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This page is designed for these purposes. In the section you will find free tools for word search in accordance with this criterion. Enter the letters you know in the empty boxes. Set the length of the word or leave it arbitrary. In a few seconds you will get a list of words that satisfy the search request.

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amative auctive caitive captive coctive costive cultive elative emotive emptive erative factive fautive fektive festive fictive flative furtive hastive hective m'etive mastive mestive moitive pactive pictive pontive restive ruptive sective stative tactive tastive tentive testive tortive tuitive unitive uritive vantive wastive

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abditive ablative abnutive abortive actative adaptive additive admotive adoptive adustive agentive allative amoutive apertive auditive avertive boastive caritive casitive caustive cerative citative coactive comitive conative creative crustive curative daintive debative debitive delative deletive denotive desitive devotive dilative dilutive donative doubtive durative eductive egestive ejective elective enactive equative erective ergative eruptive eventive evictive exactive exaltive excitive exertive exortive exultive faintive faultive fientive figetive finative finitive fixative frictive fructive fruitive fugitive fusitive genetive genitive gonative guestive guiltive hcentive ideative ignitive illative immotive inactive incitive indutive innative insative insitive ipsative junctive jurative lavative laxative legative lenitive levative ligative limitive linative locative maxitive minitive mirative mixitive monitive mutative negative notative novative oblative opiative optative ornative pacative palative penitive petitive plentive positive potative poultive practive punctive punitive putative quietive raritive reactive regitive relative remotive rogative rotative sanative sedative sicative solutive sopitive sorptive sportive spurtive styptive taxative temptive totative totitive tractive tristive ukactive unactive unnative vegetive venitive vetitive vitative vocative volative volitive volutive vomative vomitive

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abductive abjective acceptive accretive aconative acylative addictive adductive adjective adjustive adorative advective adventive affective agitative allective anegative animative aperitive apositive aquantive arbustive arguitive arrestive arylative ascentive assentive assertive assistive assortive attentive attestive attritive avocative barbative bijective bioactive bnegative by-motive calmative captative causative cessative co-optive coblative coemptive cognitive collative combative commotive commutive connative connotive cotentive creditive curvative cyclative dancitive deceptive decoctive decretive deductive defective deflative degrative dejective depictive depletive desertive desistive detective detentive deviative dictative didactive digestive directive ditentive divertive divestive dormative dormitive educative effective elicitive elocutive emanative emulative encaptive encentive ententive evitative evocative evolutive ex-votive exceptive excretive executive exemptive expective expiative expletive extentive extortive exudative factitive facultive flotative forgetive formative fricative fundative gemmative gernative gestative gigantive gignitive gradative gravative gurgitive gustative hortative humective imitative impactive impletive incaptive incentive inceptive incostive indictive inductive inelative infective infestive inflative ingestive injective insective insertive insistive insultive intentive intortive intuitive invective inventive invertive investive invictive irruptive isolative iterative kidaptive lambative lambetive lambitive laudative liquative lucrative mandative mediative mercative migrative minsitive molestive narrative nitrative nonactive nonmotive nonnative normative ntractive nutrative nutritive objective obviative olfactive onegative onerative operative opinative opinitive opositive ostentive oxidative pangetive partitive pensative pensitive perlative placative plaintive plumative plurative pollutive portative precative predative premative premetive primative primitive privative proactive probative prolative promotive promptive pulsative pungitive purgative qualitive quotative radiative recaptive receptive redditive reductive refective regnative rejective repentive repletive resentive resistive resultive retentive retextive retortive reunitive revertive revoltive saltative salvative scientive secretive seductive selective sensative sensitive siccative situative sociative solactive sortitive sputative strictive sublative submotive summative talentive talkative tardative tentative traditive ululative unemotive unfestive urinative usitative vacuative valuative variative vastative venditive versative vibrative violative voluntive writative

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abdicative aberrative abjunctive abnegative abpositive abreactive abrogative absolutive absorptive accusative acervative acognitive adamantive adaptative adequative adjunctive adminutive admirative admonitive adoptative adsorptive affinitive affixative afflictive affrontive alacrative alkylative allocative alterative ambulative ampliative anecdotive annotative appetitive appointive appositive arrogative ascriptive assaultive assumptive astrictive astructive ataractive attemptive attractive augmentive automative automotive babblative behabitive capacitive capitative caritative castrative catenative chattative claimative coadjutive coercitive cogitative collabtive collactive collective colorative combustive comfortive comitative completive concaptive conceitive conceptive concoctive concretive conductive confective congestive connective consentive consortive constative consultive contentive contextive contortive contuitive convective convertive convictive copulative corelative corrective corruptive cumulative cunctative decorative dedicative defamative defaultive definitive deflective defunctive delegative delicative denotative denudative depilative depositive depurative deputative derivative derogative descentive desolative detonative detractive devolutive dilatative diminutive discretive disgustive disportive disruptive dissective dissentive distastive distortive dominative dubitative elongative emendative emollitive enarrative enervative entitative entreative equitative eructative eskimotive estimative evacuative evaluative exaltative excerptive excitative excusative execrative exercitive exhalative exhaustive exhibitive expeditive exploitive expositive exsudative extinctive extractive extroitive extructive exultative famulative federative fermentive figurative floatative fumigative geminative gen-active generative gonenative habitative hebetative hesitative hypoactive iffinitive ignorative illocutive impeditive imperative impositive impunitive imputative inadaptive incerative inchoative incitative increative incubative indagative indicative indurative infinitive inflective inflictive inhibitive initiative injunctive innovative inscrutive insolutive inspective insulative intractive introitive invitative invocative involutive irrelative irrigative irritative judicative lacerative levitative liberative limitative locomotive lokomotive lucerative lustrative macerative manumotive mattrative maturative medicative meditative memorative memristive minceative minorative mitigative moderative modulative mostactive motivative mucoactive mulctative mutilative nauseative neglective nobjective nominative non-native noncaptive nonfactive nonfestive nonstative numerative nunciative obligative obvolutive occupative ohiodative oosorptive opiniative oppilative oppositive ordinative out-active overactive palliative patientive peculative pedomotive pejorative pendentive perceptive peremptive perfective permeative perogative perorative persistive pervertive portentive preceptive predictive preemptive presentive preventive primortive proceptive productive profective projective protective quantative quantitive quassative quiddative quidditive radicative rebukative recitative recreative recusative redemptive reflective refractive refutative regulative reignative relaxative renovative reparative repetetive repetitive reputative resolutive resorptive respective resumptive retractive retreative revelative revocative revolutive rhnegative rhpositive roborative ruminative salivative semblative semiactive seminative separative serpentive similative similitive simulative solicitive somniative soporative spectative spermative spissative splenative splenetive splenitive spoliative subductive subjective subreptive subsultive subventive suggestive suppletive supportive surjective surreptive susceptive suspective sustantive sustentive tempestive temptative thinkative thoughtive tolerative tonalitive traductive transitive ulcerative ultimative unadaptive uncreative undulative unelective unergative unreactive unrelative unsportive usurpative vaporative vasoactive vegetative venerative verdictive vincentive vindictive

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