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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Osteoid \Os"te*oid\, a. [Osteo- + -oid: cf. Gr. ?.] (Anat.) Resembling bone; bonelike.


a. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of bone; bonelike n. An organic matrix of protein and polysaccharides, secreted by osteoblasts, that becomes bone after mineralization


In histology, osteoid is the unmineralized, organic portion of the bone matrix that forms prior to the maturation of bone tissue. Osteoblasts begin the process of forming bone tissue by secreting the osteoid as several specific proteins. When the osteoid becomes mineralized, it and the adjacent bone cells have developed into new bone tissue.

Osteoid makes up about fifty percent of bone volume and forty percent of bone weight. It is composed of fibers and ground substance. The predominant fiber-type is Type I collagen and comprises ninety percent of the osteoid. The ground substance is mostly made up of chondroitin sulfate and osteocalcin.

Usage examples of "osteoid".

In addition to the causes enumerated, inflammation of osseous tissue, or osteoid carcinoma, has been found at the seat of a spontaneous fracture.

Enchondroma may be composed of osteoid tissue, such as is found in the ossifying callous between the bone and the periosteum, and, according to Virchow, then takes the name of osteochondroma.