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n. 1 A snort of liquid from the mouth out through the nose; as in response to something unexpected and/or funny 2 (context computing English) A metasyntactic variable similar to foo and bar

Usage examples of "blort".

Staring up at the ancient ruins, he added, "There are Blort roots along the fringes of the jungle, and I never ventured much farther in than that.

She led the grumbling dragon out, and as Oliver settled disconsolately in his new bed, L'Indasha turned to the fire, ignoring one last pathetic blort before the creature fell asleep and snored merrily, impervious to the snow and cold.

Oliver fully intended to use the lightning, so the green, fetid cloud that billowed from his nostrils surprised him, as did the plaintive blort that rose from somewhere just above his stomach and rushed up the long tunnel of his neck, exploding from his mouth in a miasma of halfdigested cabbage, beans, and parsnips.