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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aam \Aam\ ([add]m or [aum]m), n. [D. aam, fr. LL. ama; cf. L. hama a water bucket, Gr. ?] A Dutch and German measure of liquids, varying in different cities, being at Amsterdam about 41 wine gallons, at Antwerp 361/2, at Hamburg 383/4. [Written also Aum and Awm.] [1913 Webster] ||


Om \Om\, interj. & n. [Also Aum, Um.] [Skr. [=o]m.] A mystic syllable or ejaculation used by Hindus and Buddhists in religious rites, -- orig. among the Hindus an exclamation of assent, like Amen, then an invocation, and later a symbol of the trinity formed by Vishnu, Siva, and Brahma.

Om mani padme hun, a sacred formula of buddhism (esp. of the Lamaists) translated ``O, the Jewel in the Lotus, Amen,'' and referring to Amitabha, who is commonly represented as standing or sitting within a lotus.


Aum \Aum\, n. Same as Aam.


n. (context finance English) asset under management.

Aum (disambiguation)

Om or AUM is a Sanskrit mantra and sound.

AUM or aum may also refer to:

Aum (album)

Aum is the second studio album by krautrock composer Deuter. It was released in 1972 on Kuckuck Schallplatten.

Aum (unit)

Aum was a UK unit for hock; it was between 30 and 32 gallons.

Usage examples of "aum".

She had to remind herself that Aum was male, and old, and very far from being a threat to anyone.

Now her mornings were taken up with teaching Aum, and her afternoons with translating between Aum and the scientific committee of Garwater.

During the day she ate with Aum, and during the evenings she sometimes accompanied him throughout the city, with a guard of Garwater yeomanry.

Every day Aum gave his new workmates enough information for their purposes.

It was obvious to all of them that without Aum they could not have succeeded, despite what they might once have thought.

It was quickly clear that Aum had a dubious reputation: he lived and worked alone.

For the first five hours of the day, Aum sat in discussion with the Armadan scientists.

In the morning Tanner and his colleagues argued about strain thresholds and engine capacities, drew up rough blueprints, and came up with lists of questions that they put to Aum, shyly, in the afternoon.

She knew that to the men and women hunched over the table, debating with Aum, she was more or less invisible.

Bellis felt faintly dismayed by exhaustion when she sat with Tanner Sack and the other engineers in the afternoon, but Aum continued without apparent difficulty, shifting his attention from the conceptual problems and philosophy of the avancs to practical issues of bait, and control, and capture of something the size of an island.

It had not taken long for Aum to rewrite his data appendix, and then for the Armadans to point out errors and miscalculations, holes in his research.

The news passed quickly around the village, and the he-anophelii came in great numbers to croon with Aum and hiss their feelings.

Their abstraction from the world was tenuous, and could be broken, as Aum appeared to have broken his.

After one of her sessions with Aum, he had asked her if she enjoyed learning new languages, and she told him truthfully that she did.

The second time she had heard them hiss with whatever passed for pleasure in their minds, and the next day, when she entered the meeting room with Aum, the Lovers stared at her with fresh wounds, blood crusting on their foreheads, scored deep in mirror images across their faces.