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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

computerese shorthand for application, attested by 1992.


n. (abbreviation of appeals English)


App, apps or APP may refer to:

App (film)

APP (also known as Android) is a 2013 Dutch film that was directed by Bobby Boermans. The film was released to theaters in the Netherlands on April 4, 2013, and stars Hannah Hoekstra as a young woman that finds herself being terrorized via a mobile app. App was given a limited theatrical release on May 9, 2014, alongside a VOD and digital release.

App (surname)

App is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Austin App (1902–1984), German-American academic and Holocaust denier
  • Timothy App (born 1948), American painter
  • Urs App (born 1949), Swiss academic

Usage examples of "app".

The key point was that originally you had to learn a whole new lo-frax language in order to tie the app into the basic operating system, and that takes as much time and practice as learning a hi-frax language.

The app guys became more important than the iron guys, because they and the potential customers were sharing the same perspectives.

He and Marsh Folsom had discovered it while escaping from a bunch of cannies in the Apps, or the Applayshuns as some old folks insisted on calling them.

His success was due solely to his own natural vigor and energy and the smartness of Marsh Folsom, who could read and write and because of this could go some way to deciphering some of the meager clues they had found in the original Apps caverns and other Stockpiles.

Minneapolis for just over fifteen hours, driven from the southern suburbs to the northern ones, dropped off a half dozen apps, and undergone two face-to-face interviews.

I recognize the inertia, the unwillingness to start up with the apps and the interviews and the drug tests again.

When IBM started making the boxes, the smart buyers bought IBM iron because they knew there was a good chance the apps they wanted would follow.

It cost IBM dearly when other people started making cheaper boxes to run those same apps and Op systems.

Our people can use commercial software to do stand alone jobs or pull down the apps from our servers, or they can tap into our database, or into the huge databases on the Internet to pull in reference data.

Trader had discovered the war wags hidden deep in the heart of the Apps, way north and east.

Taiben, where all kinds of co rules were suspended and everyone was on holid Marksmanship was an atevi sport, an atevi passio Tabini, a champion marksman with a pistol, had, app ently on whim, violated a specific Treaty provision provide the paidhi, as had seemed then, a rare week personal closeness with him, a rare gesture of-if fiiendship, at least as close as atevi came, an abrogati of all the formalities that surrounded and constrained h and Tabini alike.

The programming of the app that reads the fear response and then provides targeting information has been a bitch, but the kludgy version is showing promise.

Trader had discovered the war wags hidden deep in the heart of the Apps, way north and east.

Simon and Schuster Contents PREFACE 1 The Transformation of Dona Soledad 2 The Little Sisters 3 La Gorda 4 The Genaros 5 The Art of Dreaming 6 The Second Attention Preface A flat, barren mountaintop on the western slopes of the Sierra Madre in central Mexico was the setting for my final meeting with don Juan and don Genaro and their other two appren- tices, Pablito and Nestor.

Dissemination-Grids, screens so hígh-def you might as well be there, cost-effective videophonic conferencing, internal Froxx CD-ROM, electronic couture, all-in-one consoles, Yushityu ceramic nanoprocessors, laser chromatography, Virtual-capable media-cards, fiber-optic pulse, digital encoding, killer apps.