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Word usage examples

American Neurological Association Hammond defined merycism as the functions of remastication and rumination in the human subject.

Hammond reported a case of a young man who was the subject of merycism, and whose mental condition was also impaired.

Whether the cure of the merycism in this case was directly due to the operations on the cranium, or the result of the mental improvement, is a question for discussion.

Hammond added that, when acquired, merycism was almost invariably the result of over-eating and loading the esophagus, or the result of fast eating.

As one, the assembled mermen and merwomen rose to their feet and shook their fists in a silent howl of outrage.

Only if another merwoman or merman came would it flare up, granted no one would intrude on her private premises.

I started to ask about Mela Merwoman, I was thinking of the way she kidnapped Prince Dolph, intending to marry him when he came of age.

The merwoman remained weak and dizzy, having expended much of her remaining store of energy in the production of that excellent exclamation.

It made her feel slightly less worse to know that Mela Merwoman had also been deceived.

She had never thought that what was possible for a merwoman was feasible for an ogress.