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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Meriones may refer to:

  • Meriones (mythology), a hero of the Trojan War
  • Meriones (genus), a genus of gerbil that includes the species most commonly kept as a pet
  • Meriones (subgenus) a subgenus of the genus Meriones that contains a single species: the Tamarisk Jird
  • 3596 Meriones, a Trojan asteroid
Meriones (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Meriones was a son of Molus and Melphis or Euippe. Molus was a half-brother of Idomeneus. Like other heroes of mythology, Meriones was said to be a descendant of gods. As a grandson of Deucalion (son of Minos), Meriones's ancestors include Zeus, Europa, Helios, and Circe. Meriones possessed the helmet of Amyntor, which Autolycus had stolen. He inherited the helmet from his father Molus and later gave it to Odysseus. Meriones killed seven men at Troy.

Meriones (rodent)

Meriones is a rodent genus that includes the gerbil most commonly kept as a pet, Meriones unguiculatus. The genus contains most animals referred to as jirds, but members of the genera Sekeetamys, Brachiones, and sometimes Pachyuromys are also known as jirds. The distribution of Meriones ranges from northern Africa to Mongolia. Meriones jirds tend to inhabit arid regions including clay desert, sandy desert, and steppe, but are also in slightly wetter regions, and are an agricultural pest.

Usage examples of "meriones".

The renowned spearman Idomeneus led them all in force with Meriones who butchered men like the god of war himself.

Out they rushed, the sentries in armor, forming under the son of Nestor, captain Thrasymedes, under Ascalaphus, Ialmenus, sons of Ares, under Meriones, Aphareus and Deipyrus, under the son of Creon, trusty Lycomedes.

Amphidamas gave it to Molus, a guest-gift once that Molus gave Meriones his son to wear in battle.

Till the hero Meriones moved in where he sprawled, wrenched the spear from his corpse and the dark came shrouding down across his eyes.

Ajax, captains of Achaea, Meriones too, remember Patroclus now, our stricken comrade!

Quickly, you and Meriones shoulder up the body, carry it off the lines.

Meges the son of Phyleus, Meriones and Thoas, Lycomedes the son of Creon, Melanippus too.

Eumelus, Atrides Menelaus the famous spearman next and Meriones drew the fourth starting-lane and Tydides Diomedes drew the fifth and last, the best of them all by far at driving battle-teams.

But Teucer, Meriones, and Ulysses were the best archers of the Achaeans.

This cap which was lent to Ulysses had once been stolen by his grandfather, Autolycus, who was a Master Thief, and he gave it as a present to a friend, and so, through several hands, it had come to young Meriones of Crete, one of the five hundred guards, who now lent it to Ulysses.

But Clonie fell beneath the spear of Podarkes, whose hand Penthesilea cut off with the sword, while Idomeneus speared the Amazon Bremousa, and Meriones of Crete slew Evadre, and Diomede killed Alcibie and Derimacheia in close fight with the sword, so the company of the Twelve were thinned, the bodyguard of Penthesilea.

Idomeneus, Philoctetes, Meriones, and all the best men except Agamemnon, while Epeius himself entered last of all.

Little Ajax and then Big Ajax cut their way into our ranks, followed by Peneleos, Antilochus, Meriones, Teucer, and Agamemnon himself.

Finally Menelaus and Meriones carried the body of Patroclus back to the black ships, back to the grieving Achilles, while the two Ajaxes repelled the pursuit.

Have your sons, Antilochos and Thrasymedes, also Meges the son of Phyleus, Meriones and Thoas, Lycoedes the son of Creon, and Melanippus too, carry the word of the feast to the very front of the fighting, so that no Achaean warrior goes without meat and wine for his midday meal this day!