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n. (plural of ostrakon English)


Ostraka is an academic journal published semiannually from 1992–2012 by the Istituto di studi comparati sulle società antiche of the University of Perugia in Perugia, Italy. It publishes research by professionals into the archaeology of classical antiquity.

Usage examples of "ostraka".

I winced as Mirus snapped one of the ostraka in two, giving half to the purchaser and throwing the other half into Aynur's bowl.

Surely those of you who have already purchased one or more ostraka can appreciate the weight of this consideration.

Delving deeply into the bowl she lifted up handfuls of ostraka again and again, each time letting them fall like showers back into the bowl.

When I had knelt before a post, my hands behind me, chained back about the post, a helmet beside me, set in the sand, like a vessel, into which ostraka would be placed, men had come to look upon me.

He referred to a practice of handing out passes, dated ostraka bearing the print of the House of Cernus, outside the gate of the Slaver's house, which were dispensed on a first-come-first-served basis, a thousand a day, each day of the races.