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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a monochrome color scheme for the room
▪ McCullin still prefers to shoot in monochrome.
▪ There were some beautiful monochrome pictures of Yosemite.
▪ DeskScan/UX allows scanning, viewing, manipulating for scale, contrast and brightness, storing and printing high-resolution colour and monochrome images.
▪ It's monochrome from now on, friend.
▪ Output TableCurve output options include printing the curve-fit graphs and the data summaries in a high quality monochrome mode.
▪ The brilliance of its colours turned the remembered garden outside into monochrome.
▪ The text is accompanied by an abundance of superb photographs, colour as well as monochrome.
▪ Thurston has made a career in the art world out of sleek, minimal, monochrome paintings.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Monochromic \Mon`o*chro"mic\, a. Made, or done, with a single color; as, a monochromic picture. Called also, monochromatic and monochrome.


black-and-white \black-and-white\, black and white \black and white\adj. (Photography, Imaging; Printing) depicted only in black and white colors, or in shades of gray; also called monochromatic and monochrome; -- of images. Opposite of color or in color, and contrasting with polychrome technicolor three-color; as, a black-and-white TV; black-and-white film; the movie ``Schindler's List'' was shot in black and white.

Syn: black and white, monochromatic, monochrome.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, "painting or drawing done in different tints of a single color," from Greek monochromos "of a single color," from monos "single, alone" (see mono-) + khroma (genitive khromatos) "color, complexion, skin" (see chroma). As an adjective from 1849. Photographic sense is recorded from 1940.


a. 1 having only one colour 2 (context photography English) representing colours with shades of gray n. 1 A black and white image, especially such a photograph. 2 (context dated English) A painting executed in shades of a single colour. 3 A ceramic glaze of a single colour; an object so glazed.

  1. adj. having or appearing to have only one color [syn: monochromatic, monochromic, monochromous]

  2. n. painting done in a range of tones of a single color

  3. a black-and-white photograph or slide [syn: black and white]


Monochrome describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or values of one color. A monochromatic object or image reflects colors in shades of limited colors or hues. Images using only shades of grey (with or without black or white) are called grayscale or black-and-white. However, scientifically speaking, monochromatic light refers to visible light of a narrow band of wavelengths (see spectral color).

Monochrome (Helmet album)

Monochrome is the sixth album by the American alternative metal band Helmet, released in 2006 through Warcon. This is the third Helmet album in a row to be recorded as a three-piece, with new drummer Mike Jost joining veterans Page Hamilton and Chris Traynor. Bassist Jeremy Chatelain, who replaced Frank Bello on the Size Matters tour, rejoined the band for the 2006 Warped Tour in support of Monochrome.

The track 'Monochrome' is featured on the soundtrack for Saw III and is played over the film's end credits; a music video was created which featured Jigsaw's puppet, Billy, lip-synching the song while riding his bike. Also featured are shots of the band on TV screens and some clips from the film.

Monochrome (disambiguation)

Monochrome refers to something of a single color. The term may also refer to the following.

Monochrome (Ammonia song)

"Monochrome" is the third single by Ammonia, from their second album Eleventh Avenue. It was released in February 1998 on the Murmur record label.

Monochrome (Helmet song)

"Monochrome" is a single from the alternative metal band Helmet. It was used in the Darren Lynn Bousman's film Saw III on October 27, 2006, from the album called, like the single, Monochrome. The track soundtrack for Saw III and is played over the film's end credits. The vinyl version of the album contains the bonus track "Requiem", which was originally recorded by the band Killing Joke.

Monochrome (July for Kings album)

Monochrome is the third studio album released by the American independent alternative rock music group July for Kings. It is their second independently released studio album.

The album was released on June 23, 2009, on iTunes and on June 28, 2009, on Bandcamp. The band took up main producing responsibilities while Andy Ellis co-produced the track "Say it Now" with Joe Hedges.

Monochrome (Lee Hyori album)

Monochrome (stylized as MONOCHROME) is the fifth studio album by South Korean singer-songwriter Lee Hyori. It was released on May 21, 2013, by B2M Entertainment and distributed by CJ E&M Music. The album, which has an analogue sound and retro feel, departs from her previous style of music. It is her first full-length release after a three-year hiatus since H-Logic (2010).

Unlike her previous work, Lee collaborated with foreign composers such as Norwegian songwriting team Dsign Music, who previously composed Girls' Generation's " Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" and " I Got a Boy". She also worked with blues musician Kim Tae-chun, and her then-boyfriend Lee Sang-soon for the new record. Beenzino, a member of hip-hop duo Jazzyfact, Bak Ji-yong from vocal trio Honey G, comedian Ahn Young-mi, and Lee's companion dog Soonshim participated on the album as featured artists.

Monochrome contains a total of sixteen tracks, including the lead single "Bad Girls", the self-composed hit "Miss Korea", and "Show Show Show", a cover of " No No No" originally performed by German pop trio Monrose. A special edition of the album, featuring a 156-page photo book and limited to 5,000 copies, was available for pre-order starting on May 9, 2013.

The album sold about 17,000 physical copies and 2.75 million digital tracks in 2013, making it the 79th best-selling Korean album of that year. Lee bounced back as a musician thanks to the album's success, winning the award for Best Female Artist at 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Usage examples of "monochrome".

The latter, enormous work was still a drawing, but the austerity of the bistre monochrome seemed fitting for the devotional austerity of the mood and somehow reinforced the enormous compositional pull of the work towards its patriotic center, where light played on the head of Sylvain Bailly commanding the oath.

Of the later pottery of Knossos, which substituted naturalistic motives, executed in monochrome, for the conventional polychrome designs of the Kamares period, many specimens were also found during the excavations of this season.

He moved in a straight line through a dim midevening monochrome, a kind of interior dusk, abstract murals on either side.

While he was away on the scout mission, the designer had gone for a retro-modern image: slick flow-curving furniture of white tragwood from Niska, monochrome illumination floors and walls.

Sher, Frances, and Theo were picked out in monochrome by starlight and a half moon, the uneven rickrack lines of heads, shoulders, and knees dusted silver.

Before him stood a battalion of chambermaids in crisp monochrome, their caps of fluted white linen seated upon their coiffures like matching baby doves.

From the monochrome blur there emerged a spidery figure, jackboots set well apart, hands on hips, face invisible under the high-fronted black cap.

Amos Walkers were packaged in similar monochrome blue covers, with promotion limited to signings in local bookstores, usually in Ann Arbor when the University of Michigan football team was playing and almost all the potential customers were in the stadium or watching the game at home.

Another grotto would be a monochrome of blue, various copper salts being "planted" everywhere, and growing in incrustations and festoons of every shade of blue from the faintest tinge of coerulean azure and green and grey, in whose abyss would be seen shapes of anemonies, perhaps of such hues as iron oxide, silver chromate, and cupramonium cyanurate.

But it was Kant's noble, and in some important ways quite successful, attempt to introduce a real Ascent into the monochrome and flatland world that would drive Fichte's culminating insight into the pure Freedom of the pure Self or infinite supra-individual Subject, and this Fichtean move of pure Ascent (and the inherent problems of a pure Ascent divorced form Descent) would trigger the attempted integration with the Descending current (itself often represented by Spinoza.

I pass on another attempt and load the slower of my two _Asteroids_ programs and obliterate a few zillion rocks in glorious wire-frame monochrome until my fingers ache and my eyes are smarting again and it's time for some decaff and bed.

In the bottom of the trunk was a small leather writing case, and in this were an unused pad and a monochrome snap of a group of soldiers sitting in shirtsleeves on an armoured vehicle.

The office walls were crowded with mementoes, but they were all battalion and division mementoes, war-game trophies, battle honours, old platoon photographs in faded monochrome.

The thickest clouds were black silhouettes, but the thinner ones showed their substance in blue monochrome, in shades of one color, all the lines and curves and burgeonings of them, all inexpressibly lovely.

Occasional highlights gleamed above the fog's monochrome blur, but they were too far away to have shapes.