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▪ So, um, I guess I'll be back around 9.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Om \Om\, interj. & n. [Also Aum, Um.] [Skr. [=o]m.] A mystic syllable or ejaculation used by Hindus and Buddhists in religious rites, -- orig. among the Hindus an exclamation of assent, like Amen, then an invocation, and later a symbol of the trinity formed by Vishnu, Siva, and Brahma.

Om mani padme hun, a sacred formula of buddhism (esp. of the Lamaists) translated ``O, the Jewel in the Lotus, Amen,'' and referring to Amitabha, who is commonly represented as standing or sitting within a lotus.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

a sound denoting hesitation, 1670s.


Etymology 1 alt. (alternative form of umbe English) prep. (alternative form of umbe English) Etymology 2

alt. 1 expression of confusion or space filler in conversation. See uh. 2 (context chiefly American English) (dated spelling of mmm English) interj. 1 expression of confusion or space filler in conversation. See uh. 2 (context chiefly American English) (dated spelling of mmm English) vb. (context intransitive English) To make the ''um'' sound to express confusion or hesitancy. Etymology 3

n. (alternative spelling of µm English)


Um may refer to:

  • Um, an exclamation or filled pause in spoken conversation
  • United Motors Company
  • Um (Korean name)
  • .um, the Top Level Domain for United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • μm for micrometre, sometimes used with a limited character set
  • Um interface, the air interface for the GSM mobile telephone standard
  • Unofficial magistrate, as a postnominal

UM may refer to:

  • UM (company), an advertising agency formerly known as Universal McCann
  • Utilization management, the evaluation of the appropriateness, medical need and efficiency of health care
  • Air Zimbabwe, IATA code UM
  • United Methodist
  • Unified Messaging
  • The Union for the Mediterranean
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands, ISO 3166 code UM
  • Umphrey's McGee, a jam band
  • Unified Model, a global numerical weather prediction model
Um (Korean surname)

Um is a Korean surname. The origin is a royal Xianbei, proto-Mongol and later era Manchu (pronounced "Yen" or "Yan" in Taiwan and China, while pronounced "Kan" in Japan). The name entered into Korea during the second Manchu invasion of 1636. Um is a Korean pronunciation of 嚴.

Um (cuneiform)

The cuneiform alphabetic um sign, also dup, tup, ṭup, and DUB, the sumerogram-( logogram), for Akkadian language "ṭuppu", (= the clay tablet), is found in both the 14th century BC Amarna letters and the Epic of Gilgamesh. In the Amarna letters as um, it is found as um-ma in the introduction of the letters as "Message (thus)"...(and then the PN (personal name) of the individual sending, or authoring the letter).

In specific texts with dialogue, for example Amarna letter EA 19, Love and Gold, an extensive discussion is made by the king of Babylon about his father, ancestry, friendship between kings, envoys, women (for the harem, or wife), etc., and consequently the dialogue is preceded by um-ma ("quote"), then the dialogue by the messenger, (or the king).

Usage examples of "um".

And, um, as far as copying allas goes, Siss told me that Phil already knows how to do it.

But Garnet Five is known to, um, favor exotic downsiders, and the Betan herm is, after all, a Betan herm.

Damit drehte er sich um, ging schnell zu seinem Pult im Hintergrunde des Ladens und begann zu schreiben.

Mr Dyse were both a little, um, merry, I shall not hold you to your word.

As soon as it was time to retire that night Mont slipped upstairs and into the dormitory occupied by Hoke Ummer, Goul, and their chums.

Grundy, climb up on the wall and tell Gorbage and Haggy and the two, um, lovers to come in here under truce so we can talk safely.

Segal falava ora com um, ora com outro, mas houve um momento em que foi cercado por algumas senhoras que haviam lido alguns de seus livros e outras que se encantavam em conhecer de perto um escritor famoso.

Madison on the twelf of April, sont um to Memphis and sold um, and had all fourteen back and three more besides, here at Caledonia on the third of May.

If he isent a fit spesserman for the gallers then I shood like to know whare you find um.

The assessor is not a very sophisticated man, but he does have substantial, um, appetites.

I, um, happened to notice when I was waiting for a representative of the Autocrat to contact me.

Once they plugged into the Net, a primitive Matrioshka civilization would be like, um.

It occurred to Alden and Becky that Madame Um, ensconced in her Bohemian lair on Craigie Circle, failed to understand-the Czechs were going to be the foreigners in Czechoslovakia in the days to come when even the most monoglot of Americans would know themselves to be at home in almost any corner of the world, and welcome to it.

I was scouting things for, um, some fishing buddies, and the lady here said a guy named Al Spenser might be a good guide.

Sue Hankey in particular, but also most of the junior class of Ernie Pyle High, along with some of the seniors, and, um, oh, yeah, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.