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Crossword clues for blots


n. (plural of blot English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: blot)

Usage examples of "blots".

Helkyt nods his head up and down slowly, then takes out a piece of squarish cloth and blots his forehead.

Despite the cool wind, Bluoyal blots his forehead with a pale blue square of cloth that momentarily covers his entire visage.

Lorn blots his forehead again, aware that whoever used the chaos-glass has let the image lapse.

After watering the chestnut, Lorn blots his face with a dampened cloth, then remounts and rides to the top of the low bluff that forms the southern bank of the river.

Lorn blots the damp rain from his forehead and readjusts his garrison cap.

Lorn blots his forehead, then looks down at the slash in his jacket, and the red on his tunic.

LXV Although a cool breeze blows out of the north, the morning sun that foreshadows summer beats down onto Lorn's back and neck, heating his whole body, and he continually blots his forehead and face as the Cyadoran force rides westward along the rutted river road toward the river town that the older maps had named as Berlitos.

Then he blots the combination of sweat and dirt off his face, and studies the road before them as it slowly rises as it heads southeast, so that there is a four-cubit bluff above the water on the south side of the river.

Lorn takes a deep breath and blots his forehead on the back of the sleeve of the exercise tunic.

Then he blots the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand to keep it from running into his eyes.

More sweat drips from under the brow of the lightweight and white summer garrison cap, sweat that he blots away as they continue riding westward.

XLVIII In the warm air of the sparring room, Lorn lowers the exercise sabre, blots his forehead, and glances at the red-headed Tyrsal.

He blots his forehead and glances around, then begins to walk farther back into the stable.

Lorn blots away the sweat that has been gathering under the brow of his garrison cap.

He pulls out a water bottle that will need to be refilled before long and takes a swallow, then blots his forehead.