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n. A mermaid.

Usage examples of "merwoman".

Only if another merwoman or merman came would it flare up, granted no one would intrude on her private premises.

I started to ask about Mela Merwoman, I was thinking of the way she kidnapped Prince Dolph, intending to marry him when he came of age.

The merwoman remained weak and dizzy, having expended much of her remaining store of energy in the production of that excellent exclamation.

It made her feel slightly less worse to know that Mela Merwoman had also been deceived.

She had never thought that what was possible for a merwoman was feasible for an ogress.

Mela Merwoman, Ida Human, and Okra Ogress, who are here temporarily until their rocket seed is ready to move again.

Gwenny Goblin was quite pretty, and Mela Merwoman was physically luscious, for all that he was to young to notice, but Nada was beautiful.

Anyway, they were nice panties, and they had helped Mela Merwoman to nab her husband, which was the point of the whole adventure,.

Mind you, the merwoman is a fine figure of a woman, very fine, especially in salt water, but not fit to be Queen of the naga.

They were all under the aegis of the castle, so tender morsels like Jenny Elf or Mela Merwoman had no fear of the dragon Stanley Steamer or the reality-changing Com-Pewter.

The two gargoyles provided a steady stream of guaranteed fresh water, which pooled in two depressions of the cloud, so that Nada Naga could swim in one, and Mela Merwoman could swim in the other, after it had been appropriately salted.

She testified that she and her friends Mela Merwoman and Ida Human had been sent by the Simurgh to rescue the stranded trio, and had done so, with the help of a Seed of Thyme and some negotiation.

It was hard for me to manage after that, because a merwoman does not like to live alone.

All he could see, as the waves turned them around, was the flash of a fluke as the merwoman moved.

If they had just crossed directly to land, the merwoman never could have interfered.