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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a (big) box office draw (=a successful actor who many people will pay to see)
a box of chocolates (=a box of small sweets covered with chocolate)
▪ I gave Mum a box of chocolates for her birthday.
a boxing/tennis/golf etc champion
▪ The show will be opened by the former world boxing champion, Chris Eubank.
a commentary box (=a small room where the commentators on a sports game sit)
▪ He was in the commentary box, microphone in hand.
a (huge) box office hit/success
a sealed container/box/plastic bag
▪ The specimens he collected were sent back to London in sealed containers.
ballot box
▪ The people have expressed their views through the ballot box.
black box
boom box
box canyon
box end wrench
box junction
box lunch
box number
box office receipts/takings etc (=the number of tickets sold or the money received)
box office
▪ Collect your tickets at the box office.
box room
Boxing Day
boxing gloves
▪ The trainer laced up Mike's boxing gloves.
call box
cash box
chocolate box
▪ He had grown tired of the chocolate box views.
collection box
dialogue box
dispatch box
fuse box
hat box
honesty box
jury box
music box
Pandora's box
▪ The report could open up a Pandora’s box of claims from similar cases.
penalty box
phone box
pillar box
PO Box
▪ Write to P.O. Box 714, Key Largo, Florida.
post office box
press box
safe-deposit box
safety-deposit box
sentry box
set-top box
shadow boxing
signal box
snuff box (=a small box used to keep snuff in)
▪ a snuff box
telephone box
the witness box/stand (=where the witness sits when speaking in court)
▪ He spent three hours in the witness stand.
▪ Just tick the box on your order form.
voice box
window box
witness box
▪ A big box with a small meal inside.
▪ Some are predicting that malls could have a more varied tenant mix, with more big-box retailers moving in.
▪ Teacher: If you found a bigger box could we add it to the train for me to sit in?
▪ But in the evening, one of them would buy a big box of doughnuts, and no one could resist.
▪ I could see the neighbours looking curiously at the big box he had with him.
▪ That bed is a big box he is built by himself, make out of one piece wood.
▪ There's a big box there.
Big box retailer For several years, Home Depot, a big box retailer of hardware, has sought a port site.
▪ A second later there was a loud click and buzz which could only be the black box alarm being activated.
▪ New investigative techniques have opened up the black box of the brain and have begun to shed light on its inner workings.
▪ They're still looking for his black box.
▪ A long black box passed at their feet.
▪ But the congressional intelligence committees are like a black box.
▪ So another crew will come back to many neighborhoods to install the black boxes.
▪ Clearly, if not the ghost, then the organism in the black box could not be ignored.
▪ It was a matt black plastic box.
▪ In one street, the pavement is stacked with cardboard boxes of Toshiba television sets.
▪ He has been seen in the square scooping the birds into a cardboard box 40 at a time.
▪ Next to me a lady with a perforated cardboard box.
▪ Mrs Vanya came back in just a few moments, carrying a very large white cardboard box.
▪ In the center of the room sat a stack of cardboard boxes that had once held equipment.
▪ He opened the cardboard box and took out each item, greeting each like an old friend.
▪ Everything was still in his suitcase; he put the clothes in a cardboard shirt box.
▪ I ended up putting the cardboard from that box in the bottoms of my shoes.
▪ Detroit did huge box office, but, damn, the picture was becoming scary.
▪ While she happily cavorted, I crept up to the huge white smooth box and gingerly touched it.
▪ He nipped out to the off-licence at lunchtime and bought her a huge box of chocolates.
▪ He held two huge boxes of mushrooms.
▪ My men saw that huge box on the water, and we decided to pull it along behind the ship.
▪ Dismayed, Romanov knelt down to study the two larger boxes, both of which looked big enough to hold a cello.
▪ She walks back to her desk, takes out a large yellow box of chocolates and passes them around the room.
▪ When they got near the large boxes, Christopher stood up inside the car and lifted it round to turn it.
▪ Mrs Vanya came back in just a few moments, carrying a very large white cardboard box.
▪ Simply putting them all into a large box is a totally impractical approach.
▪ A volunteer from Project Open Hand was standing in their doorway holding a large box decorated with streamers and balloons.
▪ She shut the trunk and moved on to a large cardboard box.
▪ The antenna was stored in a large box atop Spartan.
▪ Then you take out the little plastic box from your jacket and show him the syringe needle.
▪ That little box is the most powerful thing in the world.
▪ The top right-hand drawer of the desk contained the traditional little tin box and a pistol.
▪ We got to looking at it so till I almost forgot the little box in my hand.
▪ I've got the whole weight of the whole earth pressing in on this little box.
▪ Travel abroad should have compensated her somehow for the little social box that tennis built.
▪ You'd be lonely, stuck in that little box for hours on end.
▪ With the windows all boarded up, that little box went up in a big wham.
▪ She was reading a mail-order catalogue, and had an open half-pound box of Black Magic chocolates beside her.
▪ He taps each envelope on the edge of the door to the open boxes as he searches for the name.
▪ Ensure broken glass and other sharp items are thoroughly wrapped or left in a marked open box.
▪ All I had to do was open my box of colored paper, and I felt better, happy, really.
▪ She was, however, also well-to-do, so she compromised by sitting in the open box next to the screened harem ones.
▪ In his relief, he dropped his pouch and as he stooped the open box of matches spilled around his feet.
▪ They sat round his candle, waiting for him, with the open box in front of them.
▪ Chromes: sit on your side and puzzles from the Red Cross box.
▪ Now it was far too late for a red box and a black Rover.
▪ There is no shortage of uses for the red boxes.
▪ It's in a red box.
▪ One red box is actually the entrance to the bar.
▪ How my heart leaped to see a red pillar box once more, on the other side of the compound!
▪ John gives Mary the coin, she hides it in the red box for safe-keeping and departs.
▪ In such a small box as Alwyn Crawshaw's I would not recommend compartments which restrict space in effect.
▪ I built a small, mirrored box, and I bought a color-changing lizard and placed it inside.
▪ But this small orange box produced by a Thame company could help prevent such accidents in the future.
▪ After a few years Brown began making safes, ranging from high-use restaurant systems to small custom boxes.
▪ Lay out the small, smooth wooden blocks or small boxes where the living compartments for the ants are to be.
▪ They consist of a small box built of fear.
▪ It was a small black box, rather like the Thing, mounted on little treads.
▪ A small box attached to the meter would separate the data signal from the electricity.
▪ Here I cut down several of the largest trees with my knife, and made two wooden boxes.
▪ Professor Marsh eventually took almost five hundred ton-sized wooden boxes of bones from the Como Bluff quarries.
▪ There was an ironing-board, two kitchen chairs and a couple of broken wooden boxes snaked around the front room.
▪ For modern sculpture, galleries use a tall wooden box, stained or painted.
▪ To the right a padlocked wooden box was fixed to the grille.
▪ Jasper and I went into a few more galleries, saw things even less worth looking at than the giant wooden boxes.
▪ I didn't mind; it kept my thoughts off morbid fancies about Granny in her wooden box.
▪ It was a little wooden box with houses painted on it.
▪ No society which believes in democratic values can allow the ballot box to be overridden by the bomb and the bullet.
▪ Only the last two ballot boxes overturned his lead.
▪ Accordingly, that liberty need not seek refuge at the ballot box.
▪ In the meantime, the Polytechnic will still use old-fashioned ballot boxes.
▪ H.. Doing traffic engineering at the ballot box is fools' work.
▪ A Government which is not accountable through the ballot box is not a democratic Government.
▪ Haider and his followers have been gradually building their support at the ballot box for the past decade.
▪ Possibly somewhere between 1901 and the present, Bobsworth had been caught with his hand in the cash box.
▪ They were arrested three weeks later in Liverpool when they were again seen to remove the cash box from a kiosk.
▪ Clinic raided: Burglars stole about £100 from a cash box at the clinic in Zetland Street, Northallerton.
▪ Responsibility for the photocopier cash box. 9.
▪ Jewellery has always been the Arabian woman's cash box.
▪ The imprest would also be £3.77, so that the petty cash box contains £20 for the next day.
▪ Phone cash goes Thieves broke into a cash box in a telephone kiosk at Braintree railway station and stole about £300.
▪ Bedrooms are simply furnished with telephone and safety deposit box.
▪ Where is your safe deposit box, and the keys to it?
▪ Bedrooms have mini-bar and safety deposit box.
▪ One item that intrigued them was a key to a safe deposit box, which was apparently left for them to find.
▪ Bedrooms, served by a lift, have telephone and safety deposit box.
▪ Their customary practice was to deposit receipts in the night deposit box at that branch.
▪ The hotel bedrooms all have safety deposit box and telephone.
▪ The bedrooms do not have a safety deposit box.
▪ The standard file is accessed by many applications to provide the dialogue box which allows files to be opened and saved.
▪ Whenever a file is opened or saved a number of extra buttons appear in the dialogue box.
▪ This dialogue box will search for data within set criteria, extract it and write it to a pre-defined output block.
▪ A dialogue box will appear asking you whether you want a new Program Group or a new Program Item.
▪ Step 7 Close the dialogue box and click on the icon to produce a quote.
▪ All the dialogue boxes are familiar from other Windows applications.
▪ This brings up a dialogue box, where you type in the necessary alterations.
▪ But we need explosives to take out the island or the junction box up above.
▪ Fans up to 35 pounds can be installed in a secured junction box, but anything heavier will need additional support.
▪ This in turn led to the arm and gun junction boxes being redesigned horizontally next to each other rather than grouped centrally at the front.
▪ With the junction box method of wiring, you may simply be able to re-use the cable for the new light fitting.
▪ Option 1 is to connect the supply cable as a spur to an existing loop-in ceiling rose or junction box.
▪ Draw the cables up into the ceiling void, and reconnect them to a four-terminal junction box.
▪ Not that you could take what was left of your mind off the sockets and the junction boxes.
▪ Option 3 involves making a brand new connection to an existing lighting circuit at a convenient point, using a four-terminal junction box.
▪ His eyes rarely left the jury box except occasionally to peer down at his notes.
▪ The jury box is set off by a walnut rail and descending baubles, round spheres of beautifully grained wood.
▪ The judge leaned forward to tell Menzies that he could be seated and then turned slowly towards the Jury box.
▪ He approached the rail of the jury box.
▪ Reporters and court personnel occupied the jury box.
▪ Cutting letter box slots in doors is a job most of us have to do once or twice in a decade.
▪ All of it divvied up, who you talked to, where you walked, which letter box you posted your mail.
▪ Frankie was a nice little thing actually, when there were no screams coming from that amazing letter box mouth.
▪ I shudder to think what I should do when her next social invitation arrives in the letter box!
▪ I glued up the cat flap. 1 sprayed the letter box with insect repellent.
▪ But there are professionals for whom this is a daily task, for them Trend have made an adjustable letter box template.
▪ I mean, she could've burnt the house down that night she put the lighted paper through the letter box.
▪ He was pressed against the wood face, his hips hard on to the letter box, and he cursed the slow reaction.
▪ I can remember that I wanted a care bears lunch box.
▪ When he finishes his supper, the boy tucks the lunch box back into a shopping bag and closes his eyes.
▪ A lunch box is opened, and a cluster of plastic and aluminium jewels gleam from inside.
▪ Leave a Surprise Leave behind a special note to be put into a lunch box or under a pillow.
▪ I picked up my lunch box and I walked to school.
▪ Forty-four little hands gather up coats and lunch boxes and forty-four little feet head down the hall to go home.
▪ I could now see that Richie was providing the sandwiches from the plastic lunch box, perched on his lap.
▪ Plastic Lunch boxes, food storage containers, etc, may melt if stacked close to the heating elements.
▪ He came up to the house that evening, armed with the music box and the monkey.
▪ The sweet, tinkling sound of a music box can stir recollections of everything from childhood to first love.
▪ Does he prefer soft music boxes or rhythmic beats?
▪ Julia Roberts' beauty didn't stop Pretty Woman becoming a smash at the box office.
▪ Reserve tickets in advance by calling the box office at 622-2823.
▪ He was good box office and managements fell over themselves to get his name on their marquees.
▪ Went into orbit at the box office, too.
▪ The winners will be notified tomorrow and they can pick up their tickets at the box office.
▪ He and Eng reasoned that box office receipts would help pay the way back to Los Angeles.
▪ Application forms are available from the box office or sent with your tickets.
▪ The money is to go in a penalty box kept by Grandmother; the proceeds will go to a charity.
▪ Officials sent offenders to the penalty box left and right.
▪ O'Connell's header found Graham completely unmarked inside the penalty box but Goram did enough to touch the ball on to the bar.
▪ If two-minute penalties were handed out for four-letter words, Newman would still be in the penalty box.
▪ Everton bounced back when Barlow smashed a stunning volley from the edge of the penalty box.
▪ I can't help thinking that the battle in the penalty box tomorrow will be just as vital.
▪ She claims she has been forced to wait for him to call her from phone boxes.
▪ I rang his sister from a public phone box.
▪ She spotted the out-of-order phone box and drew up beside it.
▪ Miracle: a phone box empty.
▪ Charlie'd said he wanted to phone Lilian and when I come back over the road he was in a phone box.
▪ When it was safe to do so, Stone entered the phone box and began to make his calls.
▪ Now we haven't even got the phone box.
▪ Police, alerted by a motorist who dashed to a phone box, organised a replacement ambulance.
▪ He pulled the small plastic box free and laid it on top of the crate, fumbling in his jacket pocket for something.
▪ Then you take out the little plastic box from your jacket and show him the syringe needle.
▪ The plastic box was about seven inches long and five across.
▪ One tactic is simply to shield the device, by enclosing it in a metal or plastic box of low impedance.
▪ So I packed my plastic box, and off I went.
▪ Forget all the images you have of little plastic boxes and bored housewives.
▪ They're asking people to look out for the substances which were in a large grey plastic box.
▪ Once they can sit up, babies love to bash saucepans, plastic boxes, biscuit tins, cupboards and fireguards.
▪ The young Sri Lankan scorer in the press box awarded it to Manuel.
▪ My duty was to run statistical information and other paperwork from trackside up to the press box.
▪ Armed guards stood on the stairs to the press box.
▪ Awnings on top of the press box were damaged.
▪ In the press box, the sports reporters are already writing her into their leads.
▪ It is aimed at him from the darkened press box.
▪ The box set has given a history to popular music, by providing perspective.
▪ The box set has given stature to popular and obscure artists, by providing context.
▪ Every artist should be allowed to design the retrospective box set that will define a lifetime, as has Santana.
▪ Do old radio broadcasts, minor record labels and second-rate artists merit box sets?
▪ Approaching the signal box he mounted the steps, the hand-rail creaking as he used it for support.
▪ A class D9 No. 6028 departs southwards, seen from the signal box.
▪ With the modernisation of the railway system, Brooke End signal box was abandoned, its structure left to stand forlorn.
▪ He walked along Platform 2 and noticed smoke coming from the signal box.
▪ Between the years 1902-1902, there was actually a signal box situated well inside the Woodhead tunnel.
▪ A typical branch line country station complete with signal box has been created.
▪ Terror gripped the two men as they ran as fast as they could away from the ghostly train towards Elsham signal box.
▪ There is a signal box at each end, East and West also the Breakdown Vans, ready when they are wanted.
▪ The first telephone boxes were designed by Sir Giles Scott in 1935, they were made of cast iron.
▪ Cash stolen: Thieves who broke into Bishop Auckland bowling pavilion stole money from a telephone box.
▪ And that phone call ... Part of it was overheard by one of the village ladies waiting just outside the telephone box.
▪ Look out for the old red telephone box which stands nearby.
▪ One broker was found to be operating from a telephone box at Heathrow airport.
▪ Local government could meet in a telephone box because function is not important.
▪ On the way back, she made me wait on the bench outside the telephone box.
▪ Until recently, 1p coins topped the league when it came to money lost in or near telephone boxes.
▪ He often writes home about his window boxes.
▪ There, perched on the window box with her nose glued to the other side of the glass, was Violet.
▪ If you don't have one, get a window box or hanging basket.
▪ What if Saddle River, New Jersey, has a lot of window boxes?
▪ Most gardeners will want to grow them in hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs.
▪ Balconies and window boxes along canyon walls maintained refugia of plants and animals hundreds of miles from their core distributions.
▪ Worth considering are species producing six or more flowers per bulb - Tete A Tete is ideal for window boxes.
▪ Plants stood in tubs and window boxes, in terra-cotta pots on the steps.
▪ Evidence depends upon witnesses and, to some extent, their credibility is dependent upon their performance in the witness box.
▪ As it was, when she left the witness box she also left everyone in court in considerable doubt.
▪ As the Inspector stepped out of the witness box I felt confident enough to look him straight in the eye.
▪ However, his appearance in the witness box in support of Gary Blissett in the John Uzzell case was plain barmy.
▪ Hodgson was in the witness box yesterday for the first time in the trial - now in its fifth week.
▪ Paul Menzies left the dock and walked slowly over to the witness box.
▪ However, the theme of attempting to discredit the woman in the witness box continues.
▪ Graham Kelly should be putting his own house in order, not making guest appearances in the witness box.
▪ Could I tick the box in my bird book?
▪ In comparison, John Harrison offered the world a little ticking thing in a box.
▪ They only have to tick the boxes.
▪ Further details of these special loan schemes can be obtained by ticking the appropriate box on the attached coupon.
▪ Mercifully, the Windows shell offers you tick boxes instead of command line switches to make life a little easier.
▪ If you wish to take advantage of this option, simply tick the appropriate box on the application form.
▪ And if you'd like to see the full collection just tick the box on your order form for the complete Essentials.
▪ Please tick the box which best expresses your opinion.
nest of tables/boxes etc
▪ Charles Forster, prosecuting, said Ganguly had stolen a nest of tables and was seen by police.
▪ The Anglo-Nubians posed like a nest of tables by the ropes.
not the sharpest tool in the box/shed
open a Pandora's box
▪ I've opened Pandora's box.
▪ The internet has opened a Pandora's box of threats: its demons have been loosed on us all.
the ballot box
▪ The issue will be decided at the ballot box.
▪ The voters have expressed their views at the ballot box.
▪ They are determined to win power through the ballot box, not by violence.
the dispatch box
think outside the box
tick all the right boxes
▪ a cardboard box
▪ Check this box if you would like information about our other products.
▪ five wooden boxes
▪ The box on the left gives a short history of the Alamo.
▪ the batter's box
▪ the penalty box
▪ After building your own machine you certainly will not be worried about opening the box!
▪ All the complex calculations are built into the software; all you do is enter the numbers in the right boxes.
▪ For instance: Ban all polystyrene, such as packing chips, meat trays and some egg boxes.
▪ I did not want to die impaled on a boom box during midair turbulence.
▪ I go back over the contents of the boxes, particularly some correspondence I had not examined.
▪ It comes from a collection of letters I found in a box at the top of the attic.
▪ The young Sri Lankan scorer in the press box awarded it to Manuel.
▪ We need only your blue box.
▪ Nearly all the pews were boxed in, the panels chest-height, narrow doors allowing entry.
▪ Rather than seeing a light at the end of the sanctions tunnel, Hussein felt increasingly boxed in.
▪ Her coach told her she lost some time by getting boxed in, time she could recover in her next race.
▪ Even when you have the problem boxed in on three sides, it can still escape.
▪ She'd just box a few ears, knock a few heads together like she did with the Rattries, and chase them off.
▪ Hera seizing the bow of Artemis from her shoulders and boxing her ears with it this way and that.
nest of tables/boxes etc
▪ Charles Forster, prosecuting, said Ganguly had stolen a nest of tables and was seen by police.
▪ The Anglo-Nubians posed like a nest of tables by the ropes.
not the sharpest tool in the box/shed
open a Pandora's box
▪ I've opened Pandora's box.
▪ The internet has opened a Pandora's box of threats: its demons have been loosed on us all.
the ballot box
▪ The issue will be decided at the ballot box.
▪ The voters have expressed their views at the ballot box.
▪ They are determined to win power through the ballot box, not by violence.
the dispatch box
▪ I should be able to box Jerome.
▪ Items like tea bags and cigarettes are boxed, then wrapped in cellophane.
▪ Nearly all the pews were boxed in, the panels chest-height, narrow doors allowing entry.
▪ She'd just box a few ears, knock a few heads together like she did with the Rattries, and chase them off.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boce \Boce\ (b[=o]s), n. [L. box, bocis, Gr. bo`ax, bw^x.] (Zo["o]l.) A European fish ( Box vulgaris), having a compressed body and bright colors; -- called also box, and bogue.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English box "a wooden container," also the name of a type of shrub, from Late Latin buxis, from Greek pyxis "boxwood box," from pyxos "box tree," which is of uncertain origin. See OED entry for discussion. German Büchse also is a Latin loan word.\n

\nMeaning "compartment at a theater" is from c.1600. Meaning "pigeon-hole at a post office" is from 1832. Meaning "television" is from 1950. Slang meaning "vulva" is attested 17c., according to "Dictionary of American Slang;" modern use seems to date from c.World War II, perhaps originally Australian, on notion of "box of tricks." Box office is 1786; in the figurative sense of "financial element of a performance" it is first recorded 1904. Box lunch (n.) attested from 1899. The box set, "multiple-album, CD or cassette issue of the work of an artist" is attested by 1955.


"a blow," c.1300, of uncertain origin, possibly related to Middle Dutch boke, Middle High German buc, and Danish bask, all meaning "a blow," perhaps imitative.


"to put into storage, put into a box," mid-15c., from box (n.1). Related: Boxed; boxing.\n


"to beat or whip," late 14c., from box (n.2). Meaning "to fight with the fists" is from 1560s. Related: Boxed; boxing.


Etymology 1 n. A cuboid#Adjective space; a container, usually with a hinged lid. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To place inside a box; to pack in boxes. 2 (context transitive usually with 'in' English) To hem in. 3 (context transitive computing English) To place a value of a primitive type into a corresponding object. 4 (context transitive English) To mix two containers of paint of similar color to ensure that the color is identical. 5 (context transitive English) To furnish (e.g. a wheel) with boxes. 6 (context architecture English) To enclose with boarding, lathing, etc., so as to bring to a required form. 7 (context transitive English) To make an incision or hole in (a tree) for the purpose of procuring the sap. Etymology 2

n. 1 Any of various evergreen shrubs or trees of the genus ''Buxus''. 2 boxwood: the wood from a box tree. 3 (context slang English) A musical instrument, especially/usually one made from boxwood. Etymology 3

n. A blow with the fist. vb. (context transitive English) To strike with fists; to punch.

  1. n. a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid; "he rummaged through a box of spare parts"

  2. private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance; "the royal box was empty" [syn: loge]

  3. the quantity contained in a box; "he gave her a box of chocolates" [syn: boxful]

  4. a predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible; "his lying got him into a tight corner" [syn: corner]

  5. a rectangular drawing; "the flowchart contained many boxes"

  6. evergreen shrubs or small trees [syn: boxwood]

  7. any one of several designated areas on a ball field where the batter or catcher or coaches are positioned; "the umpire warned the batter to stay in the batter's box"

  8. the driver's seat on a coach; "an armed guard sat in the box with the driver" [syn: box seat]

  9. separate partitioned area in a public place for a few people; "the sentry stayed in his box to avoid the cold"

  10. a blow with the hand (usually on the ear); "I gave him a good box on the ear"

  1. v. put into a box; "box the gift, please" [syn: package] [ant: unbox]

  2. hit with the fist; "I'll box your ears!"

  3. engage in a boxing match


Box ( plural: boxes) describes a variety of containers and receptacles for permanent use as storage, or for temporary use, often for transporting contents.

Boxes may be made of durable materials such as wood or metal, or of corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, or other non-durable materials. The size may vary from very small (e.g., a matchbox) to the size of a large appliance. A corrugated box is a very common shipping container. When no specific shape is described, a box of rectangular cross-section with all sides flat may be expected, but a box may have a horizontal cross section that is square, elongated, round or oval; sloped or domed top surfaces, or non-vertical sides.

A decorative or storage box may be opened by raising, pulling, sliding or removing the lid, which may be hinged and/or fastened by a catch, clasp, or lock.

Box (juggling)

In toss juggling, the box is a juggling pattern for 3 objects, most commonly balls or bean bags. Two balls are dedicated to a specific hand with vertical throws, and the third ball is thrown horizontally between the two hands. Its siteswap is (4,2x)(2x,4).

The box pattern can be seen as a synchronous shower, which direction is changed at every throw.

Box (disambiguation)

A box is a container or package, often rectangular or cuboid.

Box or boxes may also refer to:

Box (Dive album)

This 2CD Box collects most of Dive's 1990-1993 output.

Box (torture)

The box, also known as a hot box or sweatbox, is a method of solitary confinement used in humid and arid regions as a method of punishment. Anyone placed in one would experience extreme heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, even death, depending on when and how long one was kept in one. Another variation of this punishment is known as sweating: the use of a heated room to punish or coerce a person into cooperating with the torturers.

Box (comics)

Box (Roger Bochs) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, specifically Alpha Flight, of which Box was a member.

Box (Guided by Voices album)

Box is the first box set by indie rock band Guided by Voices. The set was released in 1995 on CD and vinyl. It collects their first four limited-release albums Devil Between My Toes, Sandbox, Self Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia and Same Place the Fly Got Smashed, as well as an LP of previously unavailable material, King Shit and the Golden Boys.

The vinyl edition also includes Propeller - this was excluded from the CD version as the album was already available on that format, having been included on the first CD edition of Vampire on Titus.

Box (theatre)

In theater, a box (also known as loge) is a small, separated seating area in the auditorium for a limited number of people.

Boxes are typically placed immediately to the front, side and above the level of the stage. They are often separate rooms with an open viewing area which typically seat five people or fewer. Usually all the seats in a box are taken by members of a single group of people. A state box or royal box is sometimes provided for dignitaries.

In theaters without box seating the loge can refer to a separate section at the front of the balcony.

Sports venues such as stadiums and racetracks also have royal boxes or enclosures, for example at the All England Club and Ascot Racecourse, where access is limited to royal families or other distinguished personalities. In other countries, sports venues have luxury boxes, where access is open to anyone who can afford tickets.

Box (company)

Box (formerly, based in Redwood City, California, is an online file sharing and content management service for businesses. The company uses a freemium business model to provide cloud storage and file hosting for personal accounts and businesses. Official clients and apps are available for Windows, Mac OSX, and several mobile platforms. Box was founded in 2005.

Box (Ministry album)

Box is a three-disc EP compilation album released in Germany. It contains non-album songs and remixes of previously released songs that Ministry recorded for Sire Records up to that point. Although it was priced and numbered as a boxed set of CD singles in Germany, it was only available at full import prices overseas. It is a somewhat rare collectors' item.

Box (surname)

Box is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ab Box (1909–2000), Canadian football player
  • Betty Box (1915–1999), British film producer
  • Cloyce Box (1923–1993), American football player
  • Don Box, Microsoft employee
  • Edgar Box, pseudonym used by Gore Vidal
  • George E. P. Box (1919–2013), British statistician
  • Godfrey Box, 16th century British entrepreneur
  • Jason Box, American glaciologist
  • John Box (1920–2005), British film designer
  • Kenneth Box (born 1930), British track and field sprinter
  • Mick Box (born 1947), British guitarist
  • Muriel Box (1905–1991), British writer
  • Steve Box (born 1967), British animator
  • Sydney Box (1907–1983), British film producer
Box (film)

Box is 2015 Romanian drama film directed by Florin Șerban. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

Usage examples of "box".

His carriage, with his wife and two daughters already aboard and Cram scowling on the box beside the driver, stood by the front door.

Why did you wish information about this box of aconitine pills prescribed for Mrs.

The box bearing the aconitine label and the pills had all rolled out of the china umbrella stand, and he had taken it for granted that the pills belonged in the box.

Turnbull put down his pill box before getting a glass of water, and in his attack of giddiness accidentally opened your box of aconitine pills, Mrs.

One evening, being in the box of Le Vasseur, the performance was composed of a tragedy in which a very handsome actress had the part of a dumb priestess.

Resigned, I groped in the pocket of my skirt, where I had placed the small box containing the Chinese acupuncture needles that had saved his life on our Atlantic crossing.

Imbs was practicing his complicated piece, the so-called adagio, and the machinist, with a manipulation of the black switch box, had turned off all the machines for the time required to go through the piece three times.

As I was bidding him adieu, he gave me an order on his house at Naples for a barrel of muscatel wine, and he presented me with a splendid box containing twelve razors with silver handles, manufactured in the Tour-du-Grec.

After a few moments the seeker saw the shape forming up ahead, the boxy bridge, the pointed bow, the tall central mast and the funnel aft, with the box of the hangar for the Dauphin helicopter and the flat helo-deck aft.

Chemicals, but it did not consume much space: the salt, the agar, a small box of lye, six ounces of absolute alcohol and four of formalin.

I ran, carrying the cat litter box like a pizza tray, disrupting the class, causing Winnie to become highly agitato, unable to explain because I had a cigar in my mouth and was carrying a pizza tray and running for my life from men who were carrying wildly beeping receivers which made them Israeli spies and men who were wildly firing weapons which made them Arab terrorists and the whole macho parade failing to arouse or interest the girls in the slightest, which, of course, made them lesbians.

Hardfaced men--the agitators who had been prominent in the trouble from the first--mounted soap boxes at street corners, and began to label Aunt Nora as a sinister woman, and Doc Savage a murderer and worse.

I had five boxes of Fiddle Faddle, two bags of Double-Stuff Oreo cookies, a ten-pack of Snickers bars, two bags of Fritos and one of Doritos, seven Gogurts in a variety of flavors, one bag of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, a box of Count Chocula, a two-pound bag of Skittles, and a six-pack of Yoo-Hoo locked in my room.

To steel his body with the fluid motions and speed of aikido, he also took up boxing and fencing and rounded things out with acrobatics.

She handed over an airmail letter and a well- wrapped packet about the size of a box of chocolates.