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An '''osteria ''' in Italy was originally a place serving wine and simple food. Lately, the emphasis has shifted to the food, but menus tend to be short, with an emphasis on local specialities such as pasta, grilled meat or fish, and often served at shared tables. Ideal for a cheap lunch, osterie (the plural in Italian) also cater for after work and evening refreshment. Osterie vary greatly in practice: some only serve drinks and clients are allowed to bring in their own food; some have retained a predominantly male clientele whilst others have reached out to students and young professionals. Some provide music and other entertainment. Similar to osterie are bottiglierie, where customers can take a bottle or flask to be re-filled from a barrel, and enoteche which generally pride themselves on the range and quality of their wine. In Emilia-Romagna are located three of the oldest Italian osterie: "Osteria del Sole" and " Osteria del Cappello" in Bologna, and "Osteria al Brindisi" in Ferrara, established between the 14th and 15th century.

Usage examples of "osteria".

Una sera, di ritorno da una di quelle passeggiate, mentre traversavamo Transtevere alcuni soldati stranieri ubbriachi, i quali avevano attaccato rissa in una osteria uscirono colle sciabole perseguitandosi.

Returning to the osteria, where the tiny public room was dark and deserted, he saw a light coming from a crack, followed it, and entered the kitchen.

While doing graduate work at the University of Munich in 1930 he often dined at a popular nearby tavern, the Osteria Bavaria.

I know a wonderful little osteria in Piazza Santo Spirito, where there is also a curious fountain I believe might be of interest to our investigation.

On entering this simple inn with its yellow painted walls and tattered football posters and plastic wine barrels, he had felt suddenly that he had been here before, not in this particular osteria of course, nothing so mawkishly improbable as that -- rather, it recalled for him all those village osterias of his childhood, too long forgotten, this one now their quintessence.

He can also see the osteria landlord standing in front of him with his camelhair coat over his arm and a long piece of paper.

Somehow he has left his German fedora with its little bluebird feather in the headband back at the osteria, and his head, bald as an egg and becoming, alas, even balder, went completely numb under its peaked bonnet of snow before he discovered it.

Were her words, the visit to the osteria, the evening with the purple red pinks of the Campagna but a dream?

That evening, at the osteria in Granezza, where Luca was billeted for the time being, Daniel met a young woman called Laura, who lived in Padua but was helping the Italian war effort because she spoke French and enjoyed being in the mountains.

Osteria al Ponte del Diavolo on the island of Torcello, fifty minutes by water bus from Venice and open only for lunch except on Saturday.