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n. (context heraldry English) A stylized duck without beak or foot.


Merlette is a quartier of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean. It is located in the northwestern part of the island.

Category:Populated places in Saint Barthélemy

Usage examples of "merlette".

Slaves were fetching a high price in Jamaica and La Merlette carried 375.

Southwick and the carpenter's mate had been over to inspect La Merlette and both now reckoned the chances of repairing the mainmast were almost nil because, unless there was an almost flat calm, it would be impossible to raise the mast into position.

Barbados was at most a couple of days sailing for La Merlette and dead to leeward.

The slaves--in La Merlette, anyway, and she is typical--get three meals a day, and the food is what they're used to.

And, most important of all, there was Ramage's report on the capture of La Merlette, together with all the relevant documents--and they were many.

As you're now to serve on this station I'll give you your orders at the same time because you'll be under way again as soon as La Merlette comes in with the rest of your men.

Half an hour later the Triton's boat was back and it was being hoisted on board, La Merlette began setting sail and getting under way.