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Merivale is a suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, north of the city centre. Like all suburbs in Christchurch, it has no defined boundaries and is a general area, but for the purposes of statistical analysis only, Statistics New Zealand defines it as being Heaton Street to the north, Papanui Road to the east, Harper and Bealey Avenues to the south and Rossall Street to the west, although Real Estate advertising often will claim residences outside this area, especially St Albans to the east of Papanui Road, as being Merivale due to the perceived desirability of the area.

Merivale (surname)

Merivale is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Charles Merivale (1808–1893), English historian and churchman
  • Herman Merivale (1806–1874), English civil servant and historian
  • Herman Charles Merivale (1839–1906), English dramatist and poet, son of Herman Merivale
  • John Merivale (1917–1990), Canadian-British theatre actor
  • John Herman Merivale (1779–1844), English barrister and man of letters
  • Philip Merivale (1886–1946), English actor and screenwriter