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Rhymes for word interregnum

.um abandum abomasum abortorium absinthium acetabulum aciculum acroclinium actinium actino-uranium addendum adminiculum adstratum adsum adytum agendum ageratum agrobacterium ainhum al-qaum alabastrum alarum album alburnum algum alodium alum aluminium aluminum alumium alundum alypum alyssum amentum americium amiculum ammoniacum ammonium amomum amphibium anabathrum androconium ante-bellum ante-partum apfelbaum apodyterium appelbaum applebaum apterium aquarium arboretum arcanum archegonium argumentum armamentarium arsonium arum aspergillum aspersorium asum asylum athenaum athum atrium auditorium aum aurum autobasidium avicularium avizandum axopodium balductum barathrum basidium basigynium batie-bum baum baurtregaum bdellium becum beegum beerbaum beisum belgaum berenbaum bernbaum bierbaum bifolium binarium binnaum birnbaum bitrum bivium bleflum blellum bonorum boojum boracium botheum bothum boum bozzum brabeum brachium brum buchsbaum bucksbaum buhsum bum bungarum bunkum buxbaum cadmium cafarnaum caladium calamistrum calathidium calcaneum cambium cambugium cancellandum capernaum capillitium captandum caum cecidium cecum cementum cenobium censorium centennium cephalanthium ceramidium cerastium ceratium cerebellum cerebrum cesium chromidium chromium chum ciborium cichorium cimatium cinerarium cingulum cistrum citrovorum cladodium cladosporium claggum clinandrium clinanthium clum coagulum coccidium cocco-plum cockalorum cogitandum cogitatum cognitum colchicum colossaeum combretum conarium corallum cotiaeum cribellum croum crum ctenidium cubiculum cullum culorum cum cundum cunnundrum cuprammonium cyanobacterium cymatium cymbidium cypripedium cystidium damnum datum daum davyum decamethonium decisiondx-um dedendum degum deorsum descriptum determinandum determinatum deuterium diachaenium diacodium diaculum dichasium diclesium didymium diestrum digitorium dimensum dincum dinkum dirdum diverticulum djoum dockominium doldrum dolium dolphinarium dominium dordum doronicum dorsolum dorsum doum dracocephalum droum drum dum dum-dum duodenum durdum durum dwaum dysprosium ebulum echium effigium ehrenbaum eichbaum eichelbaum einsteinium elasmotherium elaterium elogium eluvium elytrum embaphium emmelbaum endraum enrheum ephebeum ephippium ephymnium epicardium epicedium epicentrum epicranium epidendrum eponychium equilibrium equinoctium eranthemum erbium ergastulum erineum erlbaum erratum eryngium erythronium ethidium eubacterium euforbium eulogium euphonium europium evangelistarium evangelium exemplum exodium exordium expansum extensum eylsum faciendum falciparum famulorum favellidium fee-faw-fum feigenbaum fenum feretrum fermentum fermium fidei-commissum figgum filicetum flabellum flagellum flagrum flaum floum folium foolarum foolatum francium frigidarium frum fuisum fulcrum fum fumigatorium fundamentum furculum fusarium gadolinium galbanum gametangium gaum gazophylacium geaum gelsemium geranium germanium germarium geum gigerium glabellum glaciarium gladsum glochidium glucinum glum gonangium gonidium gonimium gossaum goum greenbaum gruenbaum grum grunbaum grunebaum guacum guaiacum gubernaculum gum gum-gum gwacum gymnasium gynegium gypsum habendum hafnium hahnium hailsum hairum-scairum haum haustellum haustorium haustrum heckum-peckum hedychium heilesum helenium helianthemum helichrysum hemelytrum hemi-elytrum heracleum herbarium hi-cocalorum hi-cockalorum hibernaculum hilum hippeastrum hirdum-dirdum ho-hum hog-plum hohlraum hokum honorarium hoodlum hydrargyrum infinitum jubilaum k'poum kassebaum kaum kestenbaum killywaum kirschbaum kirschenbaum kirshenbaum krummnussbaum leibensraum lfrankbaum libitum liebestraum lindenbaum litterarum loum maibaum mandelbaum mastbaum medium mehlbaum moosbierbaum naum necessarium nissenbaum no-see-um ntoum nusbaum nussbaum oranienbaum otannenbaum oum petrolaeum poum pressbaum pyrbaum q'um qaum quattlebaum raum referendum rosenbaum rothenbaum rotherbaum roum saum schaum schonbaum scoum shuttle-um silaum sonaum soum sprachraum stammbaum sum ta'um tagtraum tannenbaum tecum teitelbaum thaum toum traum tristraum troum um um-hum um-shmum uvuudaum walbaum weichselbaum weidenbaum weihnachtsbaum weinbaum weizenbaum werkraum wiesbaum wunder-baum z'goum zaum zederbaum