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Word usage examples

One morning, one morning, One blue and blowy morning, I met my love one morning In Cairnsmill Den.

The day was one of those balmy ones in June, when it is neither too hot nor too blowy, when the breeze seems fairly laden with the sweet scent of flowers, and the lazy hum of bees mingles with the call of birds.

It is not nice to leave a warm bed and get out of a bad anchorage in a black blowy night, but we arose to the occasion, put in two reefs, and started to heave up.

At the luncheon table of the Duvidney ladies, it was a pain to Dorothea and Virginia to witness how poor the appetite their Nesta brought in from the briny blowy walk.

She drifted along in a wonderful interfusion of physical motion, down the dark, blowy hillside.

And now, at last, as she stood in the stern of the ship, in a pitch-dark, rather blowy night, feeling the motion of the sea, and watching the small, rather desolate little lights that twinkled on the shores of England, as on the shores of nowhere, watched them sinking smaller and smaller on the profound and living darkness, she felt her soul stirring to awake from its anaesthetic sleep.

Then she walked down to the nick, feeling the freshness of a blowy morning which had brought various seagulls this far inland to toss themselves on the high breezes, or perch on roof-ridges looking, with their fierce curved beaks, somehow sinisterly displaced.

It was still cloudy and blowy, more like late winter again than early spring.

You know as well as I do, Virginia can get just as cold and snowy and blowy in deep winter.

Then I wait until it comes on a night to suit me, and it is a dark night, and rainy, and blowy, and I black up my face and hands with the burnt cork, and slip the black cloth over my clothes, and put my file down the back of my neck where I can reach it quickly, and make my way very quietly to the foot of the hill on which the field-gun is located.