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Ostrava (, or Mährisch Ostrau) is a city in the north-east of the Czech Republic and is the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region. It is a few kilometers from the border with Poland, at the meeting point of four rivers: the Odra, Opava, Ostravice and Lučina. In terms of both population and area Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic, the second largest city in Moravia, and the largest city in Czech Silesia; it straddles the border of the two historic provinces of Moravia and Silesia. The population is currently around 300,000. The wider conurbation – which also includes the towns of Bohumín, Doubrava, Havířov, Karviná, Orlová, Petřvald and Rychvald – is home to around 500,000 people, making it the largest urban area in the Czech Republic apart from the capital, Prague.

Ostrava grew to prominence thanks to its position at the heart of a major coalfield, becoming an important industrial centre. It used to be nicknamed the country’s "steel heart" thanks to its status as a coal-mining and metallurgical centre, but since the Velvet Revolution (the fall of communism in 1989) it has undergone radical and far-reaching changes to its economic base. Industries have been thoroughly restructured, and the last coal was mined in the city in 1994. However, the city's industrial past lives on in the Lower Vítkovice area, a former coal-mining, coke production and ironworks complex in the city centre boasting a unique collection of historic industrial architecture. Lower Vítkovice has applied for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Since the 1990s Ostrava has been transformed into a modern cultural city, with numerous theatres, galleries and other cultural facilities. It hosts a wide range of cultural and sporting events throughout the year. Among the best known are the Colours of Ostrava multi-genre music festival, the Janáček May classical music festival, the Summer Shakespeare Festival and NATO Days. Ostrava is home to two public universities: the VŠB-Technical University and the University of Ostrava. In 2014 Ostrava was a European City of Sport. The city co-hosted (with Prague) the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in 2004 and 2015.

Usage examples of "ostrava".

Pomerania against Thorn and the other from the region of Moravska Ostrava against Lodz.

When he first sees her in front of a cinema in suburban Ostrava, her solitary, strangely idle figure affects him with the force of overpowering revelation.

From there she went to faraway Ostrava, where she was a model worker until she was again arrested, this time for taking flowers from a cemetery.

Their modus operandi closely matches the style of the Alpha Ostrava massacre, twenty-nine days ago.

I climbed aboard an ancient narrow-gauge tram that linked outlying neighborhoods of Ostrava and let it carry me away.

I followed her, the scene of ravaged rural Ostrava behind me gave way to an urban setting.

By marrying, he had set his destiny in motion, and the minute he boarded the train back to Ostrava, he lost all control over it.

Before leaving for Ostrava, I borrowed the three books from a former fellow student, a lover of literature, and then begged until he agreed not to ask for them back.

I wandered through Ostrava until the shift was almost over and got back in time to mingle with the men as they surfaced.

After serving out the ten months, I went back to the black insignia in Ostrava for my final year of military service.

Yes: When Lucie disappeared from Ostrava so mysteriously and cruelly, I had no practical way of going after her.

She also picked flowers in nature, but Ostrava is a black town with hardly any nature around it, just dumps, fences, empty lots, and here and there a copse coated with soot.

Ludvik had just finished his stint in the Ostrava mines and had gone to Prague for permission to resume his studies.

Ludvik is called to work for the Czech army in Ostrava, a mining town in northern Moravia.

After a year in a reformatory, Lucie leaves her hometown for Ostrava and, of course, her encounter with Ludvik.