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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fum \Fum\, v. i. To play upon a fiddle. [Obs.]

Follow me, and fum as you go.
--B. Jonson.


vb. (context obsolete intransitive English) To play upon a fiddle.


FUM can refer to:

  • Friends United Meeting
  • Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, a state university in Iran

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Usage examples of "fum".

I can assure you I have quite a lot at my disposal all kinds of different spells fee faw fums, mumbo jumbos, abraxas, love potions, he glanced quickly at the queen here and added, though I see you have no need of the last of those, having a very beautiful wife whom you love to distraction.

I went first to a place called Fumta Bou Beker, twenty-five minutes from our encampment.

Fumta Bou Beker is quite an independent village, and that all the great towns and villages here have an independent jurisdiction of their own.

In those garrulous, vivacious, whimsical, and sometimes serious papers, Lien Chi Altangi, writing to Fum Hoam in Pekin, does not so much describe the aspects of European civilisation which would naturally surprise a Chinese, as he expresses the dissatisfaction of a European with certain phases of the civilisation visible everywhere around him.

Brer Wolf try ter be mo' perliter dan ever, en he grin fum year ter year.

But she won mahhy me say she twell I steel one thousum dollah fum Doctah Revend Fearnaught an huh an me we tek it on de heel an toe 2 Calyforny or sum fool plaice whah dey caint ketch us.