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Well, he should have expected something like this after Barnstable's little confrontation of assorted blow-ins at Kate Moody's office.

Rather fun to do, actually, and oh, well, you don't need a blow-by-blow description of the process right now.

His companion raised its head and, water shooting up out of the blow-hole in the top of its cranium, clearly said: "Thass great!

Then he patiently dried her hair with a brush and a blow-dryer, turning it into living silk.

Quickly she showered and shampooed and was just beginning to blow-dry her hair when the telephone rang.

Sighing, she propped herself against the vanity and turned on the blow-dryer.

The hair spray can actually sprayed, and he didn't doubt the blow-dryer would work, too.

After blow-drying her hair to a semblance of order, she thought about clothes, but settled for the light robe Dane had selected for her.

She used a minimal amount of makeup, just enough to put a bit of color in her face, and blow-dried her hair.

One disastrous attempt at blow-drying her hair, which resulted in something resembling a hairy explosion, had persuaded her to let her curls dry naturally rather than outrage them with heat.

She took full advantage of the amenities provided, brushing her teeth, smoothing moisturizer into her skin, blow-drying her hair.

With another cup of coffee steaming close to hand, she blow-dried her hair, then used a dab of hair gloss to smooth down the flyaway tendrils.

All of the Judge's friends had heard about the night's adventure and they wanted a blow-by-blow description.

She put on the small pot of hotel in-room coffee, then quickly blow-dried her hair and brushed her teeth.

She took her time, washing her hair, shaving her underarms and legs-an American habit she’d never lost-then smoothing scented lo­tion all over herself before blow-drying her hair and brushing her teeth.