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Etymology 1 vb. (obsolete spelling of blow English) Etymology 2

vb. (context obsolete English) (past participle of blow English) (gloss: to flower, blossom)

Usage examples of "blowe".

Therewith they gan, both furious and fell,To thunder blowes, and fiersly to assaileEach other bent his enimy to quell,That with their force they perst both plate and maile,And made wide furrowes in their fleshes fraile,That it would pitty any liuing eie.

Tho when he saw no power might preuaile,His trustie sword he cald to his last aid,Wherewith he fiercely did his foe assaile,And double blowes about him stoutly laid,That glauncing fire out of the yron plaid.

Sharpely they all attonce did him assaile,Burning with inward rancour and despight,And heaped strokes did round about him haileWith so huge force, that seemed nothing mightBeare off their blowes, from percing thorough quite.

But he, not like a wearie traueilere,Their sharpe assault right boldly did rebut,And suffred not their blowes to byte him nereBut with redoubled buffes them backe did put:Whose grieued mindes, which choler did englut,Against themselues turning their wrathfull spight,Gan with new rage their shields to hew and cut.

Yet still he striues, ne any perill spares,To reskue her from their rude violence,And like a Lion wood amongst them fares,Dealing his dreadfull blowes with large dispence,Gainst which the pallid death findes no defence.