ Katherine having lunch with him after the management committee meeting last Wednesday.
▪ They covered six areas: advice giving, social policy, management committees, volunteers, fundraising and new technology.
▪ The League management committee also debated possible changes in league structure yesterday.
▪ The conference wished to clarify the role of management committees and review the suitability of the name of the committee.
▪ The day-to-day administration, however, is often left to professional management companies.
▪ No social security taxes are imposed on payments to a management company for management services.
▪ Chairman Nicholas Hood described the regulated business as performing well, with its waste management company boosting profits to £3.2m.
▪ He described 3D / I as one of the premier architectural and construction management companies.
▪ Now the theatre trust is seeking an management company to run it for them.
▪ The management company may be dedicated to the purpose or this activity may be just one of a number of related activities.
▪ Unit trusts are run by two separate companies, a trustee company, and a management company.
▪ A maintenance agreement with the owners of the site or a management company will be necessary.
▪ Bains quoted with approval the critical comments of the management consultants, McKinsey and Co.
▪ Dubroff, a management consultant who lived in San Mateo, subsequently married another woman.
▪ Even management consultants have found a role in environmental consulting.
▪ Even students in art history and philosophy are getting hired by management consultants, Sanborn said.
▪ That was the warning to the conference from Peter West, health economist with Touche Ross management consultants.
▪ Furthermore, there is no management consultant to call if things go awry.
▪ The delivery of these services varies country by country, and involves the accounting practice, management consultants and sometimes third parties.
▪ Hale hired a management consultant who had experience in state government, Babak Armajani, as her deputy.
▪ It must be borne in mind that there is a crucial distinction between crisis management and crisis resolution.
▪ Its defenders claim that to create the impression of progress is in itself a vital part of crisis management.
▪ They find themselves indulging in crisis management and employing stopgap solutions and holding operations.
▪ These concepts emphasise class, crisis management and bureaucracy.
▪ If and when the agreement is finalised with Tetra, for example, it will probably include a database management system.
▪ Massive database management may be one area that could be dominated by optical technology.
▪ Sybase Inc., a maker of database management software products, fell 2 3 / 4 to 28 3 / 4.
▪ It is proposed that the oracle database management system will be used for such purpose.
▪ Integrating technologies resulted in a successful field test. Database management systems are currently host-resident on conventional computers.
▪ The Claris software can be used for word processing, graphics, database management and spreadsheet analysis.
▪ In liaison with the Operations Manager, to review database management and data preparation activities, and examine operational issues and procedures.
▪ Improved management information and decision-making processes are required as well as less uncertainty and change.
▪ The areas discussed in these five sections have provided a framework which helps to understand the basic dimensions of management information.
▪ The authors now propose a checklist against which readers might evaluate the introduction of a management information system in their own institutions.
▪ What were the key sources of management information?
▪ Improvements in management information systems should parallel improvements in scientific computing.
▪ So the service offers a payment system and a management information system rolled into one.
▪ Wellcome therefore adopted a different approach to meet this problem and developed a separate management information system using extracts from the address.
▪ The new financial management software is more powerful and flexible and is capable of providing a wide range of management information.
▪ During this time you will have developed the personal credibility to communicate persuasively at top management level.
▪ Lomb plans to cut about 35 management level jobs and sell one of its two corporate airplanes.
▪ At least ten years experience at senior management level.
▪ Lomb plans to cut about 35 management level jobs.
▪ It impressed no-one at corporate management level.
▪ An outside problem can sometimes be helped by, say, more flexible working hours and so be resolved at management level.
▪ Most of the part-time farmers in that area worked in Teesside, many at management level.
▪ Decisions at the Operations management level can frequently be made automatically.
▪ These were often displaced nurse managers who no longer had line management responsibilities at district level.
▪ The rest were added to the hard-working ranks of our third organizational constituency: staff / line management.
▪ Some say they were unaware of the full impact of the new line management structure when they met to discuss it.
▪ Staff in these Departments considering additional computers are at liberty to submit suggestions through line management in the usual way. 3.
▪ It also recognises that day-to-day business and executive authority is vested in line management.
▪ Meetings were held with the nursing officer and health visitor line management.
▪ It is a process that forces line management to consider their operational priorities and also allows for decentralized decision-making.
▪ If you feel your workplace is causing you to suffer ill-health effects, then notify your line management.
▪ We will conclude with tactical considerations of network design, performance evaluation, and network management and security techniques.
▪ This effectively creates a limited number of entry points into the backbone and simplifies network management.
▪ This database could be networked using proprietary network management software or other systems.
▪ As a result, enterprise networks, distributed network management, and unusual software applications were implemented in parallel worldwide.
▪ It is an extension of the company's OS/2 network management products.
▪ Version 3.0 also helps with network management by relocating and balancing files.
▪ The new network management protocol will now become a Request for Comment.
▪ The two companies have also announced an agreement to co-operate on local network management technologies.
▪ Essentially the company is a project management operation.
▪ Using project management to help yourself is actually pretty simple.
▪ There is also a diploma programme which specialises in project management.
▪ As I was doing the project management part of my presentation today it hit me like a ton of bricks.
▪ The broadest practical division is into functional management and project management and this book is about the latter.
▪ The first step in project management is to set a measurable objective.
▪ The three functions just described also have responsibilities in the field of project management.
▪ Just like the first step in project management.
▪ They considered the traditional areas of training and those incorporating strategic business change, corporate learning and total quality management.
▪ Third, some challenges require many existing people to learn to work very differently Consider total quality management.
▪ Most companies insist on demonstrable quality management procedures before they will contract work at all.
▪ As a result of its total quality management program, a manufacturing firm we worked with experienced a significant increase in business.
▪ This presents either a threat or an opportunity to law firms, depending on their attitude to quality management.
▪ And the group specifically emphasized the pitfalls to be avoided by any firm adopting quality management techniques.
▪ On local training evenings, several topics are covered including project management, quality management, creative thinking and body language.
▪ What other dimensions must it have to make it a key to a successful quality management system?
▪ Control may also be achieved through resource management, such as social insurance schemes or payment of retainers or fees for service.
▪ This is particularly important in the resource management context. 8.
▪ Human resource management emerged in the 1980s to compensate for these shortcomings.
▪ They waxed lyrical on the virtues of introducing business-like methods and improving resource management.
▪ Don't expect Schedule Express to go into the fine details of resource management.
▪ This does not mean that it is simply an exercise in resource management.
▪ Several have human resources consultancies, while Eversheds recently set up a risk management consultancy.
▪ Mr Wilson, 41 years old, had been general manager of risk management.
▪ Computer system users can not control risk management decisions, but suffer big losses when inadequate protection fails to avert catastrophe.
▪ He became the risk management director and its labor relations chief.
▪ Finally, beyond a certain degree of complexity, a means for formally auditing the complete risk management process will be required.
▪ Our International Trading business is a leader in applying risk management techniques to the buying and selling of crude oil and products.
▪ Mr Dickie is one of a growing band of marketing consultants, advising farming companies on risk management.
▪ Table 2 lists managements practices which have been found to correlate with effective risk management.
▪ These management skills had been learnt through observation of other sisters rather than from formal management courses.
▪ Homemakers improve their food and nutrition knowledge, food shopping and budget management skills, and dietary practices.
▪ If it comes with the appropriate management skills it's a lot easier to raise the capital.
▪ Changing consumer shopping patterns and lack of food management skills at the company subsequently led to below-expected results.
▪ However sources at Next claim Tribble lacked management skills and suffered a vote of no confidence prior to his departure.
▪ Career advancement and annual bonuses depended more on developing and deploying strategy skills than change management skills.
▪ Another strand of my job was to teach management skills to local health workers.
▪ You may be a newly appointed manager who needs to acquire management skills quickly.
▪ The new financial management software is more powerful and flexible and is capable of providing a wide range of management information.
▪ FileNet plans to buy Saros, another document management software company, for 2. 22 million shares.
▪ A niche, for the purposes of practice management software, is any combination of a client and a location.
Software Systems: Software for telephone companies; computer data management software for scientific community and others using large amounts of data.
▪ This database could be networked using proprietary network management software or other systems.
▪ Landscape management software - report on seminar 23 April.
▪ Some say they were unaware of the full impact of the new line management structure when they met to discuss it.
▪ They interviewed all department employees to find out their concerns, then incorporated them into the management structure of the new district.
▪ As the trend toward a flatter management structure and worker empowerment continues, production managers will increasingly perform the role of facilitators.
▪ The Review Meeting discussed areas of staffing, management structure, holidays and many other issues.
▪ New staff roles dictate new management structures.
▪ There were efforts to democratize school management structures, encouraged by the establishment of communal villages and co-operatives.
▪ We hear so much talk about cost effectiveness yet every time the management structure changes, resources are wasted on needless things.
▪ There is no substitute for a planned management style.
▪ At the same time, it is important for you to do a quick management style check.
▪ Comments expressed in the survey revealed that a return to traditional manufacturing techniques and management styles would not be welcomed.
▪ My review of the Honda management style started with the Accord plant in Marysville.
▪ However, we need to be aware that. individuals respond differently to different types of management style.
▪ Therefore, this book contributes to the dialogue on the interaction between our national competitiveness and our traditional management style.
▪ Norms are influenced by organizational factors such as policies, management style of superiors, and rules and procedures.
▪ You look at how your bosses ran things and see a lot of different management styles.
▪ The future for the student management system is clear.
▪ And building it leads directly to the issue of management systems.
▪ Log files are kept for every log-in session for every student management system user.
▪ Our big problem is our management system and old practices.
▪ However, there is a class of data management systems where all operations are initiated by simple commands.
▪ Bosses need to take a critical look at their entire management system.
▪ An information management system to manage the distribution of information.
▪ To remedy these defects a new student management system was designed and introduced in stages from 1980-81.
▪ Its secret is quite simple - it has a clear strategy, effectively implemented by a quality management team.
▪ The Kings management team did the worst thing possible by making no move.
▪ To insist on this would cancel out the mature, trustful, open and continually self-reviewing benefit of a good management team.
▪ Viacom has named seven executives to the management team.
▪ The joint venture will be equally owned by the two partners and will be managed by an autonomous management team.
▪ Even the management team behaved in exactly the same manner.
▪ It was, he said, essential that the new owners keep the 80-strong management team in place.
▪ A management team takes time to build up.
▪ They find, for example, that management techniques and problem-solving procedures are readily transferable to the school situation.
▪ The model will be examined in detail in the next chapter, which deals with working capital management techniques.
▪ This may be due to parental management techniques but may also be due to the temperamental state of the child.
▪ Management reform Chapter 4 briefly reviewed various management techniques that have been tried and then abandoned by government.
▪ And the group specifically emphasized the pitfalls to be avoided by any firm adopting quality management techniques.
▪ They needed, therefore, a greater awareness of financial management techniques.
▪ Teamwork and unselfish dedication owe more to oriental culture than to any particular management technique.
▪ Furthermore, authority-wide training units are likely to provide management training and are well suited to do so.
▪ Core provides medical-care management and evaluation services.
▪ Your management company provides management services to your operating companies and charges them for those services.
▪ First, by removing entrenched collective bargaining arrangements embodied in nationalisation legislation it has provided management an opportunity to restructure employee relations.
▪ Of course, we also provide practical project management training from the shop floor up.
▪ Record cards should be provided by management and salespeople encouraged to use them as part of the sales plan before each visit.
▪ a management decision
▪ a course aimed at improving management skills
▪ Franklin runs a management consulting firm.
▪ Senior management seem to be completely out of touch with their staff's needs.
▪ Talks between the workers and the management broke down today.
▪ The management felt this was the right decision.
▪ The failure of many small businesses is caused by bad management.
▪ The Forest Service is preparing a new forest management plan.
▪ There has been a recent change in management at the restaurant.
▪ Ueberroth won praise for his management of the Los Angeles Olympics.
▪ Val has finished college and is looking for a job in management.
▪ By this time we had grown weary of heart-to-heart chats with senior management.
▪ Case management benefits both the ill employee and the employer.
▪ Encouraging the profession to adopt practice management standards invites the same question about the Society itself.
▪ It examines the relationship between fertility histories and household labour availability, and the consequences for labour intensive techniques of environmental management.
▪ Like Cockburn, Hoggett stresses the links between changes in the organization of local government and those of capitalist management.
▪ Recruitment of top management appears to be through two circuits, but with a predominantly one-way flow.
▪ Some companies have dispensed with the middle management function altogether.
▪ You would certainly need convincing that they were going to change their management practices.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Management \Man"age*ment\, n. [From Manage, v.]

  1. The act or art of managing; the manner of treating, directing, carrying on, or using, for a purpose; conduct; administration; guidance; control; as, the management of a family or of a farm; the management of a business enterprise; the management of state affairs. ``The management of the voice.''
    --E. Porter.

  2. Business dealing; negotiation; arrangement.

    He had great managements with ecclesiastics.

  3. Judicious use of means to accomplish an end; conduct directed by art or address; skillful treatment; cunning practice; -- often in a bad sense.

    Mark with what management their tribes divide Some stick to you, and some to t'other side.

  4. The collective body of those who manage or direct any enterprise or interest; the board of managers.

    Syn: Conduct; administration; government; direction; guidance; care; charge; contrivance; intrigue.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "act of managing," from manage + -ment. Meaning "governing body" (originally of a theater) is from 1739.


n. 1 (context uncountable management English) administration; the process or practice of managing. 2 (context management English) The executives of an organisation, especially senior executives.

  1. n. the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program"; "is the direction of the economy a function of government?" [syn: direction]

  2. those in charge of running a business


Management in businesses and other organizations, including not-for-profit organizations and government bodies, refers to the individuals who set the strategy of the organization and coordinate the efforts of employees (or volunteers, in the case of some voluntary organizations) to accomplish objectives by using available human, financial and other resources efficiently and effectively. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, natural resources and other resources.

Management is also an academic discipline, a social science whose objective is to study social organization and organizational leadership. Management is studied at colleges and universities; some important degrees in management are the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and, for the public sector, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. Individuals who aim at becoming management researchers or professors may complete the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or the PhD in business administration or management.

There are three levels of managers, which are typically organized in a hierarchical, pyramid structure. Senior managers, such as the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President of an organization, set the strategic goals of the organization and make decisions on how the overall organization will operate. Senior managers provide direction to the middle managers who report to them. Middle managers, examples of which would include branch managers, regional managers and section managers, provide direction to front-line managers. Middle managers communicate the strategic goals of senior management to the front-line managers. Lower managers, such as supervisors and front-line team leaders, oversee the work of regular employees (or volunteers, in some voluntary organizations) and provide direction on their work.

Management (game)

Management is a business simulation board game released by Avalon Hill in 1960. Players operate their own manufacturing companies, making decisions on purchasing supplies, determining production volume, setting sale prices, and expanding factories. Turns are measured in business cycles. The winner is the player with the largest business at the end of the game. The competitive element is found in the players secretly bidding to purchase limited raw materials (with supplies going to the highest bidders) and then later secretly pricing their finished product for a market that normally would only purchase from the lowest priced suppliers.

Management (disambiguation)

Management is the directing of a group of people or entities toward a goal.

Management may also refer to:

  • Management (film), a 2009 romantic comedy-drama film
  • Management (game), a 1960 business simulation board game
  • Management (magazine), a French magazine
  • MGMT (originally "The Management"), an American musical group consisting of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden
Management (film)

Management is a 2009 American romantic comedy-drama directed by Stephen Belber and starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn. It premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival and received a limited theatrical release on May 15, 2009.

Management (review)

[email protected]@gement is a bilingual scientifique rview (English-French) with free access, based on the evaluation by researchers. It covers organisational theory and management. Besides classical publications, it has a "unplugged" section, for more heterodox papers. It was fonded in 1998 by the AIMS, International Association of Strategic Management.

This review is ranked A by AERES and 2 by FNEGE.Classement scientifique de la FNEGE, édition juin 2013.

[email protected]@gement is also in the ABCD Australian ranking and in the ABS (Association of Business Schools, UK).

Usage examples of "management".

In offering a few hints for the domestic management of these abnormal conditions, we would at the same time remark, that, while health may be regained by skillful treatment, recovery will be gradual.

He went to the management of the station and told them I was planning to abort calls.

Not but that the duke of Queensberry at one time despaired of succeeding, and being in continual apprehension for his life, expressed a desire of adjourning the parliament, until by time and good management he should be able to remove those difficulties that then seemed to be insurmountable.

Roy instructed a class of young seamen in the management of the Prescott type of aeroplane, which has become the official aero scout of the United States Navy.

Weeks having written an ingenious and excellent treatise on the treatment of the bee, we freely recommend his book to the attention of every apiarian who wishes to succeed in their management.

My father and I lived together at that time in Astell House, a smaller block of flats than Whitelands but under the same management.

For the next five years you will receive a reasonable monthly allowance either from these same bank trustees or from one Miss Lillian Bede who, upon my death, has been offered the management of Mill House and who will, at the end of five years, inherit the estate should it demonstrably profit under her management.

This aspect of labour management was the crucial difference between biomechanics and the Delsarte-Dalcrozean school.

He also had, working under him, the management team of experts that Centaine and Shasa between them had meticulously assembled over the previous forty years.

Iowa did not differ from those of the cognate tribes, nor did their management of the children differ from that of the Dakota, the Omaha, and others.

All its substance and vitality are in the agreement by which the States constitute themselves a firm or copartnership, for certain specific purposes, and for which they open an office and establish an agency under express instructions for the management of the general affairs of the firm.

Wenduyne, on the other hand, which lies between Le Coq and Blankenberghe, has been made by the State, while the management of Blankenberghe, Heyst, and Middelkerke, as bathing stations, is in the hands of their communal councils.

Venice, and he had that wisdom which must naturally belong to a senator who for forty years has had the management of public affairs, and to a man who has bid farewell to women after having possessed twenty mistresses, and only when he felt himself compelled to acknowledge that he could no longer be accepted by any woman.

Roman lady, descended from a consular family, and possessed of so ample an estate, that it required the management of seventy-three stewards.

An undisciplined and unsettled nation of Barbarians required the firmest temper, and the most dexterous management.