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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a film buff (=someone who is interested in films and knows a lot about them)
▪ Film buffs will enjoy reading 'The 100 Best Movies of All Time'.
a nostalgia buffinformal (= someone who likes old things)
▪ The restaurant, which still has its 1930s décor, is a favorite with nostalgia buffs.
blind man's buff
▪ For the real film buff, however, the place to be has to be BlackStar.
▪ Describing himself as a history buff, Acosta offers his Web site primarily as a catalyst for further discussion.
▪ But while basketball fans lost, history buffs gained.
▪ Alas, even the most well-meaning opera buffs have an unfortunate habit of making their favorite indoor sport sound impossibly complicated.
▪ Inside, bartenders wearing leather harnesses serve beer in cans to an assortment of brutes, heathens, and opera buffs.
▪ "How many films did Hitchcock make?" "Ask Paul, -- he's a great film buff."
▪ The market for magazines for computer buffs is growing all the time.
▪ Alas, even the most well-meaning opera buffs have an unfortunate habit of making their favorite indoor sport sound impossibly complicated.
▪ Computer buffs have a different phrase for it: garbage in, garbage out.
▪ Conspiracy buffs are having a field day speculating about White House motives.
▪ Describing himself as a history buff, Acosta offers his Web site primarily as a catalyst for further discussion.
▪ I don't just mean football supporters, or race-goers, or athletics buffs.
▪ Immature similar, but with whole upperparts mottled buff.
▪ There is little to fight over except narrow policy niceties that interest only foreign affairs buffs and bore most voters.
▪ Some one had even managed to buff up a shine on the old pewter candlesticks.
▪ It also may be because she polishes her work to a high sheen, sometimes buffing away a pesky fact or two.
▪ Some manicurists will then buff the nail with a chamois pad to impart a sheen on the finished item.
▪ The next stage is buffing to a gloss finish.
▪ To age the look of the gourds, she buffs them with shoe polish.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

colorful \colorful\ adj.

  1. having striking color. Opposite of colorless.

    Note: [Narrower terms: changeable, chatoyant, iridescent, shot; deep, rich; flaming; fluorescent, glowing; prismatic; psychedelic; red, ruddy, flushed, empurpled]

    Syn: colourful.

  2. striking in variety and interest. Opposite of colorless or dull. [Narrower terms: brave, fine, gay, glorious; flamboyant, resplendent, unrestrained; flashy, gaudy, jazzy, showy, snazzy, sporty; picturesque]

  3. having color or a certain color; not black, white or grey; as, colored crepe paper. Opposite of colorless and monochrome.

    Note: [Narrower terms: tinted; touched, tinged; amber, brownish-yellow, yellow-brown; amethyst; auburn, reddish-brown; aureate, gilded, gilt, gold, golden; azure, cerulean, sky-blue, bright blue; bicolor, bicolour, bicolored, bicoloured, bichrome; blue, bluish, light-blue, dark-blue; blushful, blush-colored, rosy; bottle-green; bronze, bronzy; brown, brownish, dark-brown; buff; canary, canary-yellow; caramel, caramel brown; carnation; chartreuse; chestnut; dun; earth-colored, earthlike; fuscous; green, greenish, light-green, dark-green; jade, jade-green; khaki; lavender, lilac; mauve; moss green, mosstone; motley, multicolor, culticolour, multicolored, multicoloured, painted, particolored, particoloured, piebald, pied, varicolored, varicoloured; mousy, mouse-colored; ocher, ochre; olive-brown; olive-drab; olive; orange, orangish; peacock-blue; pink, pinkish; purple, violet, purplish; red, blood-red, carmine, cerise, cherry, cherry-red, crimson, ruby, ruby-red, scarlet; red, reddish; rose, roseate; rose-red; rust, rusty, rust-colored; snuff, snuff-brown, snuff-color, snuff-colour, snuff-colored, snuff-coloured, mummy-brown, chukker-brown; sorrel, brownish-orange; stone, stone-gray; straw-color, straw-colored, straw-coloured; tan; tangerine; tawny; ultramarine; umber; vermilion, vermillion, cinibar, Chinese-red; yellow, yellowish; yellow-green; avocado; bay; beige; blae bluish-black or gray-blue); coral; creamy; cress green, cresson, watercress; hazel; honey, honey-colored; hued(postnominal); magenta; maroon; pea-green; russet; sage, sage-green; sea-green] [Also See: chromatic, colored, dark, light.]

    Syn: colored, coloured, in color(predicate).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s, buffe leather "leather made of buffalo hide," from Middle French buffle "buffalo" (15c., via Italian, from Latin bufalus; see buffalo (n.)).\n

\nThe color term comes from the hue of buffalo hides (later ox hides). Association of "hide" and "skin" led c.1600 to in the buff. Buff-colored uniforms of New York City volunteer firefighters since 1820s led to meaning "enthusiast" (1903).The Buffs are men and boys whose love of fires, fire-fighting and firemen is a predominant characteristic. [N.Y. "Sun," Feb. 4, 1903]\n


"well-built, hunky," 1980s, from buff (v.) "polish, make attractive."


"to polish, make attractive," 1885, in reference to the treatment of buff leather or else to the use of buff cloth in polishing metals, from buff (n.). Related: Buffed; buffing.


acr. (context slang US Air Force English) Big Ugly Fat Fellow (or Fucker); US Airforce nickname for the B-52 bomber.


adj. of the color of buff leather

  1. n. an ardent follower and admirer [syn: fan, devotee, lover]

  2. a soft thick undyed leather from the skins of e.g. buffalo or oxen

  3. bare skin; "swimming in the buff"

  4. a medium to dark tan color [syn: yellowish brown, raw sienna, caramel, caramel brown]

  5. an implement consisting of soft material mounted on a block; used for polishing (as in manicuring) [syn: buffer]

  1. v. strike, beat repeatedly; "The wind buffeted him" [syn: buffet]

  2. polish and make shiny; "buff the wooden floors"; "buff my shoes" [syn: burnish, furbish, flush]


Buff or BUFF may refer to:

  • Buff, slang term for an enthusiast
  • Buff (colour), a pale yellow-brown colour
  • Buff (turkey), a breed of domestic turkey named for its buff-colored plumage
  • Buffing, a metal finishing process
  • Buff, slang term for naked
  • Buffalo, New York, a nickname for the city
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, a public university known as "Buffalo", which sometimes gets shortened to "Buff".
Buff (colour)

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Buff as an RYB quaternary colour

Buff is the pale yellow- brown colour of the un-dyed leather of several animals.

As an RYB quaternary colour, it is the darker colour produced by an equal mix of the tertiary colours citron and russet.

Buff (clothing)

Buff is a multifunctional headwear produced by Original Buff S.A., a company based in Igualada, in Catalonia, Spain, since they were established in 1992.

Developed by Joan Rojas in 1991 for wind protection while motorcycling, the Buff headwear is a tube of microfibrous fabric that, with different arrangements, can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, beanie, face mask, tube top, helmet liner, wristband, cap, pirate, Sahara style and other variations. The manufacturing process takes place on a specially developed tubular loom to make the finished garment seamless.

The head wear is especially known for its appearance on the reality program Survivor. Another line is called "Protection Buff" and is aimed at the working professional in the industrial and military. The Coolmax, Thermolite and Nomex fabric components of Buff Protection products are seamless and hem-free to avoid skin irritation or abrasion.

The company has expanded its line to include what they call Technical Clothing as well as special gloves.

Image:Buff-folded.JPG|Folded Buff headwear with logo on it Image:Buff-wristband.JPG|Buff headwear worn as wristband

Usage examples of "buff".

There was old Bick cursing for all he was worth, and a little red-faced buffer puffing out his cheeks in an armchair.

There were small round tables, low backless stools for jazz buffs to sit on with knees hunched, and a bossa nova trio consisting of guitar, bass, and drums.

Without looking at himself Edmund knew his body was as it had been when he was thirty-five years old, round about the time when all the exercise he was doing had temporarily given him a physique that was buffed and perfect, glowing with health and happiness.

The young image was compounded by his clothes, he wore a coat from Dexter Wong, black leather Prada trousers and the new Nike cross trainers, his hair was shaved to mask his baldness and his arms were muscled and buffed from gym training.

She knew she did not bore him, and she buffed or painted her fingernails studiously while he dozed or brooded and the desultory warm afternoon breeze vibrated delicately on the surface of the beach.

He wondered mournfully, as Nurse Duckett buffed her nails, about all the people who had died under water.

Now the tub was gone and if any water spots or soap had landed on that gleaming, golden oak floor, someone had very carefully buffed the marks away.

He buffed them gently and rubbed the rag over her, and she lifted her head and gave him another of those wavering, limpid gazes, before settling back down to sleep again.

Vetch oiled and buffed her morning and evening now, not only to keep her from itching too much, but to keep her skin supple and prevent it from tearing as she grew.

When he buffed her, she stretched and crooned and bumped her head against his hand, begging for further caresses.

Three nicely buffed executive wives without husbands, down from the large stone houses in the hills to the west, idled over glasses of chardonnay in the nonsmoking section.

A bland, phlegmatic smile hung on his brown face with its heavy-bearded cheeks, and he was buffing the facets of his bald head gently with the palms of both hands.

While he worked, other boys brought in their dragons, until all the other dragons were in the buffing pens as well, and the whole place was full.

Kashet and Ari to come back from their second patrol, so it was on to the next round, feeding Kashet, buffing and oiling him, then giving Coresan the same treatment, and that fourth little meal that would hold her overnight until late morning.

Vetch purloined some soft cloths and a jar of oil from the buffing pens to keep her skin soft and supple while she grew.