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Word usage examples

It comes from the Corn Blough ostrich farm in KalamazooI tell you, those girls have no fear.

Its general appearance was not unlike that of a Terran ostrich - but the wings, each bearing at its tip a manipulatory claw, seemed to be functional.

A blue parapluie protected her comely peacock hat, with its curling ostrich feathers, from the elements.

The adjacent pastures were covered with flocks and herds: the paradise or park was replenished with pheasants, peacocks, ostriches, roebucks, and wild boars, and the noble game of lions and tigers was sometimes turned loose for the bolder pleasures of the chase.

Oviraptor, a therapod relative of the Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus rex and the Jurassic predator Allosaurus, but about the size of a small ostrich.

A casoar would of course be called an ostrich, and here we have for the first time a picturesque description of that Australasian bird.

THE dawn was about to break in a cloudless sky, when Tancred, accompanied by Baroni and two servants, all well armed and well mounted, and by Hassan, a sheikh of the Jellaheen Bedouins, tall and grave, with a long spear tufted with ostrich feathers in his hand, his musket slung at his back, and a scimitar at his side, quitted Jerusalem by the gate of Bethlehem.

By 1993, flocks of emus and ostriches ranging from a half dozen to several hundred birds were roaming through the hills destroying property and occasionally slicing or trampling people and livestock to death.

The weapons had initially been designed for use against emus only, but then a representative from Dripping Springs rose to point out that ostriches, while fewer in number, had also caused plenty of trouble.

Camels, he insisted, were far more hostile to man than either emus or ostriches --and if the so-called emu pistols did not include a setting for camels, he would block the appropriation for their manufacture.