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First there was the dynamic principle of existence," then its meaning, then the source of aberration,12 and finally the application of all as therapy and the techniques of therapy.

Every fact related to Dianetic therapy is stated in several ways and is introduced again and again.

Nevertheless, you have the scope of the science with this volume in addition to therapy itself.

According to a modern writer, the single advance of psychotherapy was clean quarters for the madman.

One will hear much of that word, both as a noun and a verb, in this volume, so it is well to spend time here at the outset setting forth exactly what can be called a Clear, the goal of Dianetic therapy.

He can then be given Dianetic therapy to the end of clearing these neuroses and ills.

Reliving is substituted for revivification in Dia-netics because, in Dianetics, the principles of hypnotism can be found explained and hypnotism is not used in Dianetic therapy, as will be explained later.

It is not used to any extent in Dianetic therapy, but it has served as a means of examining minds and getting their reactions.

In "normal people," in the neurotic and insane, the removal of these engrams wholly or in part, without other therapy, has uniformly brought about a state greatly superior to the current norm.

No need was found for any theory or therapy other than those given in this book for the treatment of all psychic or psychosomatic ills.