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interior design

n. The design of space inside homes and buildings, such as choice of decor and furnishings.

interior design
  1. n. the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior [syn: interior decoration]

  2. the branch of architecture dealing with the selection and organization of furnishings for an architectural interior

Interior Design

Interior Design is an American interior design magazine. Editors have included Donald D. Macmillan; Sherman R. Emery, from 1960 to 1983; and Stanley Abercrombie.

Interior Design (album)

Interior Design is the 15th album by the American rock band Sparks.

Interior design (disambiguation)

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment.

Interior design may also refer to:

  • Interior Design, an American interior design magazine
  • Interior Design (album), a 1988 album by the band Sparks

Usage examples of "interior design".

Long leather couches with sensuously curved backs, plush chairs wide enough to accommodate two, luxurious chaise longues across which were thrown animal pelts-all contributed to the bizarre, almost schizophrenic interior design.

Inside, the simplicity of the exterior had been carried over into the interior design.

What's more - fellow staffers at the Fluxion would never believe this - he had draperies on the windows, installed by Amanda's Studio of Interior Design.

At least the Olympic broadcast and the interior design of the Machine seemed to be tailored specifically for humans.

But whatever shortcomings Starfleet had when it came to interior design, at least it tried hard to learn from its mistakes.

She now thought that she would go into interior design, beginning with their dormitory room.

The dormlike atmosphere precludes heavy-duty interior design ideas.