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n. (plural of osprey English)

Ospreys (rugby team)

The Ospreys , formerly the Neath-Swansea Ospreys is one of the four professional rugby union teams from Wales. They compete in the Guinness Pro12 and the Heineken Cup. The team formed as a result of Neath RFC and Swansea RFC combining to create a new merged entity, as part of the new regional structure of Welsh rugby, that began in 2003. They are also affiliated with a number of local semi-professional and amateur clubs, including Welsh Premier Division sides Aberavon RFC, Bridgend Ravens, and original founding clubs Neath and Swansea. The regional area represented by the team has widely become known for rugby purposes as 'Ospreylia'.

Their main home ground is the Liberty Stadium, Swansea, although some smaller profile games have been played at the Brewery Field, Bridgend. Ospreys currently play in a black home strip, while the away strip is white and orange. The Ospreys logo consists of an image of an Osprey mask.

The Ospreys are the most successful Welsh team in the history of the Celtic League or Pro12 tournament, having won the competition four times. They also became the first and only Welsh regional team to beat a major touring side, defeating 24–16 in 2006.

Usage examples of "ospreys".

Then he stepped back and peered up at the ospreys, whose heads were barely visible over the scraggle of the nest.

Seagulls circled overhead, while two ospreys piped at each other in a nest on top of a concrete utility pole.

Montana, ospreys lived in the cottonwoods all along the big rivers, where they dived on trout and whitefish.

Roy had been pleasantly surprised to find that Florida had ospreys, too.

He has explored by canoe and found egrets, herons, ospreys, even an eagle.

Chase nudged Max and pointed overhead and smiled: a pair of ospreys were flying high over the water, searching for food for their young, which were sheltered safely on nesting poles that Chase had built.

The pesticide was leaching into the water and poisoning the food chain, and the fish the ospreys were eating were destroying their eggs.