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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ This will allow an evaluation of the costs and benefits of a more proactive approach to small firm assistance.
▪ In fact, the new conditions of work require a coordinated effort and activities that are much more proactive and far-reaching.
▪ Ability to bring a consistently fresh, lively, proactive approach to developing a sharp, smart, contemporary new venture.
▪ This will require a proactive approach through the preparation of written comments and identifying issues which will be of local interest.
▪ Hence, the proactive approach will enable an acquiror to select targets from a larger population of companies.
▪ The proactive approach involves considerably more effort but is more likely to produce a positive result.
▪ This will allow an evaluation of the costs and benefits of a more proactive approach to small firm assistance.
▪ They see themselves as having both reactive and proactive roles.
▪ The program thrust local government into a proactive role as a deal maker in economic development projects.
▪ As a proactive enforcer a field man must always be prepared for the unexpected.
▪ Create a proactive cultural awareness of risk issues at corporate and at the individual level.
▪ Hence, the proactive approach will enable an acquiror to select targets from a larger population of companies.
▪ Paying that kind of attention to the business of the business is fundamental to aware, proactive leadership.
▪ Such drugs could have important consequences, and we need to be proactive in thinking about them.
▪ The religions which are burgeoning around the world are the ones taking positive, proactive stances.
▪ We must be reactive rather than proactive, because becoming motivated and taking initiatives involves gaining power.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also pro-active, of persons or policies, as an opposition to reactive, 1921, from pro- + active. From 1933, in psychology (learning theory). Related: Proactively; proactiveness; proactivity.


a. Acting in advance to deal with an expected change or difficulty

  1. adj. descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on events or stimuli or processes that occur subsequently; "proactive inhibition"; "proactive interference" [ant: retroactive]

  2. (of a policy or person or action) controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens


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Usage examples of "proactive".

The next level is to consult with local investigators and suggest proactive strategies they might use to force the UNSUB hand to get him to make a move.

And given what they were allowed to do, Toronto officers came up with a creative proactive strategy.

This presents an opportunity to use proactive techniques that can be designed to play on his psyche.

But for me and my people, the profile is most helpful in coming up with proactive techniques, and that is where the emphasis should be.

This kind of proactive technique had paid off handsomely for us in the past.

I also outlined a number of proactive techniques I thought might help get the LTNSUB to reveal himself.

Going impressively proactive, she wore a pair of black patent leather shoes on several occasions because they were similar to the ones Cassie was wearing when she was taken.

A solid combination of good profiling, good proactive technique, first-rate police work and forensic analysis, and wonderful and courageous families had led to the arrest of Bell for the heartbreaking murders of seventeen-year-old Shan Faye Smith and nine-year-old Debra Hehnick.

Here kabbalistic precepts were not only studied but were put into proactive practice in all areas of life.

Within this infinite variety of experiences, however, there are two basic paths, which Kabbalah calls proactive and reactive.

These, of course, are rather obvious situations, and most of us learn to deal with them in a proactive manner.

Right action would flow from fear of punishment, not from positive and proactive decision.

Asking represents a more proactive step in our relationship with the Creator.

Charity is an essential tool for exercising that resistance, for expressing it as proactive behavior, and for gaining the connection to the Light that proactive behavior always makes possible.

We can choose passive over proactive behavior, despite the fact that each Shabbat is a God given chance to achieve our genuine purpose in life, which is connection to the Light.