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Merryman may refer to:

  • John Merryman (1824–1881), the petitioner in one of the best known habeas corpus cases of the American Civil War
  • Marjorie Merryman, American composer, author, and music educator

Usage examples of "merryman".

In Exparte Merryman, Taney, writing for the Court, held that only Congress could suspend the writ of habeas corpus.

You tried to justify your usurpation of this power in the Merryman case last year by claiming the Congress was not in session.

Yours was the best part in the play, Brother Merryman, had you and the audience but known it.

These gentlemen, acting in concert with the seconds, Whiteside and Merryman, soon effected a reconciliation deemed honorable to all, and the Shields-Lincoln duel passed to the domain of history.

As the jaded Merryman uttered them to the old gentleman with the whip, some of the old folks in the audience, I daresay, indulged in reflections of their own.

There was one joke -- I utterly forget it -- but it began with Merryman saying what he had for dinner.

Market Rodborough, if you read this, will you please send me a line, and let me know what was the joke Mr Merryman made about having his dinner?

John Merryman was arrested, the ancient Chief Justice, Roger Taney, went into action.

A Marylander himself and the author of the Dred Scott decision, Taney issued a writ of habeas corpus for Merryman, demanding that the authorities give a reason for his detention.

Sharky returned that Kreisell was wont to be Dr Merryman but had better been Dr Quiet.

Another alternative is to accept the proposal of the Paladin Corporation to take over supervision of the contract granted to the Merryman Corporation.

It was a few weeks after the Houston mushroom adventures and Bill was hanging out at the Workshop bar in Austin before a show with Eppy and another Houston comedian, Dan Merryman.