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n. 1 A book serialized on a blog (weblog) platform. 2 A book about blogging. 3 A printed book containing content which first appeared on a blog.


A blook is a printed book that contains or is based on content from a blog.

The first printed blook was User Interface Design for Programmers, by Joel Spolsky, published by Apress on June 26, 2001, based on his blog Joel on Software. An early blook was written by Tony Pierce in 2002 when he compiled selected posts from his one-year-old blog and turned the collection into a book called "Blook". The name came about when Pierce held a contest, asking his readers to suggest a title for the book. Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine won the contest and subsequently invented the term. Pierce went on to publish two other blooks, How To Blog and Stiff.

Print-on-demand publisher Lulu inaugurated the Lulu Blooker Prize for blooks, which was first awarded in 2006. The printed blook phenomenon is not limited to self-publishing. Several popular bloggers have signed book deals with major publishers to write books based on their blogs. However, some publishers are starting to realize that blog popularity does not translate to sales. Blog to book conversions via traditional publishing houses still happen, but the focus has shifted from blog popularity to content quality.

"Blook" was short-listed in 2006 for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary and was a runner-up for Word of the Year.

Usage examples of "blook".

She had done her duty by welcoming him back to the Project, introducing him to Blooky, and seeing him reunited with Balook.

Thor was on Balook, Barb on Theria, with baby Blooky tagging along behind his mother.

So it was essential that the rhinos be kept satisfied, and the entourage was limited by Blooky's pace.

Balook normally did not seem to pay Blooky much attention, reacting mainly to Theria's signals.

They could cut cross-country to intersect the yellow line and in due course reconnect with Barb and Theria and Blooky-but what use would that be now?

He had seen Blooky struck, seen him fall, but the car had been moving slowly.

For the moment he seemed to be satisfied to remain away from Theria and Blooky, but Thor was not sure how long that would last.

There was no doubt that Balook cared, as his attack on the car that hit Blooky had shown, but he simply did not concern himself about absent rhinos.

Barb stayed in a little pen with Blooky, who was wearing a plastic cast on his leg.

He was running toward Blooky and the car, and the boy just got in the way.

Theria and Blooky accepted him too, and made no demands beyond what he freely gave.

Twild was showing slides of Balook, Theria and Blooky in various activities.

He had to remain with Balook, to guide him out, leading Theria and Blooky.

Mere darts could not put down Balook or Theria, but Blooky could succumb, and then the others might not leave.

Balook might be able to crash out if he really tried, but Blooky certainly could not.