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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Calcaneum \Cal*ca"ne*um\n.; pl. E. -neums, L. -nea. [L. the heel, fr. calx, calcis, the heel.] (Anal.) One of the bones of the tarsus which in man, forms the great bone of the heel; -- called also fibulare.


n. (context anatomy English) The calcaneus.

Usage examples of "calcaneum".

I to V, arranging the phalanges in a formula of 2-3-4-5-0 beneath them, and capping all with an ankle made up of the astragalus, calcaneum, and three distal tarsals.

In the latter also the fibula, which is anchylosed to the end of the tibia, articulates with the calcaneum or heel-bone, which is not the case with the simple-toothed rodents.

She moved on to the calcaneum, massaging the side of the heel back to the Achilles tendon.