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n. (BLOB English)

Usage examples of "blobs".

Some of the National Geographics had maps folded into them, and all the countries were big, single blobs of color from one side to the other.

He reached and activated a dozen pressure pads, cutting the light and glare, and then he shook his control pistol at the monitors and in a drizzle of light blobs eight or ten of the screens came on.

There were blobs where cars had sunk into the sand and showed their rusty roofs.

Very near to us were the bright lights of the Watch Wheel, and off to one side were the dozen sulfur-yellow blobs of the kugelblitz.

There was nothing to be seen except the pearly whirl of the Galaxy below, the distant external firefly galaxies, the smoky yellow blobs of the kugelblitz.

Forests were indicated by irregular, green blobs, except for one marked out in scary black.

As he got closer still, he could distinguish the crowns of individual trees, and soon saw tiny blobs of different colors underneath some of them.

Considering that they were energy blobs three to four feet in diameter, I began to wonder about the actual size of those tunnels.

There were some glowing, geometric objects that resembled crystals, and blobs of the deepest primary colors I had ever seen.

I encountered scores of items in my dreams that, once I saw them, turned into blobs of energy that seemed to be frying, bubbling with some heatlike inner activity.

Their faces were ash-pale blobs in the cold brilliance with, here and there, the warm glow of a cigarette.

The rosy buds all gone brown and spread out blobs and on the hills nought but dry flag and faggots that would catch at first fire.

Rorschach blots interpreted by the patient had become Rorschach blobs manipulated unconsciously by the patient, and Phillips could classify the crew members with certainty: schizoids, cycloids, paranoids, homosexuals, sadists, incipient homicides psychopaths.

Fifteen klicks south by southeast, an entire belchfield of them, rising slowly toward the cap ice just as languidly as the wax blobs did in his lava lamp.

When he quickly pulled it out, molten blobs of yellow and orange dripped off his fingers and then flew back to the shape.