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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ There's a Youth remix, too.
▪ U2 have just released a disco remix.
▪ We recorded some spoken word with Burroughs to incorporate directly into a remix of the song.
▪ Whereas the original boasted an eerie aura, the remix merely sounds like a half-hearted run through an old New Order B-side.
▪ You obviously have the extra special festive remix.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Remix \Re*mix"\ (r?-m?ks"), v. t. To mix again or repeatedly.


n. 1 (context music English) A rearrangement of an older piece of music, possibly including various cosmetic changes. 2 (context music English) A piece of music formed by combining existing pieces of music together, possibly including various other cosmetic changes vb. 1 (context music intransitive English) To create a remix 2 (context music transitive English) To rearrange or radically alter a particular piece of music 3 to mix again


A remix is a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item. A song, piece of artwork, book, video, or photograph can all be remixes. The only characteristic of a remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new. Remix - Creative personal rendition of a song/video

Most commonly, remixes are associated with music and song recordings. Songs may be remixed for a variety of reasons:

  • to adapt or revise a song for radio or nightclub play
  • to create a stereo or surround sound version of a song where none was previously available
  • to improve the fidelity of an older song for which the original master has been lost or degraded
  • to alter a song to suit a specific music genre or radio format
  • to use some of the same materials, allowing the song to reach a different audience
  • to alter a song for artistic purposes.
  • to provide additional versions of a song for use as bonus tracks or for a B-side, for example, in times when a CD single might carry a total of 4 tracks
  • to create a connection between a smaller artist and a more successful one, as was the case with Fatboy Slim's remix of " Brimful of Asha" by Cornershop
  • to improve the first or demo mix of the song, generally to ensure a professional product.
  • to provide an alternative version of a song

Remixes should not be confused with edits, which usually involve shortening a final stereo master for marketing or broadcasting purposes. Another distinction should be made between a remix, which recombines audio pieces from a recording to create an altered version of a song, and a cover: a re-recording of someone else' song.

Remix (Mushroomhead album)

The first Remix album released by Mushroomhead in 1997. All tracks are remixes except for "Everyone's Got One" (hence the subtitle "Only Mix"). The last portion of "Episode 29 (Hardcore Mix)" was used on the XX album as "Episode 29". The original release of the "Multimedia Remix" also included recordings of Mushroomhead performing "Born of Desire" and "Chancre Sore" at Nautica in Cleveland (now known as The Scene Pavilion) as well as a video for "Simpleton".

Remix (TV series)

Remix was an Indian television series produced by Rose Audio Visuals, which used to air on STAR One. It was a hit among teenagers and had reruns on the same channel. The series is a remake of the popular Argentine soap Rebelde Way.

Remix (disambiguation)

A remix is an alternative version of a recorded work.

Remix may also refer to:

In music:

  • Remix (Candan Erçetin album)
  • Remix (I Like The), a song by New Kids on the Block
  • Remix (Le Tigre album)
  • Remix (Mushroomhead album)
  • The Remix (Lady Gaga album), a 2010 album by Lady Gaga
  • The Remix (Ariana Grande album), a 2015 album by Ariana Grande
  • r.e.m.IX, an album by R.E.M.
  • An alternative word for Arrangement.

In other media:

  • Remix (book), a 2008 book by Lawrence Lessig
  • Remix (fashion magazine), a New Zealand fashion magazine
  • Remix (film), a 2008 Danish film
  • Remix (magazine), a former US music magazine
  • Remix (TV series), a 2000s Indian television series
  • reMix (novel), a novel by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
  • The Remix, an Indonesia's NET. electronic dance music competition program

In technology

  • re-mix Open Source C# library to add mixin technology to .NET
  • a slang term for track corruption on a CD.
  • Remix OS an Android-based computer operating system for x86-architecture
Remix (Candan Erçetin album)

Remix is a Candan Erçetin album. There are remixes of " Neden" in this album. There is also a song named "Yazık Oldu" which is a song from Pjer Žalica's movie Fuse.

Remix (film)

Remix is a Danish 2008 feature film directed by Martin Hagbjer starring Micky Skeel Hansen as a 16-year-old pop singer Ruben. Remix is inspired by the true story of Danish pop idol Jon Gade Nørgaard known by the mononym Jon. Jon was also the subject of the documentary feature film Solo released in 2007. The film was released on January 25, 2008.

Remix (book)

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy is Lawrence Lessig's fifth book. It is available as a free download under a Creative Commons license. It details a hypothesis about the societal effect of the Internet, and how this will affect production and consumption of popular culture to a " remix culture".

Remix (magazine)

Remix was a monthly magazine for disc jockeys, audio engineers, record producers, and performers of electronic music. It was started in 1999 as a quarterly magazine. The magazine focused on recording and live-performance hardware, electronic musical instruments, and music-production hardware and computer software. It was headquartered in Marion, Ohio.

The final issue of Remix was dated January 2009.

Remix (Le Tigre album)

Remix is a remix album by American dance-punk trio Le Tigre. It was released by Mr. Lady Records in 2001 in the United States. It was reissued on August 24, 2004 with a bonus track.

Pitchfork Media called the album "just about as standard as remix albums can get", adding that the album's biggest weakness "is that, for the most part, it puts the disco before the discussion." The publication ranked the DFA's remix of "Deceptacon" 226th on its list of the best songs of the 2000s. Out magazine panned the album, writing that "Le Tigre deserves better."

Remix (fashion magazine)

Remix Magazine is a quarterly fashion magazine established in November 1997 in New Zealand and now distributed around the world. The content is predominantly fashion, beauty, pop culture and entertainment conveyed through original editorial and photography.

Published independently by Remix Media Ltd, Remix magazine has two titles; A New Zealand edition released throughout Australasia quarterly and an international edition released throughout the United States and Europe twice yearly. Founder and owner Tim Phin remains the publisher. The current editor is Steven Fernandez.

Remix (I Like The)

"Remix (I Like The)" is a song by American pop group New Kids on the Block from their sixth studio album, 10. The song was released as the album's lead single on January 28, 2013. "Remix (I Like The)" was written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Johannes Jørgensen, and Lemar, and it was produced by Deekay. The song features Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre on lead vocals.

"Remix (I Like The)" did not enter the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, becoming their first lead single to fail charting since " Be My Girl" (1986). However, the song did peak at number 38 on the Adult Pop Songs chart.

Usage examples of "remix".

And at a music store where Bonny downloads Gershwin remixes into her palmphone, Katelyn downloads ragtime standards, Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin.

It was as though tapes of remixed sounds had been run through a computer to extend their frequency range.

I woke every morning from five hours of enriched REM sleep, as wide-eyed and energetic as a hyperactive child, my head spinning with a thousand disintegrating dreams (most of them elaborate remixes of the previous day's editing).

These are bootlegs, never-released columns, NC-17 versions, lost classics, remixes, extended-play versions, and the director's cut.

But where you could be orchestrating your own music, you are remixing the music of others.

Mixed and remixed with thirty other presidents you had to recut and repaste to win a fast ten bucks.