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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Such a big strong bloke, and such a softie.
▪ He's a big bloke but I think I could handle him.
▪ As I developed I became a big bloke and that stood me in good stead.
▪ He's not a big bloke.
▪ Shit, he was a good bloke.
▪ Elton John is probably the best bloke on the whole planet.
▪ He loves you, he's a good bloke, you've been together for over a year.
▪ In the confused laws of the cockney underworld, they were good blokes in the community they terrorised.
▪ So, he's - hey! - a good bloke, but so what?
▪ He's a good bloke he is.
▪ Like I said, good bloke.
▪ Billy Norfolk was a nice enough bloke, but it wasn't much of a marriage.
▪ He was a nice bloke though.
▪ Really nice bloke, he was.
▪ Sheldon, who is a really nice bloke and very fond of children, was pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair.
▪ The headmaster had a large store of quotations designed to show what a nice, easygoing bloke Muhammad was.
▪ Maura wished that she could meet a nice bloke and get right out of it.
▪ On the local news on the radio. poor old bloke!
▪ There were a lot of old blokes, and women, even some elderly women.
▪ The old bloke at reception comes out and says there's a call for Claire Parsons.
▪ The three other blokes are Noel, a guitarist, Mike, a bassist and Fergal, a drummer.
▪ The other bloke in this cell.
▪ Now some other bloke Is subsidizing Tracy and her thirst.
▪ What's to say two other blokes didn't get into my cab, while I was away?
▪ Maura wished that she could meet a nice bloke and get right out of it.
▪ Their daughter would, of course, have explained that she had only just met the bloke.
▪ If I met Pam's bloke coming down Briggate I'd give him a wide berth.
▪ I couldn't see a bloke like Cliff spending more hours a day with her than he had to.
▪ I turned back to see the bloke I'd kicked.
▪ Did you see that bloke, man.
▪ I went to see this bloke play at Ronnie Scott's last night.
▪ If we saw two blokes coming out of a pub rolling drunk we might wait to see what develops before acting.
▪ From outside-we see this scrawny bloke in the frame of the doorway, in his grey underpants.
▪ He's a strange bloke though.
▪ He wasn't the kind of bloke to do it on purpose.
▪ Only what Kate didn't know was that when that break came, Patrick would also be after the bloke.
▪ Some of these blokes have eight or nine houses on the go.
▪ The three other blokes are Noel, a guitarist, Mike, a bassist and Fergal, a drummer.
▪ There's a young bloke cleaning the tables.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"fellow," 1851, London slang, of unknown origin, perhaps from Celtic ploc "large, stubborn person;" another suggestion is Romany (Gypsy) and Hindi loke "a man."


n. 1 (context informal English) A man, a fellow; an ordinary man, a man on the street. (From 1851.) 2 (context UK English) a man who behaves in a particularly laddish or overtly heterosexual manner. 3 (context now chiefly Quebec colloquial English) An anglophone man. 4 (context Australia English) An exemplar of a certain masculine, independent male archetype.


n. a man who is (usually) old and/or eccentric [syn: geezer]

Bloke (comics)

Bloke (Mickey Tork), also known as Rainbow, is a fictional character, a mutant appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred in X-Force (vol. 1) #117 (2001).

Bloke (disambiguation)

Bloke is a slang term for a man. It may also refer to:

  • Bloke (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Universe
  • Municipality of Bloke, a municipality in southwestern Slovenia
  • Bloke Plateau, a plateau in southwestern Slovenia
  • Blokesworld, an Australian television series
  • William Modisane, also known as Bloke Modisane, a South African writer, actor and journalist
  • "Bloke", a 2000 comedy song by Australian comedian Chris Franklin

Bloke is a slang term for a man common in Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The earliest known usage is from the early 19th century, when it was recorded as a London slang term. The word's origin is unknown, and though many theories exist regarding its etymology, none is considered conclusive.

In Australia, a bloke is a unique masculine archetype associated with the country's national identity. The "Aussie bloke" has been portrayed in important works of art and associated with famous Australians, while in the United Kingdom, "bloke" is an everyday term for any man.

Usage examples of "bloke".

She had come to Spain on a whim not knowing really where Spain was, with a bloke of course Aquarians had a great need to give and receive love, repeated studies had proved it.

I suppose that bearded bloke must ave dropped it, I suppose I must ave picked it up without thinking and that I went off with it in an absent-minded way.

The Bloke and the Donah were scratched by their owner, He only was offered three-fourths of the sweep.

We have a bloke in our village plays a euphonium, the same musical phrase over and over, hour after hour.

The fattish bloke turned to his friends, who were blissfully sniffing their armpits.

All the blokes who overheard it were gobsmacked that such pretty phrases had been directed to one such as me.

Now Idlewild is an airfield in the Guajira Peninsula of Colombia, a sort of aeronautical Grand Central Station for blokes in the business.

Seated about the table is a Maori bloke, Hori Hura, what the whites rudely call the Hairy Horror.

From our position on the ramp we saw blokes dropping their kecks and mooning in the heat haze, and the Spandau Ballet gang were giving it some again.

Alexia and Rory going ballistic about Giles and the poor bloke with the stud in his tongue lispingly trying to calm us both down.

Nobby, Brokenose, Macca, Keith, you blokes first, change every ten minutes with someone else.

Fernando Poo and find out the real politics of this Tequilla y Mota bloke and if he is Red overthrow him before the Yanks blow up the world?

Some other bloke would have just put DIRTY TEW but your dear brotner naa usea mat term on inc aiorc.

The Chief is a short, nuggety bloke but a deceptively brutish bastard.

He was a square-built, nuggety sort of bloke and very strong around the shoulders but not a lot taller than me.